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    Minecraft name: [/b]CoolGuyElijah
    Discord name: [/b]CoolGuyElijah#1191
    Age: [/b]18
    Country: [/b]USA Central
    Tell us about yourself: [/b]Im a guy that likes building in Minecraft is bad at typing. I usually forget a space or put it in to early. I feel some of his comes from the foreign side (right) of the keyboard where I don't use much because I play more games then I type, sadly. I love nature and I'm really into geography at the moment.
    Why do you want to join: [/b]Since I'm into geography and Minecraft i stumble upon SMPEarth and I always wanted to find a server like that. i usally play with my friends on Bedrock edition because most of them don't have computers. I enjoy being competitive and not to be mean to my friends but its kind of hard when you win every time. I conclusion I'm looking for like minded players. I have hopped around multiple servers like this but its hard to keep stable ground on a server with people who have been playing for multiple months on the same server. Thats where the new map and season makes me want to join even more.

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    posted a message on 🌕 NyxCraft | Vanilla | 1.16 | 18+ | Whitelist | Discord | Events 🌕

    MC Username: CoolGuyElijah
    Time zone/Country:
    USA, CST
    Minecraft Experience:
    Been playing since 1.5 and took a break for a bit. I'm good at building and that is about it, I thought I was good at redstone until I saw other people do crazy stuff with it.
    What Made You Chose Nyx:
    I want a 1.16 server, all the others are slow or don't really manage there page. Like most people I watched HermitCraft and always wanted to be apart of something like that. Took me awhile to figure out that you can find communities like that everywhere.
    What Can You Bring to The Server:
    Like I said I am good at building so I can make the server look better (hopefully) I'm really into economics and business like a nerd. So expect a lot of shops. Last thing I love automation, The fact you can put in a few hours and some hard work into standing still and waiting while you sleep is really intriguing to me.

    TL;DR I am a nerd that likes building and economics

    (The edit was me not realizing everything was in bold until I posted it)

    (The 2nd edit was me being dumb and skimming over the rules) (EGG)

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