About Me
Not much to say...

I'm young, but my mind is old.

I've been through more in a year than some go through in a lifetime.

I've helped more people through tough times than I could recount if asked to.

Yet, I've found that I'm doomed to be alone, for reasons unknown.

Perhaps, one day, I'll meet someone that loves me as much as I love them...

For not but a moment's notice is needed for me to help someone I love, because my love is all I have to give to another in this world.

Though in the end I feel it may all be in vain, I regret naught a thing, because it's been fun, regardless.

The endless waits, the countless failures...

I wouldn't trade them for anything, because with them came fantasy escapes, and perhaps fate.

I never mentioned I can write, but only using a computer, did I?

Carpal tunnel syndrome sucks.
Interests Being doomed for eternity, addiction to Minecraft, web design, music.

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Minecraft nccvoyager