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    Quote from AtlasThe1st»

    No one can back-port this without the mod creator's permission, check the license

    Sure, but I am not speaking about backporting, I just want an equal mod for 1.7.10. Not the exact copy, but the same functionality.

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    Well, almost every person out there should ["probably"] know this mod - The Loading Screens Mod.

    But this perfect addition is not going to support my - and not only, I think - favourite MC version, MC 1.7.10. So, my idea/request is simple - it would be nice if someone will make smth like that, probably with random loading screen textures support. I think it would be great not only for me, but for the whole modpack-makers' community... Well, of course, for ones, who still enjoy MC 1.7.10, but there are many of us, even since there are no support from Forge Devs anymore.

    Ok... Thats' all that I wanted to say. Now it is up to you, if you are skilled in coding and have a willing. :)

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    Main Info

    Hello, comrades! I am here to present you my unique mod, M.P.S.M. Ambient.

    M.P.S.M. Ambient aims to bring a realistic feeling of life in Eastern Europe into Minecraft by adding things we use or spot every day like realistic furniture, buildings, guns,clothes, driveable and NPC-controllable vehicles and other people(almost like Peds in GTA Series) If you have any questions or suggestions, be free to leave a comment and a like below to show us what you think about this.
    I am creating this mod special for my project, Minecraft: Post-Soviet Mafia.

    Well, some screenshots are already here :)...


    Warning! You may really get shocked.


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