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    Now adds the planet Mars!

    Have you ever wanted to build spaceships out of blocks and fly them to other planets? If so, then you will likely find this to be a truly amazing mod! This mod is different from most of the other space themed mods in that it allows you to build spacecraft out of basically any blocks, and fly them into space- without being too difficult to use. You can also travel to the Moon or Mars with them. I plan to give any planets and moons I add to this mod a new and different style, and also a fairly large amount of features like new blocks and items, terrain generation, mobs, generated structures, and materials that can be used to craft tools, armor, and machines.

    For a spacecraft to work, it must have a rocket controller block, a dimensions settings card to tell it which blocks should be considered part of it, enough engines, and enough fuel (currently gunpowder) in its fuel tanks. See the useful tips section for detailed information on how to build good spacecraft.

    Despite being in the Beta stage, the latest version of this mod is not very buggy at all, but just lacks some major features that I still want to add.

    This mod is based on my previous project, the "Moon Mod Renewal", which contains a bunch of textures from a very old moon mod made by sutr90. If you want to know which textures specifically, then you can look here.

    Feel free to leave comments and feedback, or if you are a youtuber, to make a video about this mod!


    The interior of a fairly large space station.

    A massive space station that was actually filled with breathable air without creating much lag.

    The crash site of a "wooden rocket" on the Moon. :P

    Some sulfur ore next to a pool of lava.

    Crafting: (Coming Soon)

    Change Log:

    *** Beta 1.2.0 July 27, 2017 ***

    + Replaced the spacecraft motion system with a new one that allows for maneuvering during flight.

    - Optimized the world generation for the Moon in preparation for adding new biomes.

    - Many minor improvements and bug fixes!

    *** Beta 1.1.0 March 29, 2017 ***

    + A new item that places a pre-made spacecraft called the "Luna Shuttle". This can be used to see how to build your own spacecraft! :D

    - Greatly improved the craters on the Moon.

    - Spacecraft motion is now much cleaner and smoother.

    - Mobs can now ride spacecraft.

    - When breathable air blocks are inside a moving spacecraft, players and mobs inside the blocks are still protected from the outside vacuum.

    - Countless minor improvements and bug fixes!

    *** Beta 1.0.0 January 9, 2017 ***

    -The initial release.

    How to build a spacecraft with this mod:

    - Step 1: Build a ship that has a rocket controller block, as well as some fuel tank blocks and rocket engine blocks on it. You can add fuel to fuel tanks by clicking on them with gunpowder, and check the amount of fuel in them by clicking on them while holding nothing. Fuel tanks can also be fueled by taking gunpowder from a hopper directly above them.

    - Step 2: Click on the rocket controller using a dimensions settings card item and use it as it says. Then Put it in the correct slot in the rocket controller.

    - Step 3: Press the launch button in the rocket controller's GUI to activate it! For a spacecraft to fly, its amount of thrust must be larger than or equal to the total number of blocks on it.

    How to fly a spacecraft with this mod:

    - Launching: Once you have built and loaded your spacecraft with fuel. Open the rocket controllers GUI and press the launch button to launch.

    - Travelling: When you are in orbit around Earth, you can press "travel" to go to orbit around the Moon, or to go back to orbit around Earth if you are already orbiting the Moon. A "space travel card" item to select your destination will be added when Mars is added...

    - Landing: When you are in orbit around any planet, you can press "land" to land. While you are landing, you have to press the space bar to fire your spacecraft's engines to slow down. You can also use the "WASD" keys to move forwards, backwards, left, and right, or the left and right arrow keys to rotate while in flight.

    Useful Tips:

    -Gunpowder can now be crafted with charcoal and a new material, sulfur. Sulfur ore can be found very close to pools of lava.

    -One gunpowder item will provide 20 units of fuel when put in a fuel tank.

    -When full, fuel tanks will try to transfer their fuel to any other fuel tanks below or beside them.

    -Fuels tanks can also take gunpowder from hoppers right above them.

    -One Mk1 Rocket Engine provides 30 units of thrust, and consumes 0.2 units of fuel per tick. Be careful with how much fuel your spacecraft has, as it can run out mid-flight!

    -For a rocket to fly, its total number of units of thrust must be greater than its total number of blocks.

    -When you are in a zero gravity environment, you can go up and down by looking up or down while colliding with blocks or by using an EVA pack.

    -You can fuel an EVA pack by pressing shift while wearing it and holding gunpowder. Yes, gunpowder is currently the main source of fuel for the things in this mod. I will probably add a better kind of fuel sometime soon, although it may still contain gunpowder...

