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    posted a message on I can connect to my Minecraft Server from my home network, but not from elsewhere

    I host my Minecraft server with a spare PC that's connected directly to my router via ethernet. The server is running the 1.15.1 edition and all my computers are updated to that version too. I managed to be able to connect to the server with my main gaming PC while connected to the same network that my server is using. Mind you, my gaming computer is connected via wifi, not ethernet like my server PC. However, when I try to connect using my laptop using outside wifi (meaning anywhere but my home's internet) I always get a time out error. What could I be doing possibly wrong? I've tried every IP address I could possibly think of, including the ones IPCONFIG and the website "ipchicken.com" could give me. I've even added on my port #'s to the end of them, but nothing can find my server. For my gaming computer that can connect on my same network, I have to use the IPv4 Address and then : followed by the port the server is using.

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