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    Better Sugar Cane attempts to add more uses to sugar cane.

    Current uses:

    When making a tool, replace the sticks with Sugar Cane Rods, and ingots with blocks.

    This will get you an enhanced tool. These tools can be made out of iron, diamond, and gold. All enhanced tools get slightly upgraded stats along with a boosted mining level (They can all mine obsidian!) and greatly increased durability. Each material has 1 greatly boosted stat.

    Iron: Does much more damage

    Diamond: Has great mining speeds

    Gold: Has INSANE enchantability

    You can now make Sugar Cookies! They are the exact same as normal cookies except they have a 50% chance to give a speed effect when eaten, great for trying to get out of a tight situation.

    Putting 9 sugar cane (or sugar) in a crafting table will get you compressed sugar cane! (or sugar) You can repeat this process with the compressed sugar cane until you get to the Octuple compressed state. (Over 43 MILLION sugar cane!)

    In the event of the download widget not working, go HERE to download the mod.

    You can feel free to use this in a modpack!

    2.0a -- Fixed broken recipes, and a couple incorrect tool stats.

    2.0 -- Complete rewrite, new textures! (Tool repair bug still exists, I'm still working on it.)

    1.1 -- Added sugar cookies, due to the high amount of sugar in them you have a 50% chance to get a speed II effect for 15 seconds when eating one

    1.0b -- Made the recipe for the sugar cane rods actually affordable

    1.0 -- Release

    1. Install the latest Minecraft Forge (Built on 1291)
    2. Download the mod
    3. Place the mod file in the "mods" folder at the root of your minecraft directory.
    4. Start minecraft
    5. Enjoy!

    Please post all issues in the Issue Tracker.

    Source (The mod is being rebuilt from scratch for 1.10, so the github is quite barren right now.)

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    Quote from ShamanTramp»

    You can use connected texture with optifine's mcpatcher options. It'll work with customitems blocks same way as it work with vanilla blocks ! (but you need the use of a resourcepack)

    Or Resource Loader
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    Pretty sure 99.99% of those mods are NOT availible for pocket edition.

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    Quote from Manuepolis23»
    maybe an alpha for the rv2 like the extracells one?

    A version of any addon will not be released until a beta version of rv2 has been released.
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    posted a message on [BETA-v2.4.1] Monumental Modpack - Available on ATLauncher [Semi-Public] *Updated 15th April* *1 Year Old!*
    This seems very nice for a PVP server... I'll have to try it out.
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    FTB = Legal
    Tekkit = Illegal
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    Quote from atx2100

    Hello this is a new mc launcher i made and a friend of mine made(no Survey)


    if it has problems contact me on skype or here skype:Atx_2100

    ill post pics soon as i can

    Unless you get better spelling and grammar and put pics BEFORE you post the topic then I won't bother
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    ninetigonal facepalm?
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    Quote from DarkSnice

    Just noticed that the radio is NOT a block, IT'S A LIE it's a mob that does nothing... but playing catchy music

    I thought that was kinda obvious.
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    Quote from zysolyn

    ....:ohmy.gif: OMFG. I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING. The Achievement for creating cake is called "The Lie" as in, THE CAKE IS A LIE.
    nice portal reference, Notch :smile.gif: If I am the only person in the world who has not realized this, then srry for wasting TEN WHOLE SECONDS of ur lives. so dont hate. :tongue.gif:

    Yeah I think we all knew that.
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