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    posted a message on [Modding Team]''Pencil World'' Moding Team!
    I am a new modder can I join? I know my way around? I never mob modeled before but I think I might be good at it.
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    Position Requested: I am going for Moderator, or Admin.

    MC Name: ninjanno
    Age: 14
    Country: America, California

    Previous experience: I have had moderator at this one server CraftStranger not to long ago, I quit because I thought the admins were bullying me. My second experience was Mine/Build, I was an admin, but the server went down because he did not have enough money for the server. My third experience was at Mine Over Matter I was a moderator on that server, but randomly I could not get on the server, I did not got ban I could not get a hold of them. It was not there connection or mine. I checked the website but could not find them. My Fourth experience, and my last was Warped Craft. I just started playing on Warped craft for 2 days and the owner just quit; he was never to be seen again.

    Why you are applying for the Moderative Rank:
    I am a nice and honest guy as long as I am not harassed. Helping servers and players is what I do, and I want to continue doing that by join this server as a moderator. I meet all you requirements and I am highly skilled in world edit. I like to give players a good server they can play on without giving them advantages if it is against the rules and I do this under the rule of the owner.

    Any extra information you would like to add: I would like to add that you can reach me on Skype: ninjanno and Xbox Live: ninjananno. I always have almost flawless grammar so users can understand me quite well.
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    posted a message on What is the worst thing that they could add to Minecraft?
    Uhmm. You're a little late ^
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    posted a message on [WIP] [1.2.5] World of Warcraft mod
    Quote from Wyreee

    (Or you could just play world of warcraft)

    It's a good mod, your post was useless :L
    I will be happy to test the mod or model stuff.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Tribal Pack [Recruiting Team]

    Tribal mobs that look like warriors and are wielding a diamond sword.

    Tribal Weapons ( Sword, Shovel, Hoe, Ax, and Pick-Ax ) Also a tribal ingot used to craft theseYou're a great modder, can I help you out? I am looking for someone to teach me how to code :P
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    posted a message on Toco's seeds. Now with pics!
    It'd help for more people to see your thread and rate it positively by putting pictures. Other wise, I would love to check them out
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    posted a message on Renewable Diamonds
    Quote from bluemagic123

    I kind of like this idea, except it makes diamonds require too much waiting, and not doing. Maybe craft nine blaze rods into blaze energy (or some other random item), then craft four of this into a blaze block. A blaze block block would be like a fire block, except breakable, collectable, and unpassable, and could be crafted with a coal or charcoal to get diamond. This would both make diamond renewable and add a useful block for adventure maps, cool-looking lighting, etc. (If you can only use coal to make diamond, then diamond isn't renewable, because coal isn't renewable.) Either that, or you could wait for my renewable resources mod after the official modding api.

    Diamonds are supposed to be HARD and RARE to find. It make the game so off if you made diamonds renewable. It destroy minecraft, you're two main goals in minecraft are mostly: Become a Diamond ***** and Go to the End
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    posted a message on Cool Ravine Seed (DIAMONDS!)
    Diamonds, did someone say Diamonds?
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