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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Has only one else had trouble with texture packs & optifine in an otherwise vanilla minecraft? I cannot get connected textures to work on Faithful 32x32.
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    posted a message on Double Witch Huts inside of spawn chunks
    The seed: 28720470

    This seed has two witch huts in seperate swamp biomes 187 blocks diagonal from each other so both can be active at once. This is a great seed for those looking to make a witch farm inside of your spawn chunks.

    Not only that, but this seed also offers a double cross intersection in the nether fortress to have a high amount of wither skeletons spawning. The intersections are actually in a 2x2 area, but missing one so it's great for any type of farm you want to make using them & it's connected to the fortress in the spawn!
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w08a Ready for Testing!
    Quote from AntOfThy

    How about bug fixing villager farming for wheat!!!!

    Village Farmers that use wheat eventually have there inventory clogged up due to the need to handle 3 different item types (seed, wheat, bread) whcih eventually results in the village farms no longer picking up harvests, and no longer planting new crops. MC-48735

    This is a serious issue that needs to be resolved!!!!!

    There's an easy fix for that. Have a non-farmer nearby so then the farmer will craft wheat into bread or use his bread to give to the villager. That opens up space eventually for seeds. Or you can just give all farmers 8 stacks of seeds.
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    posted a message on [Help] Witch Hut Within Spawn Chunks
    Sorry for the necro-bump everyone, I just wanted to reply about this.

    Quote from Finnit

    If the hut is close to the spawn chunks you can actually turn them into "spawn chunks" using a trick with hoppers shown in this video:


    (It's actually quite simple)

    The idea was good, but in practice it does shorten how far away you could be from a hut while staying in your spawn chunks. It also was fixed either in 1.7.5 or 1.8 (didn't matter when you posted this though, just informing others)

    Quote from AntOfThy

    You found Quad Witch Huts... WOW. In my Own search
    produced a large number of duals, and one almost triple.
    But this my search was based on image analysis of AMIDST output, so was VERY VERY slow.

    I've found a few actually, the one I liked the most was to far off my spawn chunks but I tried using the command to set the spawn chunks....it didn't work to well sadly. Iron golem farms would break when updating to newer versions etc...

    I've found a few decent seeds, but I'm still looking for the perfect one!
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    posted a message on Automated Seed Search.
    Quote from Calacbolg

    Things you could look for with your script:

    •Strongholds AT or VERY near(Within 16 chunks) spawn so that the end portal is always loaded which lets you make special redstone machines.
    •Multiple witch huts very near each other.
    •Savannah M island.

    Similar with this guy ^ I've been looking for a very specific seed. It'd be amazing if you could find something similar to this it would be amazing! I mainly want these for certain world design for my nephew's server. I've already made some crazy designs for it, but I don't have the seed to put them all together!

    * Witch hut(s) as close to spawn as possible. Within 12 chunks of spawn.
    * Strong hold within 16 chunks ideal or 20 chunks if fine.
    * Mushroom island & Ice spikes (or ice type biome) within the 12 chunks
    * Mesa biome within the 20 chunks of spawn; closer to Stronghold if possible.
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    posted a message on 32x LITHOS - Default-Style, Detailed & Complete - 1.5x - 1.15x and beyond!
    Love the textures! Once it's 100% done I'm definitely going to use this!
    The only things I'd change would be the clock to a digital one, make the SUPER gold ables more SUPER looking, make the Golems a little cleaner and that's all.

    But that's me, the faithfulness in this pack is what makes it.
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    posted a message on NO LONGER ACCEPTING. PLEASE DON'T APPLY.
    Quote from _ericmeltz

    Against my better judgement, we have decided to use Skype since steam doesn't offer free group chat. If you are still interested reply with your skype name (or create one).

    Actually it does. Just make a group, invite friends to the group and then invite group members to chat and turn on the voice. I had 8 people in a Steam chat room at once with no problems.

    IGN: FiendishSpirit

    Age: 19

    Country: USA

    Redstone: 8.5 (Can understand all, have problems with large complex redstone due to colorblindness+ADD)

    I like efficient, compacted and modular designs. I go for high automation with little effort (aka Lazy) but I love making insanely large builds. Unique concepts are also something I love.
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    posted a message on Using zombie hordes as an XP farm? [1.6.2]
    Quote from Koala_Steamed

    Isn't 2 and 3 what i said? just a minor technicality on 1 rules doesn't mean they are all wrong... Didn't know that they could spawn on different Y coords tho, that should make things a lot easier. They can't seem to be able to spawn below where they are being damaged, i'll have to test it out some more. I'll change that in the description

    Well a bit different but about the same. Drowning, sunlight damage, cacti, poison (witches/cave spiders), creeper explosions and wither effects don't cause more reinforcements.
    (I tested by making 20 zombies at a time invincible using MC-Edit)

    Their spawning is kind of strange. I've had some below, many above, same level, inside doors/fences/glass and tons of other things. If I have made an insane zombie farm using villagers+zombie spawners and this method. I might release a video on it if I get it working more reliably (and credit you, Tango Tek & XsumiaVoid)
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    posted a message on Using zombie hordes as an XP farm? [1.6.2]
    Quote from Koala_Steamed

    While fighting zombies at night i ended up gathering a huge horde of zombies which got me thinking... After messing around for a bit in creative, i think i understand how zombie hordes work.

