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    Anybody want to team up on a Tekkit lite server? Maybe Tekkit Classic or the regular Tekkit but I don't know those as well. I am 14, and I have a mic, but I am not a squeaker. Just message me or post on this topic.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard - Roleplay/RP - Custom Lore - War - Friendly Staff - 99.9% Uptime - Adventure - Q
    Quote from lukemacu

    It is currently down.

    whens it gonna go up?
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard - Roleplay/RP - Custom Lore - War - Friendly Staff - 99.9% Uptime - Adventure - Q

    : ninjanno

    Age: 14

    Role-Play Exp.: I have been on a lot of modern day role-play server, and a fair amount of drug servers. I have also played on a few "anime" role-play server. I have played role-play on other games. Lastly, I have played a Skyrim role-play.

    ow did you find us(For our referal program): Minecraft Forums

    Why Us: I chose you because you are probably the only Elder Scrolls server online right now. Also, I chose you because it had a lot of views, posts, and likes.

    Time You Can Dedicate: I can dedicated an average amount of time considering what day it is. On Mondays, I can dedicated all my time. On Tuesday through Friday, I can dedicated about 3 hours a day. On Saturday and Sunday, I can practically dedicate my whole life.

    Brief Description of Yourself: I am a very funny person, at my school, and online. I have very good grammar and English. I am actually very mature for the age 14, I shut up when I feel it is right or when I am advised too.

    Explain Role-Play In Your Own Words: In my own words, role-play is basically acting as if you were in your computer and playing for your avatar. You are playing as if you are living the life of minecraft. You have to put emotion and feelings as you do in real life.

    What Is Powergaming and Metagaming? Explain in your own words: Power gaming is doing something that is physically or mentally impossible in the game, as you posted, " Red (you) stabs 300 hundred men in the blink of an eye!" It is physically impossible to do that - even in Skyrim! As of Metagaming, it is when you know something you are not suppose to know. For example, in OOC you learn something and then you say your character knows it. An Example again: If you "transferred" you knowledge to your new character when your old character died.


    Name: Khadba

    Race: Orc

    Gender: Male

    Age: 39

    Appearance: My skin is a light shade of green with two medium at large horns sticking straight out of my head. My teeth are not symmetrical not the others. ( Here is my skin: http://www.minecraft...in/1064781/orc/ )

    Fears: I am scared and worried of those guards picking and discriminating on my race. I am fear going into dark caverns, god knows what could be down there.

    Personality: I am generally hardheaded, act as a leader, and there are short occasions where I am actually serious. I love Ale, I spend ninety percent of the money I make to drinking and gambling.

    Occupation: I hunt for food and tame wolves for the townspeople. While I am hunting I occasionally pick up some mushrooms, or tree logs that I can sell to make extra money.

    Skills: I am proficient with my bow and arrows, I have amateur aim from scars and bruises on my head and eyes. I am a master with my ax and my sword, I mostly use my ax because it is bashful and gets the job done better than the sword.

    Nickname (Optional): They sometimes call me Fiery because I like to use my ax, and when I swing, I use fiery.

    Can Your Character Wield A Sword/Axe?: Yes, I am a master at using a ax and sword, but better at using a sword.

    Can You Character Farm?: No, I am good at mostly everything outside, but farming is that one thing I am not good at.

    Can Your Character Mine?: Yes, I can mine, but I prefer not to as I am scared what lurks inside those endless caves.

    What Other Things Can Your Character Do?: I am really good at Woodcutting and smelting too.

    Backstory (1-2 [b]LONG[/b] paragraphs): Khadba's life wasn't bad nor good, his family was broke and obtained there own food. He never had to do a thing in his life, he followed after his dad. Khadba didn't have many friends in his life, mostly because his family lived in out in the wilderness. As many other Orcs, he learned how to hunt from his dad, not by instruction, but by example. Whenever someone came near his house his dad took out his ax, went up to him with his ax hid and smashed his jaw in and playfully said, " I found dinner!" He occasionally went to the nearest village with his father to get get a sip of Ale.
    Once Khadba got his first drip of Ale, he was crazy, he couldn't stop, he couldn't help himself. He then slipped out of the house in the middle of the night to go get some Ale, he made some money from selling some of the meat to the butcher. Until one night, his dad caught him sneaking out. His dad got out his ax, hit his leg, making his fall on the floor, right-side up. He then murmured, " I hope you learned your lesson, " then walked away.
    Once Khadba moved out, he was prepared for life. He got a job selling his meat and leather, everybody knew him around town. He wasn't poor, but he wasn't rich, he was considered middle classed. He lived a normal life, with no wife, or kids. Yet, he still had an addiction to Ale.

