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    What edition of Minecraft do you prefer?

    I've played almost all of the editions of Minecraft including Pi, ps4, ps3, xbox one, xbox360, bedrock, java, mcpe lite, education edition...

    I prefer Java edition, as I often play on the computer. Java edition also doesn't have all kinds of microtransactions, ads or other things that make it look like it's not actually Minecraft. Also, on Java old versions are playable.from the launcher. The main pro and con in bedrock is the far lands. It's amazing that the world generation is so broken there, but the bad thing in it is falling through the world.

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    Quote from Wolftailยป

    1. I dont see anything here in the wall of text about how we, the playerbase and the community ruined minecraft, or in which way it was ruined?
    2. In the few first sentences you go from "we ruined minecraft" to " The community got ruined" .. which one is it?
    3. You go on and on with a vague brief history of minecraft across its updates with no relevance to the title?
    4. I see a lot of assumptions from your side when you mentioned the age of the player base

    I really dont see anything here how the community ruined minecraft, and in which way, or how the community got ruined over the years of minecraft development or in which way....

    All i see is that minecraft is evolving, getting numerous additions, and only changing ever so slightly every couple of years (world generation changes, introduction to trading villagers, new enchanting system,major additions to redstone and command blocks, new combat system, and soon to be a "new" way to craft with stone cutters, looms etc).

    These are the things that actually changed minecraft, and in return, changed its community by offering new ways to play the game.

    Here are some examples

    1. Very early minecraft development was just building blocks
    2. Multiplayer building blocks
    3. Very simple survival (compared to todays survival). Main goal is to stick together,find food, build shelter, improve shelter.
    4. At this point, small friendship multiplayer servers were popular, larger servers offered factions pvp (where people just run far away from eachother and hide), or smaller basic minigames such as the spleef (and many more ones shown by RoosterTeeth on youtube)
    5. The community created hand crafted maps for everyone to download and play with a few rules, some background story, and a couple of goals
    6. World generation changed, adding numerous different biomes with biome specific items/blocks/animals/mobs but also new dimensions. People explored, built numerous bases, spread far and wide from each other.
    7. Redstone additions, and the most significant one being command blocks allowed complex mechanism without using mods or plug-ins
    8. At this point massive servers were more and more popular,and over time everyone of those servers looked the same. They all had a bunch of the most popular mini games like hunger games. Joining the server was essentially a theme parck. Survival was a joke as you could farm cocoa beans and "sell" them for in game $ with which you can buy diamonds or anything you wish. Survival was also connected with various ever respawning mining areas so exploration was completely thrown out of the window. Factions was somewhat still popular, but the concept still remained the same, Run as far as you can and hide, then raid other players base and teleport back to yours.
    9. Player made adventure maps are almost non existant. But parkour, puzzle maps prevail which are powered by redstone and command blocks giving you yet another theme park experience
    10. People arent looking for new seeds since the world generation doesnt generate anything as interesting as it was before in the older days. There are only so many categories todays seeds can fill up that a large portion of seeds share. Theres survival island, and survival island with a village seed, but are all the same. Every "spawns in xyz biome" seed is the same. There arent any "unique" seeds such as "a unique large mountain seed with overhangs" or " a triple dungeon seed" or a "natural seed that has xyz in it, that you can use to start a made up challenge"

    Currently, for all sorts of reason, on a grand scale, people dont socialize even with discord. Some try to make small survival servers but they all last maximum of a month maybe. Only the large theme park servers remain, which barely changed for the past several years.

    So you have a large "veteran" playerbase like me which already got bored of all the mini games, and wishes to play how it used to be with others, but finds it very hard to find other interested ,with enough enthusiasm that will keep them playing "a yet another survival world".

    So we mix and match various things till we get bored of that as well. Things like downgrading minecraft versions, trying out various mods we didnt tried before like a new dimension, or adding larger dungeons and castles to conquer, or starting a new "THIS IS IT, THIS IS MY FINAL MAIN SURVIVAL WORLD"

    Thats on the grand scale, that people on the internet see. On a small scale (which i believe is where the majority of the community is "hidden") people play with their friends all the time.