    -To use a pressure creator, it must be in a closed space of some kind, you must load it with a filled air tank or place an air generator adjacent to it, and then activate it with a redstone signal.

    -Due to how difficult and time consuming it is to obtain large amounts of iron or aluminum on survival mode, do not hesitate to build the structural part of your spacecraft out of something like wood, cobble stone, or hardened clay! ^_^

    Upcoming Features (Outdated):

    Planned for the next update: (This update (1.2.0) has already been released.)

    -Minecraft 1.11.2 compatibility.

    -The ability to maneuver spacecraft while landing.

    -Some sort of HUD while riding a spacecraft that displays the current velocity, altitude, amount of fuel, etc...

    -Possibly a simple mini-map in the HUD, for finding a good spot to land without going into F5 mode (this could easily be done with a map item from vanilla Minecraft though).

    -Survival mode affordable metallic structural blocks of some kind.

    -A new space suit texture.

    -Mk2 spacecraft functional blocks.

    -Maybe a large generated structure on the Moon where I could put a boss mob.

    Not likely to be added in the next update, but probably in later updates sometime soon:

    -Some sort of astronomy mechanic, for setting a new item called space travel cards.

    -More advanced spacecraft functional blocks, like mechanisms for automatic flights.

    -An "interplanetary" transition dimension, where you can see the planet you are leaving getting smaller, and the planet you are travelling to getting larger.

    -The planet Mars, and a lot of new content for it.

    -Possibly the planets Venus and Mercury, and more content for them too.

    Will probably not be added very soon, but are still planned and will hopefully be added:

    -Jupiter and its four largest moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto).

    -Saturn and some of its larger moons (certainly Titan).

    -Saturn's orbit dimension will have a zone filled with some clusters of blocks and many loose blocks to represent its rings.

    -The asteroid belt.

    -Uranus, Neptune, and their larger moons.

    -Pluto and Charon.

    -Some other dwarf planets.

    Could be added, but are not a very high priority:

    -"Space age" NPCs.

    -UFO spacecraft that could rarely land on a random planet, and then leave after a while.

    -A bunch of exoplanets (probably made up ones).

    -If exoplanets are added, then some sort of warp drive thing for spacecraft.

    -Some smaller moons of the gas giant planets.

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    Thanks for the positive feedback! Those are all good ideas!

    I cannot guarantee that every idea on the list will be used in the near future, but some of those ideas are very similar to ones I already have planned. For example, in the next update I am going to add a lot more content to the Moon, and possibly to the orbit dimensions as well...

    Higher tier spacecraft parts are also confirmed for future updates.

    A multiplayer space race system of some sort would be amazing for servers, and I should add that sometime soon! :D

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    A pressure generator has two colored bars on the front of it that are red if the closed space has not been pressurized, and green if it has. As for information on how to use this mod, the "useful tips" section on this thread and on the Curseforge page are currently the best source. I am considering adding in-game book items containing instructions.

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    Good job at building all of this stuff! It is almost hard to imagine that you have been working on this same city for so long. It must be one of the largest ever built! :)

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    This looks like a good mod. I have seen that many people still enjoy playing Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 with some mods similar to this one installed. ^_^

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    Moon Mod

    For Minecraft 1.8.9

    This is my renewal of sutr90's moon mod for Minecraft 1.7. It uses textures and ideas from the old moon mod, but I had to create most of the code from scratch. I also added a lot of new features too!


    I am currently working on a new project, The Space Age Mod, which is based on this one and has most of this mod's features. The Minecraft Forum Thread for it can be found here.


    A rocket used to get to the moon.

    Space armor being worn.

    A "pool" of orange regolith.

    Cheese on the Moon!!! :steve_shocked:

    Moon Crawlers in their natural habitat.


    Block of Aluminum

    Aluminum Ingot

    Aluminum Plated Wood Planks (Shapeless Crafting Recipe)

    Reinforced Wool

    Redstone Wool

    Compressed Reinforced Wool

    Block of Cheese

    Cheese Slices

    Rocket Core

    Moon Tent

    Moon Lamp

    Air Tank

    Air Generator

    Air Tank Filler

    Pressure Creator

    Mob Container

    Memory Card (Shapeless Crafting Recipe)

    Mini Boosters

    Space Helmet

    Space Chestplate

    Space Leggings

    Space Boots

    EVA Pack

    Gravity Boots


    * Version 1.2 Released: July 1, 2016 *

    -This mod is now for Minecraft 1.8.9.

    -A new material, lunalight. It looks just like Nether quartz except it is light blue. It can also be crafted into blocks and back into items just like Nether quartz.

    -Memory Card: Used to set the landing coordinates of a rocket. You can set the memory card's coordinates by right clicking on a block at the coordinates you want.

