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    //Server App//
    IGN: nkishimoto
    Age: 19
    Skype: next_kishimoto
    Rules: Yessir
    Motivation: I've always loved building but I've yet to find a server that can properly appreciate the work that goes into a detailed build (See, 'grief'). At Jamziboyminecraft's recomendation, I'd like to try to build my own town and see what becomes of it.
    (Just for kicks): Been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.2_01 (maybe a little earlier).
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    Thank you for the reference! I didn't know about the wood stair texture. This is awesome! Keep up the awesome work!
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    posted a message on Conquest_ [WIP there is always more to come]
    Is there any way you could make a list, or maybe series of pictures, showing what each of your custom metablock textures are? I love the the way you've extended the minecraft building pallet with them and would like to have a quick reference to all of them.
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    posted a message on minecraft crashes randomly with no errors PLEASE HELP
    Try giving Java more memory, if you have it to spare. 256mb is the default I believe. You could try doubling it.
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    To any Mac users that aren't able to get these mods to work:

    Load all the mods you want to install (including modloader) into mcpatcher. It worked for me.
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    Never mind waking up in some random location with no recollection of having gotten there, surrounded by cubic meters of matter that doesn't bother to adhere to the laws of gravity.
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    posted a message on Can't anyone make a Chinese Pack?
    Quote from baconsmuggler

    i have no idea why it would be ban on mainland china as it is a very gamative country.

    Anything involving beating a stick against something else and that something else saying "ow" in any way, shape, or form gets banned on the mainland. lol.
    I'm not sure how to edit the language files for Minecraft but if its a copy>paste interface, using something like Sougou could make it work.
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