    For the past year or two i sometimes host my tiny server to a few friends so we can play vanilla together and work on our goals with a few imaginary rules just to keep it more challenging and interesting.

    Ive seen numerous kids connecting their tablets and playing together on-the-fly for years now as well.

    Ive seen numerous people joining servers and just goofing off around.

    Watching youtube videos we dont see any new funny animations,or some sort of story driven letsplays, we see:

    1. Yelling and screaming while playing minigames
    2. Yelling and screaming while playing puzzles or parkour maps
    3. Cheating with commands while playing puzzles or parkour maps ,or when playing minigames on their own server cause they cant be bothered
    4. Yelling and screaming while going trough the new stuff in the latest snapshots.
    5. A new minecraft survival vanilla letsplay where the guy/girl just blabs about nothing for hooours and hoours, and shows the same thing everyone else already has done over the past 6 years.
    6. People trying to be funny by making retarded minecraft "joke" videos (at least they are consistent with their uploads)

    There are a few people out there that actually show effort and creativity, like people inventing new stuff with redstone (with or without command blocks), people showing off their building skills, both houses, structures, environmental shaping as well as crafting entire maps.

    In the end, i honestly dont think it even matters how people play minecraft as its still a sandbox game with more customization than it ever had in its existance. There is no right or wrong way to play minecraft.

    As for the "minecraft is dying" topic, well, statistics show it really isnt, not on the "local" scale i believe.

    1. The sales overall are still going up,
    2. People might not be interested in playing large theme park servers as they used to ,
    3. They might not have much new ideas to post youtube videos as everything seems like its been done over and over before
    4. But they still are playing it casually, on their phones, on their laptops and tablets, making new worlds in creative, testing new stuff on superflat worlds, trying out new snapshots, playing localy with close friends sometimes.
    5. And as always they come back to minecraft after months, or years of not playing. Be it for nostalgia, or excitement or trying out something new, or just recovering from the last burnout.

    The only thing that can drastically impact the playerbase is adding actual competition to minecraft as there is no other game such as minecraft in terms of redstone, exploration, survivability and its "looks and feels".

    I expect minecraft dungeons bringing back the hype to the community tho the game it self is completely different than what the original minecraft is.

    Hytale is another game with high hopes, however we have yet to see the actual gameplay, world generation, objectives and customization in its entirety it offers in order to properly compare it to minecraft

    I'm talking about the COMMUNITY. Also, I'm pretty sure about those age estimates are right, from what I've seen. The updates are, or atleast were in connection to the community more.

    The game is too easy to "stick together". There is absolutely no challenge in even singleplayer minecraft before the ender dragon. The last new dimension was added 7 years ago.

    Survival has been about the same since Infdev. Only biomes have changed, mineshafts have been added as well as new items to make the game easier to beat.

    But I agree with you, the big Minecraft youtubers nowadays are bad. RageElixir, as one example, makes total clickbait videos and has gotten over 2 million subscribers with them.

    And exactly for the urge to try something new, I have yaken a job in finding old, 2009 to 2010 Minecraft versions online and contacting people + asking if they could have old versions.

    Finding a good, calm but still large survival server is nearly impossible now. People tend to go to big servers, as mojang advertises them and searching for servers gives you cubecraft, hypixel and mineplex.

    Minecraft isn't dying. New people will always find it.

    I really don't have high hopes for the dungeon game or hytale. They're nothing compared to this game of infinite possibilities that have kept me here for nesrly 9 years.

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    I've been searching a lot about Minecraft, and I've seen the changes in the community and how they affected the game.

    I'm not exactly blaming anyone, I just thought of another way to look at how the Minecraft community was "ruined". A lot of people have talked about this lately, including old players, big youtubers and even newer players. Well, let's take a look into the past, starting all the way from the very first days of the development.

