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    posted a message on [1.5.x / 1.6.x] Applied Energistics [ rv 13 c ] - Exploiting Quantum Mechanics
    Quote from PeeQ

    I tryed to play your mod with direwolf20's mod pack from FTB and i got an error. Your mod and stevescart both use slot 901.

    Try editing the configs with block/item ids. As of now, since its a relatively new mod, its not made to work perfectly with every other mod out there, its made to work period.

    To: X2 - Love this mod. However, it makes a few things like factorization's barrels and red power's project tables slightly obsolete. HOWEVER, since this is made for mid-game, it seems to work itself out. Barrels + Project Tables work better early game as the materials they require are easily acquired. I do enjoy the simplicity -> complexity that this mod offers, you can go as in depth or use it as lightly as you want. It makes for a good base sorting system, and the gui's are appealing. Are you planning to update the block textures, though? They look good, but slightly plain. I really think this will be one of the main mods which is appealing simply for the ease of working with it, much like logistics pipes. I wish all the luck to you.
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    posted a message on Old guns ~ suitable for minecraft
    Yes, I have heard that notch doesn't want to have guns in minecraft. It takes away the "old" feel. However, he is thinking of things like AK47, or M16. These guns are too new, and dont fit the feel of minecraft.

    But what about a BlunderBuss?

    This image is from http://forums.wesnoth.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=19945 and Fedarilist Marchall made this.

    This is a blunderbuss, and it is perfectly suited for any old-style game. Here is the recipes/what they do.

    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    :wood: :Iron: []
    =Regular blunderbuss, of course, you can make it with these materials replacing iron. From least to greatest damage.

    Wood, Stone, Gold, Iron, Diamond, Obsidian

    Here is the recipe for the bullets.
    [] :Iron: []
    :Iron: :GP: :Iron:
    [] :Iron: []

    This makes 16 bullets.
    Bullets go 32 blocks.

    [] :Iron: []
    :Iron: :Iron:
    [] :Iron: []

    This will make 6 flares. When shot it lights up the area and whatever is hit catches on fire. This can be shot EXTREMELY far, up to 128 blocks! However, the fire only spreads within 9 blocks of what it hits. It kills in one hit.
    It has deep impact and can go through 3 enemies.

    To reload the gun, actually does take time. You need to put it in a crafting grid with the ammunition and it will make a loaded gun. When used however many bullets you used, it will turn into un-loaded gun, and you will have to redo it.

    Wood blunderbuss = 4 bullet capacity, 1 flare capacity, 4 bullets needed to kill, infinite durablility
    Stone blunderbuss = 4 bullet capacity, 2 flare capacity, 4 bullets needed to kill, infinite durablility
    Gold & Iron blunderbuss = 6 bullet capacity, 4 flare capacity, 3 bullets needed to kill, infinite durablility
    Diamond blunderbuss = 6 bullet capacity, 6 flare capacity, 2 bullets needed to kill, infinite durablility
    Obsidian blunderbuss = 8 bullet capacity, 7 flare capacity, 2 bullets needed to kill, infinite durablility

    Rate of fire = .15 wait inbetween each bullet

    And last, but not least, the Overdone Blunderbuss.

    Put an obsidian blunderbuss in the furnace and make sure you have 16 coal, because it takes forever to make.
    This gun is just as good as the obsidian blunderbuss, but looks much better. Also, when combined with diamond, makes an advance in technology... the Sniping Musket!

    This has no room for bullets, only flares. However, you can hold up to 20 flares in this thing!
    It zooms in when you right click, and fires when you left click. This extends how far flares can be fired by 1.5x.
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    posted a message on [1.2.4] [128x & 64x] Minecraft 4Kids
    amazing, i dont know why people havent seen this yet, there is a ton of potential here.
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    posted a message on How do you create HD texture packs?
    Yeah, actually hd textures are just terrain.png(s) enlarged! So, say you want a 32x32 pack, you would make a terrain.png that is 512x512 etc etc. Hope I helped :smile.gif:

    32x32 texture pack = 512x512 image size
    64x64 texture pack = 1024x1024 image size
    128x128 texture pack = 2048x2048 image size
    256x256 texture pack = 4096x4096 image size
    anything past this crashes minecraft

    I made a banjo tooie texture pack.
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