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    Now adds the planet Mars!

    Have you ever wanted to build spaceships out of blocks and fly them to other planets? If so, then you will likely find this to be a truly amazing mod! This mod is different from most of the other space themed mods in that it allows you to build spacecraft out of basically any blocks, and fly them into space- without being too difficult to use. You can also travel to the Moon or Mars with them. I plan to give any planets and moons I add to this mod a new and different style, and also a fairly large amount of features like new blocks and items, terrain generation, mobs, generated structures, and materials that can be used to craft tools, armor, and machines.

    For a spacecraft to work, it must have a rocket controller block, a dimensions settings card to tell it which blocks should be considered part of it, enough engines, and enough fuel (currently gunpowder) in its fuel tanks. See the useful tips section for detailed information on how to build good spacecraft.

    Despite being in the Beta stage, the latest version of this mod is not very buggy at all, but just lacks some major features that I still want to add.

    This mod is based on my previous project, the "Moon Mod Renewal", which contains a bunch of textures from a very old moon mod made by sutr90. If you want to know which textures specifically, then you can look here.

    Feel free to leave comments and feedback, or if you are a youtuber, to make a video about this mod!


    The interior of a fairly large space station.

    A massive space station that was actually filled with breathable air without creating much lag.

    The crash site of a "wooden rocket" on the Moon. :P

    Some sulfur ore next to a pool of lava.

    Crafting: (Coming Soon)

    Change Log:

    *** Beta 1.2.0 July 27, 2017 ***

    + Replaced the spacecraft motion system with a new one that allows for maneuvering during flight.

    - Optimized the world generation for the Moon in preparation for adding new biomes.

    - Many minor improvements and bug fixes!

    *** Beta 1.1.0 March 29, 2017 ***

    + A new item that places a pre-made spacecraft called the "Luna Shuttle". This can be used to see how to build your own spacecraft! :D

    - Greatly improved the craters on the Moon.

    - Spacecraft motion is now much cleaner and smoother.

    - Mobs can now ride spacecraft.

    - When breathable air blocks are inside a moving spacecraft, players and mobs inside the blocks are still protected from the outside vacuum.

    - Countless minor improvements and bug fixes!

    *** Beta 1.0.0 January 9, 2017 ***

    -The initial release.

    How to build a spacecraft with this mod:

    - Step 1: Build a ship that has a rocket controller block, as well as some fuel tank blocks and rocket engine blocks on it. You can add fuel to fuel tanks by clicking on them with gunpowder, and check the amount of fuel in them by clicking on them while holding nothing. Fuel tanks can also be fueled by taking gunpowder from a hopper directly above them.

    - Step 2: Click on the rocket controller using a dimensions settings card item and use it as it says. Then Put it in the correct slot in the rocket controller.

    - Step 3: Press the launch button in the rocket controller's GUI to activate it! For a spacecraft to fly, its amount of thrust must be larger than or equal to the total number of blocks on it.

    How to fly a spacecraft with this mod:

    - Launching: Once you have built and loaded your spacecraft with fuel. Open the rocket controllers GUI and press the launch button to launch.

    - Travelling: When you are in orbit around Earth, you can press "travel" to go to orbit around the Moon, or to go back to orbit around Earth if you are already orbiting the Moon. A "space travel card" item to select your destination will be added when Mars is added...

    - Landing: When you are in orbit around any planet, you can press "land" to land. While you are landing, you have to press the space bar to fire your spacecraft's engines to slow down. You can also use the "WASD" keys to move forwards, backwards, left, and right, or the left and right arrow keys to rotate while in flight.

    Useful Tips:

    -Gunpowder can now be crafted with charcoal and a new material, sulfur. Sulfur ore can be found very close to pools of lava.

    -One gunpowder item will provide 20 units of fuel when put in a fuel tank.

    -When full, fuel tanks will try to transfer their fuel to any other fuel tanks below or beside them.

    -Fuels tanks can also take gunpowder from hoppers right above them.

    -One Mk1 Rocket Engine provides 30 units of thrust, and consumes 0.2 units of fuel per tick. Be careful with how much fuel your spacecraft has, as it can run out mid-flight!

    -For a rocket to fly, its total number of units of thrust must be greater than its total number of blocks.

    -When you are in a zero gravity environment, you can go up and down by looking up or down while colliding with blocks or by using an EVA pack.

    -You can fuel an EVA pack by pressing shift while wearing it and holding gunpowder. Yes, gunpowder is currently the main source of fuel for the things in this mod. I will probably add a better kind of fuel sometime soon, although it may still contain gunpowder...

    -To use a pressure creator, it must be in a closed space of some kind, you must load it with a filled air tank or place an air generator adjacent to it, and then activate it with a redstone signal.

    -Due to how difficult and time consuming it is to obtain large amounts of iron or aluminum on survival mode, do not hesitate to build the structural part of your spacecraft out of something like wood, cobble stone, or hardened clay! ^_^

    Upcoming Features (Outdated):

    Planned for the next update: (This update (1.2.0) has already been released.)

    -Minecraft 1.11.2 compatibility.

    -The ability to maneuver spacecraft while landing.

