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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w04a Available for Testing!
    My opinion on bonemeal:

    Wheat should indeed take 2 or 3 applications to grow. This can be done by making the crop grow 2 stages per meal rather than one.

    For trees, maybe 7-10 shorter growth stages hits the spot. Big mushrooms should have 5 stages since they don't grow by themselves. Grass growth may be given a random amount of plants spawned.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Potion effects otorged by beacons shouldn't display a timer, but rather a distance value indicating how far are you from getting out of range of the beacon.
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    posted a message on Bad Ideas
    Hailstorms. Each time it starts to rain, there's a 10% chance it's a hailstorm which deals half a heart each 5 seconds if not wearing non-leather armor, breaks glass, other fragile blocks and dropped items, so you can't gather anything outside and you'll not like to die when you're transporting an inventory full of diamond blocks to your new home.

    Climate on the Nether. Like on the overworld, but it rains lava instead! If you're not wearing diamond or gold armor you start to take half a heart per half second (1 per second) and each tick has a 5% to set you (if not wearing armor other than leather) or flammable blocks on fire! Each exposed block has a extremely rare to turn into a lava source block, beware! Also, zombie pigmen are hostile while raining, ghasts should shoot twice as fast, magma cubes can heal and grow bigger, blaze can spawn anywhere and shoot fireballs non-stop. Nether wart getting precipitation grows four times faster but if left at full size without harvesting it explodes after 1-2 minutes.

    Lava placed in The End should instantly turn into obsidian, as an opposite of the nether. Oh wait it's not the Aether...
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    posted a message on A small addition to clocks
    Hello again.

    I was thinking about a small new functionality for clocks, and it's to show current, and maybe even upcoming, rain status (none, raining or thundering). You would say, "why? Can't you see the sky?", think that you are mining, unable to see it, unless there's lightning you can't know the climate.

    Additionally, clocks and compasses shall be visible as an icon on the screen, regardless if they're or not in the main bar. May be too OP althrough.
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    posted a message on Better cookies

    Since 1.8, cookies are useless restoring only half of an icon. I suggest to make them instantly edible, maybe also limiting them to being stackable to 16 if that's too OP. It's a pretty mechanic and fits well for them.
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    posted a message on Prevent Iron Farming
    I suggest to use the same approach than spider eyes, zombie rare drops (?) or XP orbs, have iron only drop if killed by the player, using traps for weakening can be balanced by also making ingots drop proportionally to the damage dealt by you (harder) or easier, only dropping if your dealt 90% or more of the damage.
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