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    Quote from DragonBro

    sorry to say but it is stupid cuz its just a normal world
    im improving it right now, there will be a few added spots to hide in and pre-built homes, also a little parkour (easy)
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    alright, I'll be sure to improve it :)
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    Yeah I would but I'm also new to the minecraft forums too.
    Can someone explain?
    just make a drop box folder, stick the chunks.dat entities.dat and level.dat in there and send us the link to the folder
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    Yes, I know the title of the map is "testing" DONT BE MAD AT ME.
    Do not destroy or add on to this map and claim it yours without my consent.

    No living in the starting area
    No collecting things in the man made tunnels under where you start
    Any other items out in the fields are free for the taking
    Spare no one
    No teaming up

    Picture links:

    Download link:

    Please comment!
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    I made a panda bear once, and it just looked a little odd because it was skinny
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    posted a message on zombie appocalypse castle world (huge!)
    link doesn't work
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    Quote from Jocopa3

    The title says it all. My new (beta) inventory editor for MCPE called MCPEedit (rip off of MCedit, but I'm not creative with names :P ). The program is written in Java and requires you to have the lastest Java installed (as long as Minecraft works on your desktop, this program will too).

    ◄═════ Herobrine is watching you...





    (Image courtesy of OSX2000)


    (Image courtesy of TheChaoticLlama)


    Was (poorly) done by me

    THIS PROJECT IS OPEN SOURCE!(included in download)

    For now, the version is v0.3d.1 ('d' for fourth beta, '1' for first part). Features include...
    --replace a block in your inventory.
    --replace an item in your inventory.
    --view item information, such as amount of- and damage.
    --edit an item's amount and damage (Edit→Item)
    --view level's name
    --view type of level
    --change the game type (creative or survival, Edit→Game Type...)
    --better error support to ensure nothing is broken!
    --change the time of day
    --kill entities!
    --view level information
    --change player health!
    --view player information
    --change save and backup location (Edit->Options...)
    --automatic backup on/off box (Edit->Options...)
    --Added a new SSH feature to open and save files wirelessly (File->Open...->From device)


    Added new classes "Mobs","Entity", and tag classes for finding tags
    Added tabs, Inventory, Level, Player, Entity
    Added ability to see lastplayed date, dimension, seed, and time
    Added ability to change the time of day
    Added ability to see spawn, position (beta), and health bar
    Added ability to change health by dragging the health bar
    Added ability to see entities in the game
    Added ability to see how many entities of each are available
    Added ability to kill entities
    Added ability to select save and backup location
    Added ability to turn off automatic backup

    Please write any mistakes that result of the program.

    Known bugs in v0.3d.1:

    Under rare conditions, the "kill" entities pop-up doesn't kill entities.
    Inventory labels aren't correct after opening a file...
    ...Solution: click the slot box.
    Spawn and position don't work right, at all

    Score doesn't work at all (forgot about it before releasing
    Item or Block names are too long to fit in the selection box...
    ...Solution: click it and mouse over the selection box, it will show you the name.

    MCPEedit v0.3d.1!

    Percent of the way to next release: 100%
    Release date: Saturday, May 26
    Total time invested in v0.3d.1: ~96 hours (80% of that was spent debugging features as I go)
    Lines of code written: ~3000 lines (includes comments and blank lines, which there aren't a lot of)

    The new interface includes tabs for different parts you can edit.

    Inventory tab:

    The same as it has been in v0.3c, no changes have or will be added.

    Level tab:

    The icons were done by me so I don't have to deal with legal complaints.

    Player tab:

    You can drag your mouse across the hearts to change your health. Drag far to the right and you get infinite health. The infinite heart symbols look like the icon for Polyamory activist...but I swear to you that wasn't my intent. This will be changed dramatically in the future than what it currently looks like.

    Entity Tab:

    This tab is the funnest of them all, an entity editor! There is a seperate option to open an entity.dat file through File->Open->Entity and will allow you to do all sorts of things with the entities! You'll have even more options by right-clicking selected entities in the list!

    Near Player option: deal with entities near-by only (a changeable radius is in Edit->Options)
    Select Entities: allows you to select multiple entities
    Show Only: selects entities that you want shown (placed camera's are considered items)
    Passive, Hostile, and Total: amount of entities ordered by type

    Download (adf.ly) --Please support me, 5 seconds of advertising isn't much you know. Don't submit direct links anywhere please, use the address given.

    SSH Version:
    SSH is a way to connect to a device running an SSH server from a computer or another device. The SSH version allows you to connect to your device and get the files from your device without ever having to plug it in. How to SSH for iOS and Android: Guide

    SSH Download(adf.ly) --Source not included yet, so wait until the next major update.

    What To Expect In The Next Update!

    MAP VIEWER! (Finally).

    Older versions:

    MCPEedit v0.3c for Minecraft portable 0.3.x -- Download (adf.ly)
    MCPEedit v0.3b for Minecraft portable 0.3.x -- Download (adf.ly)
    MCPEedit v0.3a for Minecraft portable 0.3.x -- Download (adf.ly)
    can you make a tutorial video and post it on youtube and send me the link?
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    I was wondering if someone could do me a big fave and make me a mob grinder and sheep spawner, that's all :D

    Maybe at least explain how i would in PE
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    isn't there an easy way, without jailbreaking? Another question, how do you decide what goes in your inventory (hex editing) and what it is???
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    Quote from UKSSPY

    Actually if you click on my channel i have a video on how to get renewable wood
    I play on the iOS, and i couldn't figure out which video it was on your channel
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    When making a map with MCEDIT how big is a typical PE map (how many chunks)? Also, is there an easy way to port them? Could I possibly do this or learn this skill?
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    its impossible to keep expanding if your wood is limited and you run out of it for pickaxes
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    posted a message on Maps
    how exactly do you guys make the maps just the way you want with only certain items and even adding in lava and water. Also, is it possible for me to do this? Lastly, how do you share maps you've made on your device without having to do it over the local wifi?
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    Quote from maxpowa

    My flatgrass maps, made with MCEdit. If you want to see how, check this out.


    Flatgrass: http://www.mediafire...jfbk2xr3bfvefa0

    Flatstone: http://www.mediafire...e92qgtnrw9e3ube

    Ocean: http://www.mediafire...n5ozhlznz4brisd

    Bedrock (Maximum space): http://www.mediafire...kd60l3o5b36ba4p

    Flatsand: http://www.mediafire...4nm471mkkdvrkc3

    All you have to do to install is navigate to:

    Applications -> com.mojang.minecraftpe -> Documents -> games -> com.mojang -> minecraftWorlds


    And paste the UNZIPPED folder into there.

    I am open to suggestions, if you would like a custom flatmap, just reply with your idea!

    EDIT: Added bedrock and sand flatmaps as per peapodamus's request. Bedrock is just one layer of bedrock at the bottom of the map, to allow for maximum building space.
    can you do one in creative that is completely lava with an obsidian platform???
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    is there a way to create maps and use them without jailbreaking your ipod touch?
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