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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]
    Quote from Niconiko»

    This might be a stupid question, but..
    In the latest version (Ancient Warfare 2.4.96)

    Do someone in here having problem of npcs aren't eat food from town hall? Or I forgot to do something here?

    I had the same issue with both GotoLink releases of the mod, but it went away after my mod pack updated (FTB Infinity).

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]

    Are you guys running latest versions of McForge?

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]

    Same issue with the 2.4.96 beta as with 2.4.92, NPCs sit in front of the Town Hall but won't take any food. For some reason they work fine with 2.4.83.

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    Quote from Sanek90000»

    Hello, I would like to know what disabled siege weapons, containers, vehicles, and so on
    Здравствуйте, я бы хотел узнать для чего отключили осадные орудия, тараны, повозки, и так далее

    These are not implemented in AW2.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]

    Reverted back to v2.4.83 from 2.4.92 Beta and NPCs are working now.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]

    Using GotoLink's version, having some trouble getting NPCs to do anything. They just get a porkchop icon and hang out by the town hall, ignoring the crop farm I have set up. I have food placed there but they don't seem to take it. I've tried providing several kind of food and changing the upkeep point to a chest of food without any luck.

    The crop farm seems to be set up correctly as I can work it manually with the hammer successfully.

    Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]

    I've been playing the new version and had a few balance/roadmap questions:

    1) Will walled towns eventually have Faction NPC guards? The towns have way too much treasure as is now, they are basically several dungeons worth with no danger. On a similar note, will NPCs ever be aware of chests being looted in their assigned area?

    2) Will Factions NPCs restock strongholds over time if they lose members due to attrition?

    3) Will Factions be able to take proactive actions? I.E. Send an invasion force against hostile factions/players?

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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]
    I've ran into this issue a few times:

    I am flying around in my airship and all of the sudden the control block disappears and the airship stops. Attempting to use the controls still changes the yaw/speed/altitude, but nothing actually moves. The space where the controller block looks like air but cannot be moved into and I can't click on it to change the airship back to blocks.

    If I save and exit and load again, I usually fall out of the airship when logging back in (and die). The airship is still stuck as an entity, so I usually have to build a pillar of dirt to get back up to it, and then carve a whole through my airship to get back in as it's not aligned with the grid and I would get stuck otherwise. Once I get back onboard, saving and reloading the map a few times usually makes the control block show up eventually so I can deactivate it. When I do so, I get my ship back. However, there will be an cloned entity version of it left behind when I move the ship again that appears to stay there forever.
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    posted a message on We Want Cauldrons!
    I don't think Jens indicated that cauldrons would be permanently aesthetic-only, just that they are leaving them in the game as players have indicated they like them.

    It would probably be reasonable to shift the meat cooking recipes from the furnace over to a cauldron-based crafting bench at least semi-dedicated to food production. Furnaces aren't quite the same as barbecues after all. It would be nice actually to have such a crafting bench that allowed you to shove a few different kinds of stacks of food in at once to still cook separately. It's kind of a pain in the early game when you have little coal/charcoal and are feeding just a few pieces of several types of meat/ore in manually to fully use the fuel.
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    posted a message on I hope enchantment tables aren't craftable...
    Quote from Sethhhhhh

    i agree, but then i would still rather find it in a stronghold, it gives it challenge but then again not as hard as getting 36 diamonds.

    what im trying to say is i would rather explore then go all claustrophobic in my mine searching for diamonds

    Why not both? Then it's a real prize and time saver if you find it in a stronghold, but then it's not only tied to being the lucky player to find a stronghold first in SMP.
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    posted a message on I hope enchantment tables aren't craftable...
    The randomness is great, tools are fairly disposable and cheap as is for everything below diamond. Random enchantments are a staple in RPGs and there are plenty of ways to balance it. Especially if experience is the only ongoing cost to enchant.

    As long as you can still repair enchanted items without losing the effect, it will be fine.

    If the crafting cost is an issue, turn the diamonds in the recipe suggested to diamond blocks. 36 diamonds to craft would make it a fairly late game item.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - Villager Update! (UPDATED 1 MAY 2021)
    Awesome texture pack, Misa. A few feedback items/questions if you don't mind:

    - I'm having a bit of a hard time distinguishing Stone/Iron/Diamond tools from each other in-game. Any chance of distinguishing the design or coloring further? I.E. Stone items could have a cruder look to them, etc.

