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    posted a message on [18+] Whitelist SMP - The Sacred River of Avalon Season 2


    Hello, let me introduce to you The Sacred River of Avalon. We are a
    group of college students looking to find active players for our server.
    We want to find players that are willing to stay active, hang out with
    us; possibly outside of Minecraft, and speak with us in voice. Below are
    general guidelines of what to expect of the server.

    What to Expect of Us

    • We are a group of friends who want to hang out and build on a Minecraft server in a pure vanilla SMP hermitcraft-style setting.
    • We
    • are pretty edgy with our humor and tend to banter between ourselves,
      but we certainly want to show respect to players and offer a fun
      experience for everyone.
    • We are not particularly strict and are
    • willing to give a sizeable amount of responsibility to our players.
      (i.e: no restrictions on spawn building, etc.)
    • We mostly want to
    • focus on building. Specifically those who are perfectionists and find
      themselves inspired to make a variety of things.
    • We also accept players who have a strong interest in building farms.

    What We Expect From You

    • Please try to be as active as you can. We will definitely understand
    • if you have to take time off or even stop playing Minecraft if
      something IRL comes up.
    • Please be committed. We want players who will stay on the server for a decent bit of time.
    • Please be friendly. We are also here to make friends and meet people. We will
    • probably try to connect with you in some form or another. (i.e: hobbies,
      other games, etc.)

    “Everything sounds cool, where do I apply?”

    Just join our discord and talk with us about wanting to join, we're being pretty lax this season so chances are unless you're a maniac you'll get whitelisted: https://discord.gg/QqJDrx

    Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

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