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    posted a message on I don't like the new lava texture
    Quote from Kitteh6660

    The new lava texture is what's keeping me from upgrading me to 1.5 later.

    When I come across one texture I see in a game I don't like my first reaction isn't THIS IS HORRIBLE OMG I CANT PLAY ANYMORE.
    Its more like, hmm that could have been better but I see the style they were going with.

    Never let something so ****ing trivial stop you from enjoying life and videogames.
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    posted a message on Should they release 1.5 now?
    Quote from Alshain01

    I didn't say stop working on the lighting fix, I said push it off to 1.6. It would probably come out in a snapshot shortly after the release. You would be getting it in the same amount of time, it's going to take just as long to test the lighting fix in 1.5 as it would in 1.6. Right now they have working code that is good enough to be released today and it is just sitting around waiting. I say release 1.5 and start testing the lighting engine in 1.6.

    And I say we have had this lighting problem for far too long. I would rather wait until they are comfortable releasing it than assume that everything is good on their end. Not to mention any more bug fixes we might see too.
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    posted a message on Why didn't 13w08a come out today (2/21/2013)
    Quote from RobinHood999

    Are you sure there won't be a snapshot? I haven't seen any twitter posts or anything and they usually do that if there won't be a snapshot.

    They are busy making a game in three days for charity. Probably don't have much time for twitterbating lol

    However they've surprised us before so only time will tell.
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    posted a message on Is Mod API still in 1.5?
    Quote from fredklein


    Minecraft 1.3: The Ugly
    A couple of problems and expected features have been pushed to Minecraft 1.4. The most notable problem is the lighting issues causing black regions in the terrain. We’re looking into ways to solve this, but lighting is a very expensive calculation and we are struggling with finding a solution that doesn’t hurt framerate.
    And the most notable missing feature is the modding API. Throwing out single-player was the first step in order to make the API possible, and that’s done now. We decided to release 1.3 without the API, because otherwise it would be an even longer wait for a Minecraft update.

    So, it WAS planned to be in 1.3, but they "decided to release 1.3 without it" (if it was never planned for 1.3, they wouldn't have to "decide" anything, now would they?). It and a couple other things "have been pushed back to 1.4".

    And here we are, 1.4.7, and no API. 1.5 is out soon, and... NO API.

    No. 1.3 was the first step towards the api, at least thats how I "interpreted" that post. See what I did there. And it says right in your post that it would have taken too long for an update to come out if they were going to wait for the API. Did you want to wait over a year for one update? I strongly doubt that. This is minecraft, features ALWAYS get pushed back, and that's not exclusive to minecraft either. Nearly every game ships with missing features.

    Also since when does "planning" mean that something is going to happen no matter what. How many times do plans fall through. Get it through your thick head that "planning" does not mean anything. This is game development, not your allowance. Stop acting entitled.

    BTW The api already exists. You can go look at what little there is of it, but it will not get major work done until its possible.
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    posted a message on Is Mojang getting lazy?
    I mean if what work they are doing for us for free is lazy then yeah. They are the laziest and as such should get 50 lashes with a wet noodle.

    Really though no, If anything were getting more content now than ever before.
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    posted a message on Is Mod API still in 1.5?
    Quote from fredklein

    What would you call people who said, 18 months ago, that they were "finishing up" the code in question? Either they were telling the truth, and have been incompetent in actually releasing the API, OR they were lying back then.

    What other explanation is there?

    How about because it takes a while for 5 people to code an entire game.

    18 months is pretty fast considering they had to re-factor all of someone elses game. You have no freaking idea how hard it is to navigate without proper comments everywhere, unless you are the one who wrote it. Lighting has been rewritten more times than any other part, and its still being worked on because its not good enough. Every update parts are covered. The entire rendering system has been rebuilt from the ground up with a better client.

    Half of the team only has one job. To re-code the parts of minecraft necessary for the API. Grum and co started with the merge, then the moved onto the rendering which has actually taken this long to make believe it or not. Dinnerbone has even been working on things like the new texture system and terrain sliders (which are actually necessary you dolt) when he doesn't have a bug or feature to work on.

    So if you don't understand then poo on you.
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    posted a message on Is Mod API still in 1.5?
    Quote from Moonkis

    I couldn't care less if it's hard or if they are busy YOU. DON'T. ­ING. ANNOUNCE. AN. FEATURE. IF. YOU. ARE. NOT. RELEASING. IT. IN. THE. NEAR. FUDGING. FUTURE.

    They are NOT Peter Molyneux they can't pull this ­ and get away with it.

    Actually they can. It's their game. Also they haven't said anything about the api after they came out and said it was way more work involved then they anticipated at first, so get off your high horse and actually listen to the devs before making accusations.
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    posted a message on Is Mod API still in 1.5?
    Let me set this straight. They have been working on the rendering engine (the most important part) since 1.3, grum and two others have been redoing the entire client from the ground up for months and months. Now while that is being worked on we have two others, jeb and dinnerbone, who have been keeping the rest of the community happy with content and not to mention fixing damn near every bug in the game all while redoing other parts of the game as well like redstone and lightning.

    If the api was created way back and then all of these parts were fixed after every mod would break and your precious api would have been useless. Now they are doing it the proper way, taking each part of the game and fixing it in preperation for the api. The new texture system, lighting, rendering, redstone, etc...

    Get it?
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    posted a message on Is Mod API still in 1.5?
    Quote from fredklein

    You're right,it wasn't scheduled for 1.5. it was scheduled for long, long before that. For instance, this Mojang post: http://www.mojang.co...o-snapshot-w27/

    Patient? Like waiting for 3 years?


    For something they were working on since 2009, and were "finishing up" 18 months ago, it sure is taking a long time.

    You do realize Notch is no longer the lead dev right? What he says or has said means nothing anymore.

    Also right in your post was that they had to push features back like the API because the game wasn't ready. Lighting bugs and all that fun, not to mention the new rendering system.

    How about you get some knowledge in your mind before you spout off nonsense that has no traction.
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    posted a message on 1.5 too low on content?
    Nope. 1.4 filled the game with trivial but much needed features.
    1.5 is actually changing the game in a crazy way.

    IMO 1.5 is the best update since the adventure update, minecart update, or piston update.
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