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    Are You Looking For A Fun Server? Well Look No Farther The Crafters Network Is The Place To Go. We Have Nice Staff. We Have Creative SG Kitpvp And Survival. Ip: Hope You Enjoy
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    Quote from BeastsMineCraft

    Post your Minecraft username in this thread to become a Citizen (you do not need Citizen to build or join)!
    IP: c.beastsmc.com
    Live Banner
    UPDATE: All ranks now have free WorldEdit in /warp smallplots and /warp plot!
    BeastsMC Creative is a simple approach to creative Minecraft. There is absolutely NO whitelist, so you can join right now. You do not need to jump through hoops to build. You have creative mode when you log in, and you are free to walk or fly out of spawn to begin building. No whitelist, no asking for creative, no crap.
    :Diamond: Custom antigrief technology to protect you and your builds.
    :Diamond: Lots of ranks to earn and enjoy.
    :Diamond: Free WorldEdit for all ranks in our plot worlds!
    :Diamond: Flat worlds.
    :Diamond: Normal worlds.
    :Diamond: Plot worlds
    :Diamond: Private worlds.
    :Diamond: Unlockable worlds.
    :Diamond: Huge, active community.
    BeastsMC Creative is co-owned by three competent and skillful Admins with a combined 5 years of Minecraft hosting experience, and employs a large staff so there is virtually always someone online to help you out. Unlike many other servers, you cannot buy yourself a spot on the team. The only way to be promoted to a staff rank is to be a quality player who is competent, mature, and active in the community
    1. Do not grief
    2. Do not use hacks, cheats, or exploits
    3. Do not spam
    4. Do not advertise other servers
    5. Be excellent to each other
    6. Do not ask to be staff

    Our server is hosted on a dedicated, rather than virtual, server. Here is a list of our resources:
    - Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
    - 16GB RAM for Minecraft, 16gb reserved for the system
    - 128gb SDD in RAID1
    If you are looking for a creative server that welcomes new players, has powerful anti-grief and a strong, active staff, BeastsMC Creative is the server for you.
    Connect today and find out for yourself!

    this is a OP server one of this best servers
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    cool this is sweet
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