    On 13th of May 2009, Notch showcased a very early test on his youtube channel "Nizzotch". He had been doing it for a while, and he really liked the game. On the same day, he gave Minecraft for private testing to his girlfriend, and possibly also a few others. Notch decided to continue in making this game. On 16th of May he released the game for everyone who wanted to test it with a very early version later named "Mc-161607" after the date. He worked hard for the next hours, and only a hour after that he had done "0.0.2a", the first version with an actual name. As one can see, it was still very early access. Well, he fixed bugs and released "0.0.9a". This was the first version during which the game started to expand, it already had around two hundred early testers. 18 hours later Notch decided to release the version "0.0.11a" on the TIGsource forums

    It was an instant success, everyone talked about it. Notch wanted to make this a good game, so he did. He added lava and water only a few days later after KappaOne had suggested them. Then he continued and made the first giant update (0.0.14a) that added trees, sand, gravel, iron ore, gold ore, coal ore, logs and leaves. There were around 5000 people playing this game, mostly game makers and "retro gamers".

    Then came multiplayer. Multiplayer was in private testing for a few days before it was released. Then, the game suddenly got servers. Much more players came, and by the version 0.0.18a_02 it had nearly 14000 registered accounts.

    As seen in that video, the community went from "retro gamers and game makers" to "anyone who likes sandbox games" introducing a lot of teenagers and children. I bet some people started thinking "this game is ruined" already at this point. It was in development all the time. New versions were released every second day, some versions were out for only minutes due to game-breaking bugs. Notch kept it in development all the time, and didn't stop.

    Then he decided to make some money with a new survival test mode. This was on a separate page, and didn't have multiplayer. It had creepers, pigs, zombies and skeletons when it was released on 1.9.2009. In 0.26 Survival Test aka. The first ever halloween update, notch added spiders and new mechanics. After he had gotten rid of all the bugs, he again started developing multiplayer. During a few days he added lots of new features and kicked both survivaltest and classic creative into ready versions called "0.30".

    Then, after hundreds of thousands of registered users and over 2000 purchases, he decided to remake the game with a purpose. Indev was the successor of survival test, adding more to the game. Notch kicked the game to "pre-alpha" development during Indev. It was testing all the time, until the community wanted infinite worlds. As there was no multiplayer, the community was almost entirely inside this forum and other forums.

    After infdev, notch finally decided it's ready for alpha. The game had around 30000 purchases, and notch started developing new features.

    Notch added multiplayer to the survival alpha. This was a game-changer, people now had to survive and could do it together, using teamwork. Notch constantly added new stuff and developed the game.

    Boom. Suddenly it started getting so many players that the servers went down!

    How old were these players that suddenly joined? Often 7 to 12 years of age.

    While the game got thousands of new players all the time, it reahed a million at the start of beta. Not bad for a game still in beta? It just expanded. Soon it was everywhere. Jeb started developing the game, more members joined Mojang, more people bought it...

    It had millions of users.

    How old were they? I bet most weren't older than 13.

    Well, notch decided to finally release it in late 2011. While the game just expanded and expanded with players, Notch started having serious problems in his life that I will not mention here. He left the game for Jeb, while it expanded and expanded, with millions of new players.

    In 2012 MCPE was launched. It brought even more players to the game. Spawn eggs, new biomes and mobs were added. Temples were added.

    In 2013 even more new features got added with the 1.6 and 1.7 updates. New biomes, trees, flowers...and this was the year when minecraft started gaining more "negative popularity" and if it wasn't already, it was finally called a "kids game".

    In 2014 Notch left with a couple of old developers. Notch didn't have a place in Mojang anymore, as he hadn't done anything for a long time and he possibly also didn't like the game that much anymore. A large portion of "old players" left, due to the fact that it was no longer a small indie game.

    2015 was a year when MCPE finally got to the level of Minecraft, if it wasn't there already.

