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    Free Worldedit . Coins Shop and of course coins . HUGE Plots - 125x125 . Active staff to help you whenever! . Custom Plugins! . . Post your username below for free worldedit permanently on the server! . Example Thats it! Your done after posting!


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    posted a message on its sayMinecraft Down?
    sorry i figured it out
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    posted a message on mnecraft not loading
    now it only loads to 23%
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    posted a message on mnecraft not loading
    Quote from HabaneroArrow

    You're supposed to delete the entire bin, not just minecraft.jar. This is also in the wrong section.

    ok thx
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    posted a message on mnecraft not loading
    Hi,i just took out the minecraft.jar so my mids will be deleted but its not loading can anyone plz help it will be appeciated
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    posted a message on Looking for survival island partner
    :biggrin.gif: :biggrin.gif: i will :iapprove: ign ohiojax2
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    posted a message on Looking for Experienced Builder
    Quote from MCJunkie1972

    Hi there - Y-A-MC-S is looking for a nice spawn to be built for its server. The spawn area MUST include the rules on signs. Prefer it to NOT be circular, also not have any vegetation (weeds, flowers, trees)

    PM ME HERE with the following information

    (replies to this thread will go ignored)


    IGN: ohiojax2
    REAL NAME: dan
    AGE: 10
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    posted a message on Spire PVP 4 GOOD Builders Needed
    Quote from SuicidalCooki3

    Spire PvP

    We are starting a new kind of PvP with two teams. It's castle warfare mixed with CTF. We need 5 builders to build the spawn castles and the neutral castle in the middle.

    The IP is: spirepvp.no-ip.org

    It's whitelisted so you have to apply here first.


    Experience Building:

    Name: dan
    IGN: ohiojax2
    Skype: none
    MSN: idk wht that is
    Experience Building yes
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    posted a message on Looking for more 1v1 fighters for upcoming tournment!
    :rolleyes: i will pvp
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    posted a message on Looking for a great staff
    Quote from Laokidd

    Hi im looking for some Admins Moderators Plugin manager and Whitelisters also maybe just maybe a co-owner
    Since I currently have a 20 slot server I am looking for people who will do these things for me and help out
    Server Application
    2.Where are you From:
    3.Why should you be accepted:
    5.What position:
    Also I am looking for builders to help out on the server to make towns and villages help is much appreciated

    2.Where are you From:us
    3.Why should you be accepted:because i had experence of being mod or admin
    5.What position:mod or admin
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    posted a message on looking to be a Mod/Admin
    Quote from servermaster1

    What position do you want:
    How old are you:
    Will you stay on the server:
    Are you good at building post a picture of your best build [Required]:
    Have you ever been banned?:
    Have you ever Experianced this position:
    Are you good with Grammer:
    Can you make Plugins?:
    Can you make a Website for the server?
    A Paragraph on why you deserve this position:

    What position do you want:Admin
    How old are you:10
    Will you stay on the server:yes
    Are you good at building post a picture of your best build [Required]:Yes,and i dont have screen shots of my redstone
    Have you ever been banned?:no
    Have you ever Experianced this position:Yes
    Are you good with Grammer:no
    Can you make Plugins?:No
    Can you make a Website for the server?No
    A Paragraph on why you deserve this position
    I deserve the position because, i had experpeance and im great with redstone + ive beed admin+mod before

    sorry my brother got mad at me then made it worng
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    posted a message on Im looking for a server
    im trying to find a smart moving mod server without a whitelist can someone help? :iapprove:
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    posted a message on looking for a youtube partner
    Quote from howsmycrafting

    im a 13 year old boy and i have a hamachi server that im looking for someone to join. i will record the footage and post it up on youtube. fill out the forum if you wish to join. p.s skype is a must. looking for someone to do a lets play

    what is minecraft skill:
    do you have a good microphone:
    are you mature:
    how late can you stay up:
    will you be looking, to keep making videos with me:

    skype:will tell you if I make it
    what is minecraft skill:I have alot...some building, some redstone, and some more
    do you have a good microphone:Yes
    are you mature:Yes
    how late can you stay up:It depends on the day
    will you be looking, to keep making videos with me:Yes I will also subscribe to you if I become your partner
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    posted a message on Greysoul, a world torn asunder. 24/7 | Faction PVP | SMP.
    Quote from Olat

    Updated: 2/1/2012
    :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: Overview :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock:

    Greysoul is a community of active Minecrafters who have ascended into a world of battle and intrigue. The player base frequently participates in daily raids, battles, and ambushes in the brutal exchange of power and land. Here you will find your countrymen among a number of Clans; With the recent update to the Factions plug-in, it is now a better time than ever to join in this world as the Empires begin to expand outward from their home territories to uncontested lands. How will you forge your legend in this world of power and devastation? Come fight for glory, or build your name atop a mountain of gold. Earn your titles as you slay the enemy, strike down the Undead and the Legion, if you dare, or challenge the Guardians of all that is pure. Whatever side you choose, the battles will be fierce and the fun will be everlasting.

