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    Can confirm random skeleton cage spawner bug. It just stopped working. Survival, Hard, never creative, never host priveledge. No want or need to play on this map anymore. Enchants and xp are far too expensive anx time consuming for the tiny bit of payoff they offer. The only thing we have to counter the expense is the mob grinders. Now they won't consistently work...

    Spawner is 9×9x5, 25m water elevator, 23 block drop xp pops out, crap falls in hopper catch and sort system. Worked for 2 weeks and suddenly quit today. Another guy set up a similar, albeit less techy, setup also not working at all. No mobs spawn. Passive mobs still breed, aggro mobs still spawn in the wild, but nada in our spawners. Looking forward to a fix, Thanks.
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    posted a message on TITAN s back! 24/7, antigrief, friendly community and admin who care.
    After a rockyt hiatus dealing with plugin compatibility, and trying to find the perfect plugins for your gaming pleasure, Titan is back and better than ever.

    We have many antigrief policies in place so please read the rules!

    We now have 24/7 admin support and will be up 24/7 365. Our admin are handpicked by me from all over the world to ensure 24/7 support during the early phases of the server. They are friendly and more than willing to help with any problem.

    We have one City and three smaller4 towns with much more to come. Speak to admin about protecting a town you've made!

    Plugin snapshot:
    essentials, creeperheal, moneydrop, optalk, groups, iconomy6, mcmmo, showcase standalone (shops), and many, many more to improve your minecraft experience.

    Swing by and check us out! Tell the admin that Fire sent you!

    If you like our server, or hate our guts, let us know on this post!

    On a side note, NO CURSING! Insta-ban for cursing! See you soon.

    Server IP:

    Creator of Titan
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    posted a message on This is TITAN! 24/7 1.2.5 New Bukkit, PvP, iCon, ess, many plugins for you!
    Finally got all things plugins worked out. Making a new post to attract newcomers. We are 1.2.5 now...

    Welcome to Titan...

    First thing's first. Do NOT Curse in my server...Children play this game. I have children. If you cursed in front of my kid i would show my son when it is okay to inflict pain on another person. If you curse on the server, I will insta-ban you. 1st offense...

    That being said...

    We are a greek themed server...We enjoy the fight.

    Running 24/7 by a 27 year old, so you dont have to worry about that petty garbage you get in your little sisters server.

    PvP arena, and adding towns daily. Come and be a mayor!

    Potential mayors...Ever heard of admin? Thats right, if your town rocks and you show the inititive, you could be an admin...

    Protection in capitol city, Cyprus, is free. Outside town antigrief protection is handled on a case by case basis as far as costs go. Each town has a mayor who can protect city lots for you if you settle in other towns.

    PvP and grief allowed out of town districts...Do not complain when someone kills you for your shiny blue diamond armor...That's how it was in the times of the Gods...That's how it is in Titan.

    Antigriefing policies in place, so READ THE RULES WHEN YOU START OR YOU WONT BE ALLOWED TO BUILD!

    Be patient, adding new 24/7 admin daily, but I only pick quality people, so don't ask me. You might get an insta-ban if I'm having a bad day.

    So that is that. THIS IS TITAN!...
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    posted a message on Titan 24/7 pvp out of town 40 slots new 1.2.4 server CB & plugins...
    Hey, thanks man!

    Glad you like it, hope your enjoying your promotion!
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    posted a message on Titan 24/7 pvp out of town 40 slots new 1.2.4 server CB & plugins...
    Hello there!
    New minecraft server opening today. Looking for quality people to enjoy a good server with a friendly atmosphere.

    I have several plots laid out but you can build anywhere out of town. Building in Capitol city must be approved with admin and must match capitol city theme. Greek themed, friendly admin, and an amazing starting seed.

    Cities encouraged, offering free protection and promotions for mayors of those cities. Looking for quality persons for admin, don't ask, I'll find out how helpful you are quickly. I'm 27, so this isnt ran by a tweenie.

    Always adding new efficeint plugins.

    Only one issue so far, moneydrop isnt working, looking to resolve. Persons who help with this may get some goodies!

    On 24/7 except for upgrades and mother nature.

    Ip Ban for griefers, theivers, and persons who curse in chat. Strictly enforced.

    PvP outside of town is permitted, will make no effort to reclaim persons lost loot. Thats a personal matter.

    Ran from Hexcore FX 6100 cpu with 16g of Gskill Sniper DDR3ram. Shouldnt be ANY lag at all...

    So come to Titan...There will be blood.

    See you on the other side...
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    Hello there!
    Im josh! I am having trouble with configuring my MoneyDrop plugin. After resetting all the values for the price per min and max drop i reload my server and they drop back to zero. However, the drop frequency stays 100.00%

    So before reload, heres what it looks like after editing with notepad++...

    Dropped-minimum: 0.05
    Dropped-maximum: 0.07
    Dropped-frequency: 100.00

    After reloading, notepad++ has a message about another program making changes and if i want to reload the page for the moneydrop configuration. I click yes and it does this...

    Dropped-minimum: 0
    Dropped-maximum: 0
    Dropped-frequency: 100.00

    I tried troubleshooting on my own and found that this plugin works better with Vault and with Spout. I brought both of these in but can find no config info about moneydrop in spout and I CAN'tFIND ANY vault files at all! Makes me think that vault wont run on 1.2.4...I can't find any information on this. If you know of any resources on this issue, let me know please.

    Please help!

    Current plugins:

    Creeperheal, essentialsfull, lockette, mailbox, mcMMO, OpenInv, MoneyDrop, OtherDrops, PluginMetrics, Showcasestandalone, Spout, Swatchdog, Vault, Worldguard, Worldedit.


    AMD FX 6100, ASUS 99 mbx, Nvidia GT560TI, 16g Gskill SniperDDR3, 1TB HDD...
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