    In 2016 I noticed a very large change in the community. As I grew up during my teen years, Minecraft did not. It staid the same. The reality was that there had become a new generation that shouted words such as "Noob" and "Ez".

    I didn't realize I had been like that before until now.

    In 2017 more clickbaity videos of Minecraft started appearing. This was unexpected, as it seems these videos usually got millions of views. Another new generation of gamers had joined.

    2018 was more calm on the community part, and so was 2019. Mojang is working hard to make updates and it seems that old classic to beta players have come back to see this game. We can't do anything about it being a children's game, that's just how it is.

    We all used to be kids, or still are. If you played Minecraft in 2010 as a youngster, I bet 5 bucks someone thought the same thing about you as you are thinking about the modern community.

    So, let's all enjoy Minecraft with a cold milk, a juice, a coke, a energy drink or a beer.

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    posted a message on Cave game tech test was NOT the first version.

    Nope. These were actual versions, played by one or more people.

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    posted a message on Is steve the hero or the villain?

    Steve truly represents humanity: He destroys innocent mobs and animals because he thinks they are a danger. Or atleast in versions older than the couple of the newest ones, but not the oldest survivals. Mobs used to live in peace.

    Long before, there were only 6 mobs: Creepers, spiders, skeletons, zombies, sheep and pigs. Back then, it wasn't mandatory to kill. One could survive without killing a mob, by building a strong base. Mobs protected their world from players that cut down trees and destroyed the world with their buildings.

    Then, more mobs came, stronger than the previous mobs. Slimes and others, but mobs from other dimensions, too.

    Soon, the game evolved into something where you have to kill to get on. The mobs defended the world.

    In the latest updates, the original (survivaltest) mobs have become weaker all the time. New mobs have taken their places. Due to new additions, they can't defend the world so well anymore.

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    Hello. I noticed today that the version known as Cave Game Tech Test was in fact not the first version, proven by the LWJGL logs. I will post them if anyone wants to see the logs. Some are from the tigIRC logs.

    So, here is the updated pre-classic list:

    Intial Test: Notch said that the game development started on 10.5.2009. All dates are in GMT except the Rd dates, that are in the Swedish time.

    Pre-CGTT 20090512: On 13.5.2009 at 1pm , notch says he tried to narrow down a performance issue yesterday.

    Pre-CGTT 20090513-13:51 could have existed, when notch tried to make the fps work.

    Pre-CGTT 20090513 18:41: Notch says: "I made it only update two chunks per frame maximum, and it's very slow"

    This clearly is a new version. Later it's told it runs 2fps, has somewhat broken fps and has "blank chunks".

    Cave Game Tech Test was released 18:51. It was showcased in a video recorded around 19:00 and the video was released 19:50.

    Rd-132151 was released on 19:51. This version was the first one available for testing.

    Rd-132211 was released 20:11 and is available in the launcher.

    Rd-132328 was released 21:28 and is available in the launcher. It added steves.

    Rd-20090514 was the only version released on 14.5.2009. It was released 14:23.

    Rd-150000 (aka. 20090515) was released 22:00 on 14.5.2009, 00:00 in Swedish time.

    Rd-160025 was released on 15.5.2009. It was the only version released on 15.5.2009, making it rd-20090515.

    Rd-161348 was released on 16.5.2009, 11:48.

    Mc-161607 was released on 16.5.2009 at 16:07, after Minecraft was finally named Minecraft. It was the first private test.

    Mc-161616 (released 16.5.2009)

    Mc-161625 (16.5.2009)

    Mc-161648/0.0.1a was possibly the first numbered version.

    0.0.2a was the first numbered version, as we don't know if Mc-161648/0.0.1a was numbered.

    0.0.3a added caves.

    0.0.4a, 0.0.5a, 0.0.6a, 0.0.7a and 0.0.8a are unconfirmed. After pre-classic came Classic, that started with 0.0.9a.

