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    Your in-game name: myoblastic (meaning 'of or related to a muscle cell')

    What do you like to be called by (Like being called Tom instead of Tomelethus) : I don't really care. People call me myo, because when they try to type my full name, it ends up being myobalstic, or in one case, moyblstci. lol.

    GMT:-4:00 I think? I did a quick google search on U.S.Eastern Coast GMT.

    How did you find out about CoM: I've been around for a couple months, wandering the forums, and I haven't really entered the clan section until now. Browsing through posts, and I saw CoM was the biggest clan, I thought 'hey why not? Give it a shot'. Usually I answer people's retarded questions or play with mods (vanilla bored me after the 1st month).

    Why do you want to join CoM: Cause I want to give my hard work and effort to help progress the great and common goal, total world government! No really I just want to try being in a clan, it seems it might be fun. I play minecraft almost daily, except when I go on vacation or weekends when I need to do something.

    What can you offer to make CoM better: Great memory, smartness (not a word I think?), Knowledge (redundant), a good fighter, non-cheater/griefer, kinda veteran I guess? I've played on many servers before and enjoy the aspect of minecraft. (that last part was random)

    About yourself (age, gender, interests, where you're from, etc): 13 (yeah I'm young), male, I'm from NJ, USA, I am starting to learn the basics of java to mod, I play the violin, I play tennis, I run, I swim, I don't do well in SP worlds as it gets really boring but on SMP, in some mods I've gone to extremes to have fun with other people. For example the techic/tekkit pack. I really like that. Although I make my own personal modpacks sometimes. For a while I hosted a 'lot of plugins, kinda laggy, kinda vanilla' non-mod server for 5-6 friends, then my parents restricted me cause I would spend too much time on it. Then I started playing with mods and made a tekkit server, for the same 5-6 friends. My parents let me keep this one and we've been playing. And lately, I made a hack/mine server for the SAME 5-6 friends (some good friends aren't they?) and we've had fun dying again and again on hack/mine. I also play TF2, and Portal. Also some flash games. (Happy Wheels). I did play runescape for a while, and left it. I also played CSS for a while, before my parents found out how violent it was. (I was 9). I am very handy (probably why I did minecraft) and is very technical. So that's who I am. Well at least the gaming side. Enjoy! :)

    Edit: Fixed mistakes (2) Reply if you find more.
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