    :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: Server Features :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock:

    • Age Limit: 17+ with exceptions
    • 24/7 Uptime, minus restarts and backups
    • Ventrillo, voice chat program
    • 150 Player Cap
    • Experienced, professional staff
    • Extensive Full Scale PVP
    • Territorial Warfare using the Factions Plugin
    • Organized PVP such as Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch
    • Coliseum Battles, with bets and gambling
    • Factions, Classes & Skills, iConomy, and more!
    • Earn in-game Currency by selling gold blocks and other items to the Server
    • Made some friends? Earned some cash? Expand your Nations grasp by creating a new town!
    • Many Anti-Griefing Measures

    Server Specs:
    I - 7 Processor
    16 gigs DDR3 Ram
    Dedicated Server

    :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: !New Features! :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock:

    • Brand new world, so join us now to make your mark!
    • Heroes RPG allowing us to customize and create our own Classes and Skills!
    • 5 Start Paths: Rogue, Mage, Warrior, Archer, Cleric!
    • 3 Prestige Classes for every Start Path = 15 Total Classes!
    • Dont want to PVP? We have a Merchant Path that supplies the battlefields with Armor and Ammo!

    • Warrior: Take on the foes in full battle armor and make them pay with abilities like: Bleed, Charge, and Mortal Wound!
    • Rogue: Take to the night, like wild wolf, hunt and stalk your enemies with devastating attacks: Run at full speed when Sneaking, Backstabs for 150% dmg! Smoke Bombs to make you Vanish!
    • Cleric: Help heal the wounds of your allies and smite your enemy! Pray to the gods for 'Might' increasing your party's damage! 'Pray' for the gods to heal your allies!
    • Archer: Blast your enemies from afar with devastating attacks! Use the Mobility spell 'One' to run like the wind! 'Cripple' your enemies and make them bleed if they pursue you. Or blast them with an epic Fire Arrow, doing massive Dmg and setting them on fire!
    • Mage: Conjure powerful spells and devastate your enemy from afar, Polymoprh or slow your enemies so your allies can wreak havoc! Icebolt! Fire! Blink, Web, ForcePush are all at your disposal!

    :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: !New Plugins! :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock:

    Smart Move! (Requires Client side mod)
    Smart move is the plugin of all plugins that adds custom animations and movements to Minecraft! From climbing, crawling, sliding, hanging off ledges, and swan dives! If you want to see more Check out this video recorded in Greysoul's Prakour Course located at the Ruins of the Silkblade Order!

    Heroes RPG:
    Custom Classes and abilities, allowing for each class and server to be unique!

    Fences hooked up with redstone Raise and Lower and differing speeds like a real gate!

    Custom Single block redstone circuits! Repeaters, Wireless Transmitters to Clock, XoR Gates and more! All in a single Block w/ sign. Create Intricate Devices with 80% less room! Think of the Traps!

    :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: Server Events :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock:

    The Coliseum and PvP Tournaments: Come watch the champions of each Faction fight it out in the great Coliseum! They shall battle Monsters of all shapes, sizes, and numbers, or even each other! Before the battle begins, take and place bets with each other or with the house. Win your weight in Aurei! Participate in our PvP tourney Bracket, 5v5, 3v3, 2v2, and 1v1, Single Elimination best 2 out of 3. Come test your might, be the best of the best!

    The Maze and The Minotaur: Enter a labyrinth of twists and turns, you and your fellow maze-goers looking over your shoulder at every corner. What was that? Did you hear it? The Minotaur is close... Split up or face him together! Its a fight for survival in this PvP-esque maze event. Compete to finish the maze before your fellow victims. Make your way through the maze carefully, or find your life forfeit by the end of the Minotaur's sword. If you reach the end of the massive labyrinth you are certain to find a handsome reward! Perhaps you will be chosen to act as the Minotaur, hunting down the maze-runners one by one to keep them from your hoard of treasure!

    New Weekend Events:

    Pig Jousting!

    You heard it right Folks. Jousting while mounted on pigs! The breeding of animals allows players to control where a mounted pig will travel. 2 teams of 2 players, Lancer and Pig Handler, compete to earn prizes!

    PvP Arena's

    We have a Build server dedicated to Mini Game Events! Including player made PvP Arena's! No need to level up either! All players start at LVL 20 of any Hero Class they want! Try out any or ALL of the hero classes at their max power! Win in game prizes and or prizes IRL!

    Jigsaw's Suprise

    Jigsaw has influenced a player on our server. Can you survive his wicked games? Test your mettle with the best. Forced to kill an ally or be killed. What will you choose? People take life for granted, not you, not anymore...

    Disclaimer: May not be the wildest craziest fun you have ever had.

    :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: How to Join :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock:

    Visit our website at www.greysoul.us, read over the rules, then click "Join Us!" in the menu.

    i have read the rules and hers the app

    In Game Name: ohiojax2
    RL Age: 10
    How long have you played Minecraft? 1 year
    How often do you play? mostly everyday
    Play style (PVP, Building, Traps, Redstone, etc etc): pvp
    How likely are you to donate to a server you play on? not very likely
    Where did you hear about us? planet minecraft
    What is our key phrase? "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this."
    Anything else you would like to add? no
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    posted a message on Hacker on my server!
    Quote from annaraptor

    There is a hacker on my brother's server and I can't get rid of him! :sad.gif: He de-opps and then bans everybody and claims that he's an op. Also, he has a nickname so that I can't ban him. His nickname is TheBoss. Any suggestions? If you can help, thank you :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    I had to stop the server because he was messing with the server's permissions.

    try to do /ban player name on server dashbord
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