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    posted a message on I want the following to be added to the TRUE final update for new nintendo 3ds edition for minecraft:

    Banners,All Pocket edition world options and superflat worlds ( maximum size for superflat will be medium due to using random blocks) Left hand,5 free add-ons (the carpet addon,bed addon,elytra addon,furniture addon,and capes addon)3 DLC addons, monster addon,structure addon,and cars addon.I would also like 1.14 and 1.13 BUT,I want the choice to use new or old textures,I would also like you to add education edition,cheats,chat,online play,commands,armor stands,AND a specialty for the 3DS edition,a special place:the moon,it would feature aliens,ufos,rockets,and more,I would also like more skins,and a skin maker,I would also like old school crafting,and I would like mcpe behaviors as well,I also want a spectator and adventure game mode and hardcore difficulty.I would also like a higher mob limit,world height limit,and world limit,I would also like letter seeds to be a thing,I would also like an illusioner to be a woodland mansion job too,(it will only spawn one at a time per mansion in light levels 6 or lower) I would also like servers and maps too,and I would like to make free servers and add-ons for myself.I would also like a zombie villager spawn egg.And last,but not least,I would like y'all to add paint and paint buckets too please.Thank you for (maybe) thinking this through and I would LOVE to see these added as a closing update for the 3DS edition of Minecraft.(paint brushes can be used to paint separate sides of the same block,also paint buckets can be placed and paint can be combined to make special colors)

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