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    Sorry if this is a topic that has been discussed 593,486,124 times but I am trying to get a good deobfuscated copy of the unmodified Minecraft source code and running into issues getting a good deobfuscation.

    I have used the official obfuscation maps for 1.15.2 https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/b52d82f713bfa18764b35f26d8fff5dc3d9476cd/client.txt and have tried deobfuscating using https://github.com/FabricMC/Enigma but have gotten a dissatisfying results. A lot of the variables which clearly should not be are only one letter.

    For example:

        public boolean b() {
            return false;
        public float a() {
            return 8.0f;

    Either the deobfuscator I am using is not very good at using the obfuscation map or Mojang has provided a very incomplete mapping.

    Does anyone know of a better deobfuscator or a more complete obfuscation map for vanilla Minecraft?

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