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    I would love to be a builder and admin and my 2 friends would like to be too so i would love it if you accepted. :D P.S. we dont swear and grief etc.

    I read the 1st book
    im a ok builder
    I will play on the finished server.
    gender: Male

    Dont feel comfortable telling my name sorry.
    I read all 3 books
    dont want to be builder just wanna play with my friends and be admin if its alright.
    I will play on finished server.
    gender: Male

    Sorry not comfortable saying my real name sorry
    im half way through first book
    i dont want to be builder but I would like admin and i just want to play with my friends
    i will play on finished server.
    gender: male

    P.S. we have been looking for a role play hunger games server plz accept :)
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