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    posted a message on Looking for admins will get paid if you are great.
    Have you been banned before: No
    Do you have teamspeak or skype:both
    How much time can you commit to the server: every day 3pm-9pm weekends 8am-9pm
    Age: 18
    Can you spell/use grammar: Yes, I have perfect grammar
    Know anything about some plugins: I create my own/I have had 3 years server admin experience
    Type out why we should make you an admin (please try to have 3 FULL sentences): I am an experienced programmer and host, I know a lot about minecraft and the way bukkit works, I am a complete master with admin tools, and I just need some extra money, I am only looking for about 5 dollars ever month/every other month. I am great with people and would love to admin on a server with a great group of players
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