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    posted a message on [1.6+] Miners Fortune - A new type of Minecraft Server! Start the hype, Apply for beta!
    I posted this -ninjanno
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    posted a message on Looking For: Map Developers, Game Helpers/Moderators & GFX Artists - Drune-Verse Online
    MinecraftName: ninjanno

    Age: 14

    Have you donethis before?: Yes, a bunch of times, I can name most of the them if you accept me.

    Why would you like this job?: I want a job like this because I am bored and I want to do something productive. I also like helping people, and this looks like a good server by it's name.

    Whatdo you think the most important thing of being a helper/mod is?: Helping. Nah... It's that if users are confused on whats happens or what something is, I could inform then correctly.

    Any last comments?: I have a Skype, I have a good computer so I won't lag, I also have pretty good English and grammar so users and other people can understand me.

    I did it because I am a good GFX artist.

    Age: 14

    Have you done this before?: Sort of. I made a logo and some banners for a website and I was considered there artist but that was 2 or 3 years ago. I might of lost my touch ( Not likely )

    Portfolio/Work you've done: Nope, no portfolio, but I can make on if you like.

    Why would you like this job?: I want this job because it expresses my creativity, and talents with a virtual brush. I also like it when I do something good for people .

    Any last comments?: I use Gimp instead of Photoshop because Gimp is free. If you don't know what Gimp is, google it, basically it is the free version of Photoshop. It is very advanced like Photoshop.
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    posted a message on Tekkit Server?
    Does anyone have a small tekkit server I can join. I want the tekkit server to be friendly and small, I'm sure someone has a server like that.
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    posted a message on Divine Legion ~ Minecraft Online — Recruiting   ~   [| Raid Dungeons • Custom Items, Combat, Monsters • Level 200 • Rebirth • Gu
    I don't want to sign up, but can I just add you on Skype and tell me when the server is opening because this server seems really fun!
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    posted a message on players that want to chill in a skyblock adventure
    how old are you?: 14

    how many servers have you been kicked from?: About one or two, but I have been playing minecraft for a long time so if you compare that it seems pretty small.

    have you ever been an admin? Yea, then the server got shut down.
    what timezone are you in and when will you be online according to mountain pacific time?
    I am in PST - 3:45 - 8:00 PM on weekdays and more on weekends

    anything else you would like to share about your experience in the minecraft community
    Nope, I have a good computer so I won;t lagg
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    posted a message on Drug Server Looking For Builders!
    In Game Name: ninjanno

    Experience with building cities?: I have built many modern city's and houses. I love building cities because I feel that one house isn't just enough.

    Experience with drug servers?: I have been on only a couple Drug servers. I like them because drug servers are by far the most realistic servers.

    Age: 14

    Time Zone: PST

    Any additional information that you think will higher your chance to get accepted: I think I saw you in a post before, also I have Skype. Lastly, I also like to build medieval and Asian themed houses.
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    posted a message on Looking for Medieval builders for my New Kingdom RPG Server!
    Okay, I am starting it now, would it be okay if it was based off of Skyrim?
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    posted a message on Looking for Medieval builders for my New Kingdom RPG Server!
    Quote from Arkamy

    Please post some pictures, I would well be interested in what your designs look like ^-^
    I don't have any in stock, but I'll make some quickly okay? I'll make some medieval walls or a windmill.
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    posted a message on Looking for Medieval builders for my New Kingdom RPG Server!
    in-game name: ninjanno

    What role you want to be: Uhm, a builder.

    age: 14

    Timezone: PST

    Do you have skype and a mic?: Yes, I do. I have a headset.

    Are you a good medieval designer: Yes, I am really creative, and will consistently work on something.

    What other types of buildings are you good at: I am really good at building Asian houses too. And XP farms but that has nothing to do with anything.

    Can you follow rules?: Yes, I have only been banned once, and that was for bothering a little kid.

    Are you well versed with World edit And or commands?: Yes, I use single player commands and world edit in my single player world all the time.

    Anything else you want me to know about you?: I have a really good laptop so I won't lag at the highest of settings. I also have very good English and grammar so I can speak clearly and people can understand me.
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    posted a message on -x-DreamScape-x- {Vanilla}{Whitelist}{Mature}{Friendly}
    • IGN: ninjanno

    • Age: 14

    • Time-zone: PST

    • Would you work along with others, or do your own thing: I would build with others and survive on my own. I am very nice and cooperative and I do not let things get to my head easily, I am also very mature for 14. Lastly, I have pretty good English and grammar.

    • Why would you like to join: I would like to join because I love vanilla servers because they are usually small, and I love small server, simply because there are not as any griefers or hackers. Also, I usually only play SP and I don't want to take a big leap forward.

    I also have Skype and a mic if needed.
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