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    Here is the updated description of the necromancer.


    Name: Necromancer

    Height and Length: Same as a wither skeleton

    Health: 60 points (30 hearts)


    Death and Decay: Shoots an orb of death or summons a rune that reduces it's victims life and heals the caster (like a wither effect).

    Rise Of The Undead: Summons a small group of undead (2-5). The undead that you summon attack all mobs that you attack. As soon as they get hit by direct exposure to sun light, they instantly die.

    Soul Swap: The caster swaps it's current location with an undead mob he chooses (with a right click).


    Ally Of The Undead: The player that has the Necromamcy effect is not attacked by undead mobs (summoned or not summoned).

    Soul Collector: Each time you kill a mob or an other player, you collect 1 soul that is automatically used to fuel "The Totem Of Undead" (Necromancer item)

    All active abilities and passive abilities are usable while you have the necromancy effect (except when you have soul fuel on your Totem). All abilities listed are used by the necromancer (except Soul Collector) These abilities can be used by the player as well (including Soul Collector) while having Necromancy or a Totem with soul fuel.


    The Necromancer can be found on a Necromantic Tower in a swamp. The tower is medieval looking with spider webs and iron bars. Surrounding it is a small graveyard.


    Once you encounter the necromancer face to face he will display a message saying: "Join me or join the dead". If you click "Serve" you can bring him 1-3 wither skulls (randomly choosen by the necromancer) and he will award you with 10 Minutes of Necromancy and a full fuelled "Totem Of The Undead". If you don't accept his offer he will engage you in combat. Using his necromantic abilites he will try to kill you. Once you kill him you only get his robes (or armor, depends on design). So if you're looking for some dark powers be sure to ally with him.


    The Totem Of Undead is a special item that can be used only by Necromancers. The moment you recive it for the first time it comes full of souls. When you use an active ability, it consumes souls from itself until it gets empty. You can refill it by using the passive ability Soul Collector. Every active ability has its costs of using (ex Death and Decay uses 2 souls per usage) The totem's max capacity is 25 souls. The totem cannot be removed from your inventory unless you die, and when you do die; the totem gets full on souls. Per each mob you kill you gain 2 souls and for each player you get 5.


    I have a design that can be used as base but it even can look as the classic Necromancer with dark robes and has a skull for a face.

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    Necromancer. Wither skeleton size. 35 hearts, resistant to potions and thorns. Spawns in swamps In Necromantic Towers. Spawn inside the Tower (Top Floor) only at night. When you reach the top floor he will ask you to follow him and become his ally. If you refuse, he will attack you. If you choose to follow his orders, he will give tasks to search and bring him special items and he will reward you with his powers (Necromancy) for 10-20 minutes.

    Necromantic Tower: A 3 floor tower made by mossy (cobblestone/stone bricks) cobblestone, stolen bricks, dark oak wood and planks,bits of obsidian,vines,stairs and some decorations. It can rarely spawn in a swamp biome. It's surrounded by graves base by coarse dirt (I think it's spelled) and has a cross (skeleton) or a gravestone (zombie) on it. It contains a "Necromancer" at night. Might contain tresures hidden on it.

    Necromancy: The powers that Necromancers posses. It has 3 major abilities.

    1# The ability to summon/resurrect the undead (a group from 2-5)

    2# The ability to swap locations with undead on sight with a right-click while pointing your cursor to the undead you want to swap locations with.

    3 Summon a death orb or a decay sircle/rune that heals the user and damages the target. The orb variant can be used for range attacks and the sircle/rune variant can be used for group damage.

    It also gives you backround abilites such as to not get attacked by undead mobs and to gain 4 extra hearts (8+4) during the night. Necromancy also has it's debuffs. During the day the user is weaker and loses 2 hearts. (8-2) you obtain the "Totem Of Undead/Totem Of Resurrection which allows the player to obtain the resurrection powers. You take more damage from Heliomancy during the day and reverse on night ( you take no damage from heliomancy).

    Totem Of Undead/Totem Of Ressurection: An item that is given to you by the Necromacer when you obtain Necromancy. You can hold it on your main hand and your off-hand. It cannot be removed from your inventory unless you die. (Sacrifice your soul to the totem so your can be free from it). As long as you have your totem, Barako will always attack you with or without the Barakoa mask and also it will not trade with you the Sun's Blessing (because in his eyes you have been corrupted and joined the dark side). The totem allows you to use reviving powers but with a cooldown. For each mob you kill the cooldown gets lowerd. Also all the undead that you summoned with your Totem will die when day starts as it prevents player from creating massive armies.

    How do you get Necromancy? By serving the Necromancer. Once per night (as he spawns during the night) you can bring him one of this items and he will give you Necromancy and the Totem. (Like a trade) The items that you can bring him are as follows. 1x Skeleton Skull, 1x Wither Skeleton Skull, 1x Zombie Head, 1x Sol Visage (This will give you 3 free accesses to Necromancy, because it's the proof that Barako is dead).

    This is my detailed info about the necromancer. I didn't add the lore cause I want to see what the people think of him. I also have the design idea but I'm more interested at listening at people's opinions about his characteristics and mechanics.

    Edit: Sorry but I didn't check your reply to my comment. I think I should scrap the Barako counter idea and re-design his abilities so that it doesn't look like a nemesis to Barako

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    I totally agree that the necromancer description is undetailed and not really well thought. That's because I just wanted to suggest him ASAP XD. The idea was that he could give you Necromacy as a reward or smth. The rest was just a poorly thought idea. I will put more attention to it, so that it can become a mob that it has been never seen before in MC. Many mods have somekind of a reference to a Necromancer but if well thought this one can be the best one

    Edit: What I was meaning by "Serve him or fight him" is that he would display a message like "Serve me or die" and if they didn't choose him, than he would attack the player, but you have a point. The idea of serving him was inspired by a comment on your video that said: "You can like form alliances with Barako....." and Necromancer could be like the dark side, the enemy or barako and if the player chooses to serve/become allies with one of them the other one wouldn't give him his abilities AKA necromancy/sun's blessing.

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    I really like your mod and the work you do. I've seen so many new mob suggestions and I agree that you need to be picky about them. I have a mob suggestion. Necromancer (possesing necromancy powers) This new mob would be found in a dungeon or a special room in a cave. When the player finds the Necromancer it has 2 choices: Serve him or fight him. Players that choose to serve him shall bring him items every day or so like ( ?amount of bones,?amount of rotten flesh,skulls,and maybe even a special item that allows the Necromancer to upgrade his powers and in return he will give the player powers of Necromancy (being able to summon skeletons without bows from the ground, create a sircle around itself of decay magic, being able to leave your body and posses an undead mob. If the player chooses to fight him than the Necromancer will use his powers to kill the player and if the player manages to defeat him, he shall be rewarded with "The Dead Manuscript" that will teach the player the dark arts of Necromancy and making him a Necromancer (this should be a lot harder to gain the powers) This is a very basic undetailed description of the Necromancer but I hope you got the idea. His powers can be diffrent but I just wrote the first powers that came into my mind about Necromancy.

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