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    I dont know if anyone else is having this issue, but I'll post here anyway in the hopes i'm not the only one. My server file runs the same way your guys' does in that it doesnt appear to be working but is. I made myself OP in a new world, enabled flight/creative mode/peaceful so i can explore a bit first when i noticed this issue.

    Even though i am OP, and it appears that i make these changes to the game mode, the game itself is stuck in survival. I can't change to creative mode even though it tells me its set that way. Flight also doesnt work even though i enabled it. Anyone else experiencing this?

    EDIT: had a friend join who i OP'd and HE is playing in creative and has flight, but I (the owner of the server, an op too) cannot. Anyone?
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    Quote from Deliphin11

    I changed your post a lil, for accuracy. As you can access your server, even if it's on the same computer, via external or internal ip.

    Guys does this mean that, if i'm the one starting the server, that i NEED to create the multiplayer map using my local IP, but that others can connect using my external? Meaning I use a different IP to create the multiplayer server than what i give out for people to join?
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    were you ever able to figure out what was going on? I've got literally the same problem except that my friends are not trying to connect locally, but EVERY issue that i've been able to find in the forums have been addressed and it still isnt helping me.
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    Before any of you may or may not start right on in by telling me there are 100 million forums and/or sticky's that solve this issues I need to let you know that, no, they do NOT. Not for me anyways...which is why I'm asking for help.

    I never thought setting up a multiplayer server would be so difficult. Nothing I do allows anyone to connect, not even myself. So here's the setup:

    Window's Vista
    Latest Minecraft update
    Latest Minecraft server.exe update
    NO firewall active
    Port Forwarding is on for 25565 on my router
    25565 is also allowed on my firewall which i have stated above is OFF anyways, just because I ran out of ideas.

    Here's what I have done in order, and also afterwards after trying to research the issues.

    1. downloaded Minecraft Server.exe, put it in a folder on my desktop and ran it.
    2. Opened minecraft, went to Multiplayer
    3. added server using my dynamic IP address.
    4. No connection.

    Found out about port forwarding. Opened up router settings and turned on PF for 25565 TCP (also UDP since i had to put something for both fields) and saved it.

    5. Tried connecting again, no dice.

    Turned ON my firewall again, and added 25565 as an exception just in case something was going wierd.

    6. Tried connection: no dice again

    Found out about DynamicDNS. Went there, created a new server address using my dynamic IP, saved changes.

    7. Tried connection using server address instead of IP, still no connection.

    I've even been trying these open port checking tool websites that you guys link to on occation like www.canyouseeme.org. It errors out on EVERY port i try to test including 80...which is odd because i have no issues with my connection to anything but minecraft.

    I'm all out of idea's guys and I'm very frustrated. I never thought it would be this difficult to set up a server just to play with my friends who don't own a 360. If this doesnt work i'll never play on the PC version again i think ><

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