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    posted a message on Dear Mojang, I beg you to add one special version to the launcher.

    Good day. I was reading the wiki when I noticed that an extremely important piece of Minecraft's history is missing from the launcher. This is named 0.0.14a_08, an early classic that had different textures for many blocks: Gravel, leaves and bedrock. This versions looks completely different from everything already in the launcher, so I beg you to add it in there if you get it/have it.

    Also, I would like versions already owned by Mojang to be added into the launcher. These include more 2011 and 2012 snapshots and the beta test build.



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    I made a house in the first version released for the public. This version is named 0.0.11a, and it was released on 17.5.2009, after 1 day of private testing, only one week after the creation of the game.

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    posted a message on Indev explained with details (+ this time including photos)
    Hello. I got really interested in doing these kinds of threads, so I guess I'll do another one. Who knows, maybe I'll continue up to alpha.


    0.31 (Early versions of Indev with "0.31" as the version number)

    20091223-1 was the first version of Indev. It added ranas and smoother lighting.

    20091223-2 was the second indev. It added torches.

    20091231-1 was the third indev, and the first survival one.

    20091231-2 was the fourth indev, and the last one of 2009, released 3 minutes before midnight. It added certain iron tools, the apple and armor from another game made by Notch.

    20100105 was the fifth indev.

    20100106 added level options.

    20100107 added more level options.

    20100109 added fire.

    20100111-1 added the ability to use tools.

    20100111-2 added fullscreen (F11)

    20100113 made water finite.

    20100113-c was a creative Indev released for testing finite water.

    20100114 added the infinite water source block to the inventory.

    20100122 made changes to water spawning.

    20100124 added chests and a sound effect for arrows.

    20100125-1 added certain particles.

    20100125-2 added gears.

    20100128 added a 3D likeness for items.

    20100129 added diamond ore, diamonds and diamond blocks.

    20100130 added beast boys and other mobs, that only existed in this version.

    20100131 added steve mobs that could be hit.




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    posted a message on Pre-Classic and Classic explained with details.

    Classic (Early Creative Classic):

    0.0.9a was the first version available for public testing. Atleast 3 members tested it on 16.5.2009.

    0.0.10a was supposed to be released to the public on 17.5.2009, but according to Notch's IRC posts, it had a crash bug.

    0.0.11a fixed the crash bug 3 minutes later. It was released to the public on TIGsource 17.5.2009. It is in the launcher.

    0.0.12a added lava, water and bedrock on 20.5.2009. It had multiple bugs that Notch fixed in the next version.

    0.0.12a_01 was a bug fix update, released 20.5.2009.

    0.0.12a_02 was an update available for testing (?).

    0.0.12a_03 was the last update released on 20.5.2009.

    0.0.13a (LAUNCHER) was a test version used to test level size. It is different from the actual 0.0.13a, released for the players. (22.5.2009) This version is available in your local launcher.

    0.0.13a was the finished update that added level size.

    (It is unknown if 0.0.13a_01 or 0.0.13a_02 existed)

    0.0.13a_03 was released on 22.5.2009, to fix bugs.

    0.0.14a added trees, gravel, logs, sand, leaves, golden ore, coal ore and iron ore. (All 0.0.14as were released on 28.5.2009)

    0.0.14a_01, 0.0.14a_02, 0.0.14a_03 and 0.0.14a_04 were released most likely to fix bugs in 0.0.14a.

    It is unknown if 0.0.14a_05 or 0.0.14a_06 existed.

    0.0.14a_07 was a version released most likely to fix bugs.

    0.0.14a_08 was released either to fix bugs or change the shape of trees.

    Classic (Multiplayer Test)

    0.0.15a-1 was the first multiplayer version, released on 30.5.2009. It also changed some textures. The only server was Notch's original test server. It was on a different site than 0.0.14a_08.

    0.0.15a-2 added more multiplayer-related commands and names showing on top of the player. This version was released on 3.6.2009 for probably private testing.

