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    posted a message on Has everyone seen the websiteisdown?
    Just wondering if everyone has seen thewebsiteisdown vids?

    There should be a MC Sequel :tongue.gif:

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    posted a message on I beat Minecraft
    Quote from Kaltivel »
    I really hate the part where you have to shove the cheese into the creeper's ear without making it explode.

    I read them all and still laughing at this one, I cannot wait till I get to this level!
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    posted a message on Can't Connect To Minecraft?
    I was thinking the same thing as Mine_Ender, and the podcast bringing in to much traffic.

    So i was looking at traffic stats and one site had this message:
    "Maximum Daily connection limit reached. Lookup refused."


    I have some new server box's to test! and IRL sucks :tongue.gif:

    Yay for Fix's, Mota
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