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    posted a message on Enjin Shop or Buycraft?
    Thanks for the answers, Buycraft it is!
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    posted a message on ~ LegacyPvP | Factions | PvP | No Whitelist | Griefing And Raiding | Brand New | ~
    About Us

    LegacyPvP is a new server, with 4 GB of dedicated ram and 48 slots. We are a PvP and faction based server, with no whitelist.
    Whats Alowwed?
    Griefing, raiding, and tnt all allowed!
    Whats there besides pvp?
    Although we are a pvp server, we do have minigames such as king of the ladder. Also, we have just added Parkour and a PvP Arena!
    Staff Positions
    We are currently accepting staff, but you must first register on our website and apply there: Website
    Come out and Join us!
    We would love for you to come join us on Legacy PvP!
    Are you rewarded for playing and voting?
    You automatically get promoted by AutoRank, to ensure that you are rewarded for playing! We also have a system where if you vote, you get rewarded automatically by Votifier!
    Have an idea?
    We are open to player ideas which you can post on our website!

    Main Plugins
    We have many plugins that make our server unique!
    iConomy, Factions, AntiRelog, AutoRank, Buycraft, ChestShop, Essentials, PEX, and mcMMO! We also have several other plugins to help make the server run better!

    Our staff is dedicated, and doesn't abuse their powers. They are also very fun, friendly and helpful!
    Plugin Configurer: obfalcons919
    Owner: mattster1125, yanks92994
    Admin: Jibjab423
    Head-mod: awesomedude2578
    Moderator: codez14
    Assistant: michael39125, drakeoi, acehornet
    We also have several other positions available, just apply on our website!
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    Whenever i make any rank with /pex group [Group] create in game, and then reload the server, the rank will be deleted. I've tried checking the permissions.yml and it doesn't add the rank that i just created to that either. However, the rank is temporarily there until I reload the server. Or also, if I promote someone to, say, [Admin] when they sign off/ I reload the server, they get put back into the Default group. Please Help!

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