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    - How much experience you have with making a server:

    not a whole lot unfortunatly, i was co-owner of a server with factions, creative, survival and bed wars but it fell apart after the owner made some questionable choices. Though up untill that point i helped with marketing building and some small config file configurations.

    - How much experience you have with commands:

    I feel like i know most commands but depending on plugins i might not, i would deffinitly have to check some tutorials for things like the npc plugins ect.

    - How much experience you have with world edit and building:

    With world edit i have limited experience only learning it a month ago but its a very helpfull tool and i hope to experiment more with brushes in the future.

    As for building, ive been building for years, I'll attach two of my latest build of said last server underneeth here.

    - How much time you can spend on the server to help:
    i can spend from 0 - 10 hours a day depending on the day My priority list is as follows:



    *mc server

    I'll definitfly find a way to be online atleast once every 2 days and ill be active on discord every day if you need me, and I'll be happy to discuss what needs to be done or awnser questions.

    - Your age:


    - How dedicated do you think you can be on a 1- 10 scale:
    7 For now it depends on how enjoyable i find the server to work on.

    Timezone wise, im from the netherlands so i hope it wont intefere to much with american times.

    Also im not that active on forums so if you would please let me know your reply over discord that would be super helpfull. (my disc is: guide#1234)

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