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    Quote from he11cause»


    Just load up minecraft clock multiplayer and click add server!!!!

    Name: Cloud's Server, (caps not needed)

    Ip port:

    No Cheating!
    No Greifing other players houses!
    No pvp unless agreed upon!
    No asking for mod thats gained by trust to protect our server while im away!

    Icant for some reason join your server.

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    Quote from driedpudding»

    Ok so I recently started a new Realm on Bedrock and I plan on maintaining it for a very long time. I'm looking for 8 other people to join. I also should mention that I plan on eventually starting a Twitch channel and playing this Realm, so any headsets are welcome because I enjoy a good conversation. This will be survival on the hard difficulty setting, please no grievers. Please send me a private message if your interested in joining or have any questions.

    What's the name of your Realm

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    Quote from Krclassified»

    new realm reset

    must have discord


    Hey can i join your guys realm? I am just looking to play with someone. Because alone its kinda boring. My ingame name is MrsRussianin.

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    Hello my ingame name is MrsRussianin. The reason why i want to join is to just play with other players. I like to play on Survival mode. But when there are someone with you its just makes it funner and not boring. Thank you. I am 20. Location is North America. MN.

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