    - I am getting some visual artifacts around torches and was wondering if anyone else is:
    http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/aR ... directlink
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    posted a message on Self sealing walls.
    My fort's walls are made like this. I did two layers of gravel in the middle though, so that walking around the walls is more comfortable.

    Messing with Lava or Water isn't bad, either. I would probably just put pockets in randomly as traps, however.
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    posted a message on Werewolves
    Quote from myth10100 »
    Ever hear of werewolf venom?

    Actually, no.
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    posted a message on Hirable/Craftable NPCs
    Hirable NPCs:

    Once NPC villages are in-game, it would be nice to have an option to hire NPCs of friendly/neutral races to act as guards or to assist the player in various tasks.

    To pay for these NPCs, you would craft gold coins out of gold bars. Payment could either be a one-time fee or an ongoing payment schedule. NPCs should come with little or no equipment, but the player would be able to give items to his hired NPCs.

    Chests could have some sort of option to be accessible by hired NPCs, which would allow you to place gold for wages or make items available to your NPCs (i.e. food if you want them to heal damage). ACLs would likely need to be implemented anyway at some point for MP, so the concept of factions or teams could be extended to include these NPCs.

    Craftable NPCs:

    Craftable NPCs would include automatons such as Golems as well as the Undead. Craftable NPCs would not need to be paid, but would require exotic resources to create.

    I would propose a new block type for the process to animate these NPCs. Something like a pentagram block or ritual circle, etc. It could be crafted in the workbench with a single block of stone and a combination of redstone torches and redstone dust"
    :--+: :Red: :--+:
    :--+: :White: :--+:
    :Red: :--+: :Red:

    The interface for this block would be similar to a furnace, but with 5 input spots for consumable materials surrounding a center spot for the item being animated.


    There have been previous threads with ideas regarding golems. Most of those sound more like elementals to me, so my idea of a golem would be something closer to man-sized (at most 3 blocks high).

    Golems would be made primarily of stone, iron, or obsidian.The first step in creating a golem would be the creation of a statue with the workbench. Statues could be something like this:

    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    [] :cobblestone: []
    :cobblestone: [] :cobblestone:

    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    [] :Iron: []
    :Iron: [] :Iron:

    :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian:
    [] :obsidian: []
    :obsidian: [] :obsidian:

    Statues are 2x1 objects, which can also just be placed as decoration. I have a few ideas on how they could be implemented (whichever is most feasible for Notch):
    1) All statues look like the default player skin or some other default human model.
    2) Statues look the crafting player's default skin.
    3) Statue looks like the crafting player's current model at creation time including equipped items.

    Options 2 or 3 add some nice elements into MP, as statues are then somewhat unique creations that you might want to trade with other players for.

    Once a statue has been crafted, you can optionally place it into the center spot of the pentagram block along with 5 other resources to animate it as a golem. The resources at this point would probably be gold and diamond, but could be other exotic resources once they are in the game. The resource cost should probably scale somewhat with the quality of the golem material, so something like:
    Stone Golem: Stone statue, 5 gold bricks.
    Iron Golem: Iron statue, 3 gold blocks, 2 diamonds.
    Obsidian Golem: Obsidian Statue, 4 gold blocks, 1 diamond block


    The first change that would take place to accommodate this would be that corpses of human and human like players and NPCs persist as placeable on the ground. Corpses can be picked up into the player's inventory,placed on the ground like flowers or saplings, and are non-stackable like tools. Corpses can also catch on fire, which destroys the corpse.

    Creation of Undead involves placing a corpse in the center of the pentagram block interface, along with 5 other resources. Craftable undead in this manner would probably just be the relatively mindless corporeal types, and could include:


    Controlling NPCs
    Making NPC's too clever would probably make the whole thing too time-consuming for Notch to implement, so I'd lean towards keeping it relatively simple:

    Guard Mode: Putting an NPC into Guard Mode would have them stay in place, attack anything hostile in LOS within a certain range, and then return to their spot.

    Follow Mode: NPC follows the player around, will attack any hostiles it sees with a certain range.

    Does anyone have any further ideas to improve or flesh this idea out more?
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