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    is anybody, hav making it work with 1.8 version of minecraft ?

    mcp 9.10

    forge 11.14

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    First thanks for this very very cool mod.


    ->default minecraft forge 1.8

    texture pack




    ->wireless mod 1.8

    ->restone paste 1.8


    i don't know witch mod is faulting but there is a problem somewhere..

    i would like create a screen matrix of 36*16 with lampblock.

    so i do behin this lamps matrix, a matrix of paste repetor's, in half position to be pixel 1x1.

    to activate pixel i do behind pasterepetors a matrix of 36*16 wirelessblocks with an spécific ( frequency) adress.


    somme half blocks are not drawn by graphic engine, but functionality is ok..

    When i use a half positioned repetor who is invisible it become visible.

    And in some time to use them, minecraft is planting and going out.

    Goog luck! skiwaker...

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