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    Hello person reading this, I am a Minecraft player that's trying to make a successful minecraft server for people to play and enjoy in. We have had previous servers built but unfortunately they have been unsuccessful due to no money and lack of players. For this past few months I have taken the time to learn and be able to develop plugins and it's going really well. I really hope to be successful in the future and I think i'm ready and that is why i'm asking for an investor to help us. I already have some staff members that can join and help but all we need is some money. Please do consider to help. If you are interested contact me (put your contact info). Thank you for having taking the time to read this. Goodbye and have a good day

    If you are interested please contact me on Discord


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    IGN: Nucker_

    Age: 13

    Time Zone: BTS (UK)

    Why you want to join: I notice that you are paying some positions. Therefore I assume that this is going to be a high-budget server that is most likely to succeed.

    Coding languages you use: Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS (Looking to learn more about Javascript and learn PHP/SQL)

    Examples of plugins you made: https://nucker.xyz/portfolio

    Hours Available: Around 3 - 4 hours a day

    Rate yourself as a Dev: 7/10

    Discord: Nucker#2020

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    Im nucker. I am admin on AllianceMC. Its a fairly new KitPvP server. We have a fun growing Player-base. Sadly over the last week a few of our staff have resigned/been demoted. We are in need of staff and so I have come here. If you think your a good fit from the jobs below there will be links to apply.

    Staff (Mod)

      You must be at least 13 years of age or older, this is for maturity reasons!
      You must have decent prior Staff experience! This is so that we can know that you are qualified for the job, we need people who know how to moderate!
      You must have a working microphone! This is required for your interview, if you do not have a microphone, then we cannot conduct your interview!
      You must be active on our Network! This is so we can know that you are dedicated, and truly care for AllianceMC!
      You must put detail into your application! This is a big one, I often see applications with one or two sentences and I am forced to deny it! Please put detail into your application!
      Do not ask a staff member to check your application! This includes telling them that you have applied, and asking when you will be replied to! Patience is key, and important if you want to become staff!
      Do not plagiarize/steal someone else's application! I cannot stress enough how bad this is!
      Keep your application neat and professional! If we have to strain our eyes whilst reading your application, it may change our opinion on it! Make it easy for us by keeping it black, and with a normal font!
      Do not lie in your application! Please do not lie! If you lie, we cannot trust you with Staff permissions. And you will be banned from applying.
      You must not be banned, or have been banned on our network for at least 2 months before applying.
      You must be able to record videos of hackers, and the videos should be at least 30FPS 720P!

      Must be age 13+
      Must have past building experience
      High knowledge of worldedit and know a bit about voxelsniper.
      You must be mature and professional
      Able to cooperate in a team
      Must have a clean punishment history on Alliance.
      Be able to provide us with photographic or video evidence of your builds (on this application

    Please read this thread:

    Media rank (YouTubers/Streamers)
    Please DM @Nucker#2020 on Discord.

    Thank you for taking the time to have a look at applying.
    Good luck,

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