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    posted a message on Linkeable minecarts

    I thought this as a way to make powered minecarts more useful, and mainly for a way to create 'trains'.
    How about if minecarts could be connected between them with chains or any other item or method? That way, powered minecarts will be able to pull other carts, or simply creating trains if the booster tracks get implemented.

    Possible chain recipe:

    [] [] :Iron:
    [] :Iron: [] => 4 chains (or maybe more)
    :Iron: [] []

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    posted a message on Beta 1.4 Update Thread (Out!)
    Next week... just for April 1st... I smell some prank in the air.
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    posted a message on Hunger Mode (how to implement hunger properly)
    As the opposite of starvation, what about a 'oversatiated' mode, where you start moving slower and if you continue eating you 'choke over your food' and die? Too much NetHack maybe, lol.
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    posted a message on FoodCraft-[With Images]
    If all these food is introduced in-game, vegetarian/vegan challenges would also be possible.
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    posted a message on New slime mechanics

    You know slimes, right? Those green, square mobs that lost their spawnplaces, you know. They weren't too hard to defeat with a sword. However, if they're going to return somewhere, I'll like to see their mechanics noticeabily different:

    1. Six sizes, smallest as current small ones, huge as current huges ones.

    2. All of them have .5 hearts, but they always split, even using a sword (however they'll split in two instead of four - however, they'll not split if you set them on fire)

    3. They always start small-sized and grow as big as the room allows.

    4. Only can spawn over obsidian at light level 0 (unless you cover the obsidian with other material)

    5. Prolongated exposition to light will slowly shrink them.

    6. Deals a bit of damage to you, but breaks your armor faster (maybe their 'flesh' is composed by acid?).

    That way, they'll be more common and slighty more dangerous, and giving you another reason to carry a and to cover your obsidian farms with your material of choice, preferibly :_: . Anyways, all the points are discussable, so tell your opinions below.

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    posted a message on Piracy & Liars
    I personally would like to buy the game but:

    1. PayPal works terrible here.

    2. I haven't got credit card.

    3. While €10 seems cheap, in my country it translates into a minimal of $50 local currency, a bit high for a non-mainstream game (commercial games may rise to more than 4 times). Not much of a hassle equally, but remember that once the game goes out of alpha, it'll cost twice as now.

    That, and a big of vagrancy combined by being amazed with the game.

    And about piracy, it's somewhat complicated. There can be a few dozen of 'pirates', or can be thousands of they. Would be nice a 'each 10 purchases, one gift' offer for disengaging piracy and promoting the game.

    See you next craft.
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