    1. They spawn addition zombies when they take damage, i think everyone knows that much

    2. This does not have to be player initiated damage, it can also be: suffocation, drowning, lava, healing potion, fall damage, other mobs, sunlight, anvils, and snowballs (snowballs don't actually damage the mob). I think cacti is the only one that doesn't work.

    3. The amount of damage doesn't matter it can be 1 point or more, as long as the zombie is still alive after the damage taken.

    4. Horde zombies can only spawn in light level of 7 or less.

    5. The newly spawned zombie must be on the same level as the zombie taking damage

    6. The horde zombies can spawn up to 32 blocks away from the zombie taking damage (not 100% on this either)

    7. The original zombie taking damage can only spawn 1 additional zombie, even if the new zombie he spawned is killed, he can't spawn any more.

    Here is an XP farm i made, only problem is i didn't know about rule 6 at the time. By replacing the old zombies with new ones this could create a continuous cycle and fix that. This could possibly be the fastest way to gain xp in minecraft now. To set this up you would probably need a zombie spawner to start the chain reaction.

    I've been playing around with this myself and the rules you have *discovered* don't seem to be correct.
    Rule 2: Snowballs do work FROM SNOWMEN or PLAYER not from dispensers, lava pulses from dispensers also don't work as well.

    Rule 3: The mob will spawn reinforcements when damage is done, weather it be 0 damage (snowballs) or 10 hearts damage. As long as the damaged zombie doesn't die instantly.

    Rule 5: At certain Z coordinates this doesn't seem to work at all, and if the mob is even underground he can still spawn mobs on the surface.

    This can be made into an insane mob farm. I've used 100 zombies at once then when it calms down I get more. 10mins AFK can I can get Lv 39 in seconds. (39 is the highest for anvil repairs).
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    posted a message on Zombie Horde XP Farm 1.6.2 - Over 100 Zombies per Minute
    I've been trying to re-make something similar but my zombies won't spawn others. What are the conditions to spawn them? Are there any blocks they can't spawn on (other than the transparent)? Do they spawn within the 32 area of the damaged zombie?
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    posted a message on [Help] Witch Hut Within Spawn Chunks
    Quote from Light_My_Fire


    A youtuber named Queenkinghappy uses this seed for his single player let's play. Closest mushroom biome is at -2000 -1800 though.

    If you need any inspiration for this seed, I would recommend checking his channel out.

    Thank you, I thought I had that seed listed but I am a fan of Happy, but like you said the mushroom biome is kind of far away.

    Quote from Puppywolf2

    Excuse me, Mr. GJamesDean, but what is an LP world? I'm not entirely sure what one is, and I would like to know.

    LP stands for Lets Play, basically it's the world I am going to use for a YouTube series where I play minecraft and record it, try to get feedback and such.
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    posted a message on More improvement on wolves and ocelots!
    I think the sophisticated wolves/ocelots mod should be put in game. It's much better than the current version and with 1.6 it would be nice to have the more useful animals.
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    posted a message on Minecon 2013 Set For the US East Coast, Details To Follow
    I say they should have it in Charleston or Columbia, South Carolina. It's the midpoint between Miami FL and NY,NY and is a very popular location for kids and adults. It's also not far from Myrtle Beach ;)

    Although Jeb might not enjoy the sun, there are also plenty of places to go for night time fun.

    Both locations are very kid friendly but not like Disney World, and it's much cheaper staying in Columbia or Charleston vs Florida or New York.
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    posted a message on [Help] Witch Hut Within Spawn Chunks
    Sorry for the bump but I've also found these two quad witch hut seeds that are close to spawn but no witch hut in the spawn chunks.

    Mushroom biome, close stronghold and quad witch hut

    Mushroom biome, close stronghold, good spawn chunk biomes, close quad witch huts and a close to spawn witch hut.
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    posted a message on Donkey/mule/horse growth rates.
    I think it's fine being able to crow them by using a bunch of wheat/bread/apples/sugar/hay. I do believe that there should be a way to increase a horse's stats based on what you feed them though.

    Wheat: Nothing
    Bread+Hay: Both increase health stats proportional to the amount of wheat used (bed is 3, hay is 9)
    Sugar: Increases speed
    Apples: Increase jump height
    Golden Apples (the expensive ones): Increase all stats

    It makes since because bread+hay is good for you and gives you more endurance, sugar makes them more hyper to boost speed and apples are high up in trees so they should have to jump for them. As for the golden apples, they are expensive and should give you some kind of bonus.
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