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    Version 2.0.1 is now out.

    Interactive mapping for Minecraft.

    Slice your map, layer by layer like an MRI. Pan around your world, no matter how big it is. Toggle over to the Nether. Jump to your spawn point, then jump to your current player position.
    Version 2.0 is a complete from-scratch rewrite. Supports mods, and saving your current view as a png.


    Changes in Version 2.0.1

    * Fixes problem with 1.7 worlds
    * Updated with new blocks

    Changes in Version 2.0

    * Complete rewrite, now uses Qt5 and written entirely in C++
    * Save as PNG
    * Supports mods. Example packs for Feed The Beast available.
    * Missing features from previous versions due to rewrite. They'll be re-added in the future.

    Changes in Version 1.6.3

    * Added items from 1.4.2

    Changes in Version 1.6.2

    * Added biome to status bar
    * Added mob spawn highlight function

    Changes in Version 1.6.1

    * Fixed lighting bugs
    * Fixed crashes with depth shading
    * Added blocks from 1.3

    Changes in Version 1.6

    * Uses new Anvil map format
    * Reoriented so north matches in-game maps.
    * Removed out-of-date slime spawn option.
    * Increased cache size.

    Changes in Version 1.5

    * Adds blocks from 1.0 final
    * Adds slime spawn marking (thanks ssimasanti)
    * Fixes some windows bugs
    * Adds The End as a view option

    Changes in Version 1.2.3

    * Adds 1.9 prerelease blocks, fixes giant mushroom blocks.

    Changes in Version 1.2.2

    * Fixed a bug that prevented 1.8 blocks from displaying.

    Changes in Version 1.2.1

    * Added new blocks from 1.7 and 1.8

    Changes in Version 1.2

    * Added new blocks from 1.6
    * Fixed windows GDI bug
    * Fixed windows Jump To Spawn menu item.

    Changes in Version 1.1

    * Scaevolus's new caching system should speed things up
    * Missing tiles now show checkerboard pattern
    * Fixed a few block IDs
    * Windows version should play nice with minecraft running.

    Changes in Version 1.0

    * Added Scaevolus's patches which add support for McRegion save files
    * Windows/OSX also support named saves now.

    Changes in Version 0.9.5

    * Added blocks from Beta 1.2
    * Windows now has a little progress bar in the statusbar.. OSX and Linux do too, but they don't work right now due to gui and backend being in the same thread.

    Changes in Version 0.9.3

    * Tweaks to the names of the new hell blocks.
    * Lucid compatibility for Linux... no longer requires the latest GTK.
    * Hell is now accurately mapped as 8x instead of 16x. Zoom in on your portal, F5 over to hell and you should be right on the corresponding portal, assuming it didn't move (might need to use the layer slider though, since it might be at a different depth)

    Changes in Version 0.9

    * Hell! (Note: hell has bedrock all along the top, so you'll need the depth slider to see anything but grey)
    * New blocks from hell
    * Custom color schemes
    * Lighting
    * Cave mode
    * Obscured toggle (this thing is neat)
    * Depth shading (lower blocks get slightly darker)

    Changes in Version 0.3.1

    * Fixed floating point accuracy bug that caused the right side to not draw correctly.
    * Increased zoom to 10x

    Changes in Version 0.3

    * Single window now, letting you switch worlds without quitting.
    * Quick jumps to Spawn and player location.
    * Statusbar shows block information.
    * Current layer is displayed next to slider.
    * Windows version completely rewritten in C/C++. It should be a fully static build, no need to install anything special.
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    Quote from SnakeWildlife

    I beg for a simple 'Save as Image' function. I feel its missing from Minutor to complete its point, to make maps. We want to keep em without having to take hundreds of Screen dumps of segments.

    I hear you guys, and I'm constantly evaluating it.. the problem is it isn't feasable with the code as it currently is. However, I've been toying around with a complete rewrite of Minutor (making it multithreaded etc), and if that happens (more likely than not at this point), I'll be sure to include a way to save a full image of your map.

    On a side note, I've added Minutor to appbodega.com, which is a fairly nice alternate App Store for mac users... it'll also notify you of updates.
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    Quote from Caironater


    Thanks for making this wonderful mapping program! But I was just wondering, where does it save the Colour Schemes? I looked in the usual places(Appdata, documents) but I couldn't see them.


    Depends on the OS. On OSX it's in ~/Library/Preferences/minutor.plist
    On Windows it's stored in the Registry
    On Linux it's stored in ~/.minutor
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