    -Some sort of HUD while riding a spacecraft that displays the current velocity, altitude, amount of fuel, etc...

    -Possibly a simple mini-map in the HUD, for finding a good spot to land without going into F5 mode (this could easily be done with a map item from vanilla Minecraft though).

    -Survival mode affordable metallic structural blocks of some kind.

    -A new space suit texture.

    -Mk2 spacecraft functional blocks.

    -Maybe a large generated structure on the Moon where I could put a boss mob.

    Not likely to be added in the next update, but probably in later updates sometime soon:

    -Some sort of astronomy mechanic, for setting a new item called space travel cards.

    -More advanced spacecraft functional blocks, like mechanisms for automatic flights.

    -An "interplanetary" transition dimension, where you can see the planet you are leaving getting smaller, and the planet you are travelling to getting larger.

    -The planet Mars, and a lot of new content for it.

    -Possibly the planets Venus and Mercury, and more content for them too.

    Will probably not be added very soon, but are still planned and will hopefully be added:

    -Jupiter and its four largest moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto).

    -Saturn and some of its larger moons (certainly Titan).

    -Saturn's orbit dimension will have a zone filled with some clusters of blocks and many loose blocks to represent its rings.

    -The asteroid belt.

    -Uranus, Neptune, and their larger moons.

    -Pluto and Charon.

    -Some other dwarf planets.

    Could be added, but are not a very high priority:

    -"Space age" NPCs.

    -UFO spacecraft that could rarely land on a random planet, and then leave after a while.

    -A bunch of exoplanets (probably made up ones).

    -If exoplanets are added, then some sort of warp drive thing for spacecraft.

    -Some smaller moons of the gas giant planets.

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    I know what you are talking about. In my latest project, The Space Age Mod, that problem is fixed. It was an issue with the moon's sky provider. It was very difficult to fix, but I managed to fix it. I knew that it was a problem while I was working on the first version of the Space Age Mod, but it seems it must also be occurring in the last version of the Moon Mod Renewal too.

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    The Space Age Mod is now released to the public!

    Yes, this is the new mod I was talking about releasing. It is still a bit of a WIP, but it may become a truly amazing mod in the near future!

    And for those of you who are wondering, it will be updated to work with Minecraft 1.11 or 1.11.2 sometime soon.

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    I have just re-uploaded the version 1.2 of this mod that is for Minecraft 1.8.9. I noticed it was losing attention after I had uploaded the old version of 1.2, so I thought I would put it back in the spotlight.

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    ", sans-serif">Time for another update on the state of this mod...

    Since I released version 1.2 of this mod, I have been working on a much larger mod based on this one. Actually, I got the idea to create that mod not long after I started playing Minecraft about 4 years ago, and it was not until recently that I had the programming skill to actually do it. The first version of this mod should be released sometime in the next few months. Anyway, here is a screenshot of some content I have already added...

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    I have just published the old 1.2 that was made for Minecraft 1.7.10, thanks for the feedback! ;)

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    Version 1.2 of this mod was going to be for Minecraft 1.7.10, but I decided that I should move on to Minecraft 1.8.9 for various reasons. But, as I mentioned a while ago, I did compile a beta version of 1.2 before I updated it to Minecraft 1.8.9. Because everyone is asking, I think I finish and release that beta version.

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    You are supposed to use a redstone block, not redstone wool. I just added a list of required blocks to the rocket building instructions, I hope this will solve most future problems involving block mix ups. And also, there are modpacks on the Technic Launcher that only have forge for 1.8.9 and few small mods already installed, I used one for testing the latest version of this mod before I released it.

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    I have just updated the crafting recipe section on this mod's main thread post. This should be very helpful for everyone! :Bench:

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    The instructions on how to build a rocket are very clear and easy to follow. The aluminum blocks look very similar to iron blocks, so if you are using iron blocks, then use aluminum blocks instead. I hope this helps! :)

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    Ok, thanks! :D One of my plans was to make this mod simple to use. Galacticraft compatibility was never a plan, but I have been planning something else for a very long time. I just started working on an even larger space themed mod built on this one.

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    *Version 1.2 is now available for download!*

    Yes, it is finally available for download (on Canada day too!). :steve_joyous: Please note that it may take a while for me to write a good change log, so for now, just get a mod that shows you crafting recipes, and ask for help here on this mod's thread if you really need to.

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    And finally...

    Version 1.2 of this mod should be finished very soon. So many things have been added and changed, that it may take a while to write about them. So I suggest that you get a mod that shows you crafting recipes, if you do not already have one. Also, after 1.2 is released, I plan to turn this mod into something with a lot more content, including more planets. :D

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    Sure! You can use this in a mod pack, but keep in mind that future versions of this mod will be for Minecraft 1.8.9 and up.

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    Good news again!

    I have already come very far in terms of updating the blocks and items in this mod so that their textures work in 1.8.9! I have also updated many other features to 1.8.9 and added a few minor things too. Here are some screenshots...

    P.S. If you know how to create a custom sky provider in 1.8.9, please tell me how to do it. Because I would really like to fix the Earth sky provider on the Moon issue before I release version 1.2 of this mod.

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