    -EVA Pack: A new space chestplate that can be fueled by pressing shift while holding gunpowder, and then flown by pressing shift while you are not holding gunpowder.

    -Gravity Boots: New space boots that allow you to experience Earth gravity while you are on the Moon.

    -New things to find underground like the new "Moonshrooms" and a new mob, "Lunalight Bugs" that hatch from their sponge-like nest blocks.

    -Please note that I could not get the air tank filler's GUI to work, so now you have to right click on an air tank filler with the air tank that you want to fill.

    -Many small changes and improvements.

    * Version 1.1.5 Released: September 9, 2015 *

    -Mob Container: Used to store mobs and place them later. They are VERY useful because you can use them to bring mobs to and from the moon AND anywhere else you can go. :D

    -You need to build the entire rocket to use the rocket core now.

    -Rockets now need 10 gunpowder instead of 20.

    -Moon crawlers are now tamable and behave like wolves.

    -meteorite blocks, aluminum and cheese can now be found in dungeon and village chests.

    -Mycelium can now be found deep under ground in caves extremely rarely, it will probably be way more common or replaced by something better in version 1.2.

    -Many small improvements.

    * Version 1.1 Released: August 10, 2015 *

    -Full compatibility with Minecraft 1.7.10.

    -Air Generator: Is required in the use of air tank fillers and can be used to load pressure creators.

    -Pressure Creator: For filling closed spaces with breathable air. Can be loaded using a full air tank or air generator and activated with a redstone signal.

    -Redstone Wool: It does not have a use yet. It does make a fizz sound when activated by a redstone signal though.

    -A GUI/inventory for rocket cores so you can insert gunpowder as fuel and have 4 other slots for storage. All contents of the rocket core's inventory stay in the rocket core's inventory when it travels to the Moon or back.

    -Underground improvements by removing default underground world generation and using my own underground world generation. I also made orange regolith only generate on the surface and added an interesting surprise deep underground... ;)

    -Meteors now spawn naturally when the world's difficulty is set to hard thanks to a new technical entity and can now be tiny or large.

    -Moon crawlers now have moving joints.

    -Many small improvements.

    * Version 1.0 Released: May 29, 2015 *

    -The Moon: The dimension added by this mod.

    -Craters: Big dents in the ground that can be found on the surface of the Moon.

    -Regolith: That covers found on the surface of the Moon and rare orange regolith that can be used to craft moon lamps.

    -Aluminum Ore: You can smelt into aluminum ingots that you can use to craft many things.

    -Meteorite: The kind of block meteorites made by the meteor item are made of.

    -Moon Egg: Currently a block that can be found inside meteorites made by the meteor item. Spawns a moon crawler when broken. ;)

    -Reinforced Wool and Aluminum Plated Wood Planks: For building bases on the Moon.

    -Block of Cheese: You can find on the Moon and craft into cheese slices. :D

    -Moon Lamp: Can be used as a light source other than torches or glowstone.

    -Air Tank Filler: For filling empty air tanks.

    -Rocket Core: For creating a rocket and going to the Moon.

    -Moon Tent: Currently does not do anything but will in a future version.

    -Space Armor: For surviving on the surface of the Moon.

    -Meteors: You can throw to create a large meteorite. Can only be obtained in creative mode.

    -Moon Crawlers: Small blue alien creatures that can be found underground on the Moon. In the original moon mod, they were called "Moon UFOs".

    Rocket Building Instructions:

    Required blocks:

    -Aluminum Blocks: 36

    -Glass: 4

    -Redstone Blocks: 1

    -Redstone Lamps: 1

    -And one rocket core.

    Layers of a rocket:

    Complete rockets:


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    I have just re-uploaded the version 1.2 of this mod that is for Minecraft 1.8.9. I noticed it was losing attention after I had uploaded the old version of 1.2, so I thought I would put it back in the spotlight.

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    The instructions on how to build a rocket are very clear and easy to follow. The aluminum blocks look very similar to iron blocks, so if you are using iron blocks, then use aluminum blocks instead. I hope this helps! :)

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    Ok, thanks! :D One of my plans was to make this mod simple to use. Galacticraft compatibility was never a plan, but I have been planning something else for a very long time. I just started working on an even larger space themed mod built on this one.

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    Good news again!

    I have already come very far in terms of updating the blocks and items in this mod so that their textures work in 1.8.9! I have also updated many other features to 1.8.9 and added a few minor things too. Here are some screenshots...

    P.S. If you know how to create a custom sky provider in 1.8.9, please tell me how to do it. Because I would really like to fix the Earth sky provider on the Moon issue before I release version 1.2 of this mod.

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