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    posted a message on 1.13 PE Taiga Zombie Village Near Spawn

    Taiga Zombie Village Seed: -1401770624 Coordinates to village: 146, 66, 161

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    posted a message on Jungle Village Transformation (w/before & after photos)

    So I wanted a jungle village to make a survival world with. I found this seed on youtube seed: try week get last long eye (from ibxtoycat). It's a desert village in a bamboo jungle with vines covering the buildings & only jungle villagers living it it. It was almost perfect but I replaced the sandstone block by block with 3 types of jungle wood & put the vines back where they were to make a full-fledged jungle village.

    Heres the code If youre interested in the exact blocks I swapped:

    sandstone brick & clay - jungle wood logs

    regular sandstone house walls, floors & village paths - stripped jungle wood logs

    where slabs are used - jungle plank slabs

    green & teal bed - purple bed

    potted dead bush & cactus - potted lily of the valley

    sandstone wall - mossy cobblestone wall

    hay bales - melons

    This is kind of what I imagine future jungle villages to look like in Minecraft.

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    posted a message on Do zombie villages exist on PE 1.11.4?

    Im looking for a seed with a zombie village but can't find one using /locate village command or a seed for one online. Have they been taken out?

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    posted a message on Looking for zombie village seed on 1.14 PE

    Has anyone found a seed for a zombie village on PE 1.14? I have been searching for weeks for one. I used to find them all the time but not since the village & pillage update. If you have one please tell me!

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