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    Eh... um- I heard it's for ModLoader, and most people have trouble getting the animation and arrows to work for ModLoader- so, dear person, would you mind sharing how to fix the animation and arrow rendering? Pleaaase? For zoombaz and the other billion people who have troubles with the bow animation...
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Bones and Marshmallows
    Thanks for all of the positive comments. I hope you enjoy using this mod.
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    This modification adds more bones and some marshmallows. I have tons of fun with this. Here we go.

    Nifty - It is easier to mine the bone block with an axe.

    NEEDS ModLoader for 1.2.5
    NEEDS WinRAR Archiver / 7Zip

    This mod includes:
    Bone Tools (ALL)
    Muscle Tissue (Crafting Material)
    Marshmallows (Food)
    Bone Block (Decoration, Bone Fragments)
    Beefier Pigs (Advantage, gives more pork and can give muscle tissue(s).)
    Skulls (Nothing yet)
    Bone Fragments (Crafting Material)


    Marshmallows are crafted by putting sugar on top of a muscle tissue.

    Bone tools are crafted with the same way as your normal tools, but replace the sticks with bones, and the tops(diamond, iron, wood, etc.) with bone fragments.

    Bone fragments(3) are made by putting 1 Bone Block into the crafting table.

    Bone Blocks are crafted by filling the 9x9 crafting table with bones, or putting 3 bone fragments anywhere in the crafting table.

    Skulls do not yet drop from skeletons. They are crafted by putting a bone on top of another bone.

    [How to Download] Easier way -> Look on YouTube.

    1. Click on the start button.
    2. Type %appdata% in the search bar.
    (If you want to, instead of typing %appdata%, type %appdata%/.minecraft/bin to shorten this process)
    3. (If you followed the highlighted line, you don't need to do this.) Open .minecraft
    4. (If you followed the highlighted line, you don't need to do this.) Open bin
    5. Right click on the minecraft.jar file.
    6. Click Open With, choose WinRAR or 7Zip.
    7. Drag all the content from the provided archive into minecraft.jar.
    8. Delete META.inf.
    9. Play, see if it works.

    If this didn't work, please tell me your error, and I will try to help.

    Bones and Marshmallows

    Please don't take credit for this mod in any reposting situations. You did not make this. If anyone is found using this mod against these rules, I will flag their post. You may only use this personally and in adventure maps. You can edit or configure this mod only with my permission. This mod can be used in any type of video. If you are given permission by me to modify this mod, you must give me credit for the features that were used.

    Sorry. The pics are messed up.

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    Quote from SeventhHero

    You know how the image file for the Minecraft paintings has the paintings on there, and then there are some purple spots... If i change some of the purple spots, will there be more paintings available?

    Well, no, but in the future if more paintings come out, those pink spots may become a different painting, because a pink spot represents a block that has not been released yet, a block that does not exist as of yet, or not only a block, anything, for items, the "pink spot" are two arrows.
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