    0.0.15a-3 was the last 0.0.15a reupload, released to fix commands on 6.6.2009.

    0.0.16a is unknown to have existed.

    0.0.16a_01 fixed commands on 8.6.2009.

    0.0.16a_02 was released on 8.6.2009

    0.0.17a was released on 10.6.2009 to add the setspawn command and fix bugs.

    0.0.18a was released 14.6.2009 to add the teleport command.

    0.0.18a_01 added custom skins on 14.6.2009.

    0.0.18a_02 fixed bugs and changed the display of some characters (14.6.2009)

    0.0.19a added sponges and glass and fixed bugs on 20.6.2009.

    0.0.19a_01, 0.0.19a_02, 0.0.19a_03, 0.0.19a_04 and 0.0.19a_05 existed according to the irc logs. They were bug fixes, except for 0.0.19a_01 that changed the glass texture.

    0.0.19a_06 fixed sponge decay and added tp.

    0.0.20a was released 20.6.2009 and it added flowers, mushrooms, blocks of gold and wool (known as cloth). It had a broken protocol bug.

    0.0.20a_01 fixed the protocol.

    0.0.20a_02 was a bug fix update released right after midnight (GMT) 21.6.2009.

    0.0.21a was a update that fixed bugs and made the game run smoother on 22.6.2009.

    0.0.21a_01 fixed the "Hang bug" that caused the game to stop suddenly on 23.6.2009.

    (0.0.22a, 0.0.22a_01 and 0.0.22a_02 existed according to the IRC logs. 0.0.22a added certain sounds.) 29.6.2009

    0.0.22a_03 was released for unknown reasons for 7 minutes.

    0.0.22a_04 was released for unknown reasons.

    0.0.22a_05 was released likely to fix bugs.

    0.0.23a was released on 11.7.2009.

    0.0.23a_01 was released to fix bugs.

    Classic (Survival Test)

    0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST released the survival test on either 31.8.2009 or 1.9.2009. It had multiple bugs.

    0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST_01 was probably a bug fix update.

    0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST_02 was probably a bug fix update.

    0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST_03 was probably a bug fix update, released on 1.9.2009

    0.25 SURVIVAL TEST made mobs more difficult and added lots of new features. (3.9.2009)

    (Possible reupload of 0.25ST) added level saving.

    (0.25_01, 0.25_02, 0.25_03 and 0.25_04 SURVIVAL TESTs are unconfirmed)

    0.25_05 SURVIVAL TEST was most likely a bug fix update. It staid on the site for 50 days. (3.9.2009)

    0.26 SURVIVAL TEST was released right after midnight on 24.10.2009, and added many new features such as TNT and spiders.

    0.27 SURVIVAL TEST was most likely a bug fix update of 0.26. It was released on 24.10.2009. It also likely changed the spider texture.

    0.30 was the last Survival Test released on 10.11.2009. It staid on the site until October or November 2010. It added sheep to survival test.

    Late Classic Creative (LCC)

    0.28 was released to add features added in survival tests to Classic. It replaced 0.0.23a_01 on 27.10.2009/28.10.2009.

    0.28_01 was a bug fix released to fix a bug where players could kill each other as if they were mob on the same day as 0.28.

    0.29 was released 29.10.2009 to fix a bug from 0.28 and 0.28_01 where players could shoot each other with arrows.

    0.29_01 was released 3 hours after 0.29 to fix unknown bugs.

    0.29_02 was released on 1.11.2009 (?)to fix a connection problem.

    0.30 was the final version of classic creative. (Released 10.11.2009) It staid on the site until about 2014, and was reuploaded once in 2011.
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    posted a message on Pre-Classic and Classic explained with details.

    Hello, today I will explain you the whole history of Minecraft from the cave game tech test to the last classic, 0.30. Beware, it's a list. A long list.


    Cave Game Tech Test (Shortened CGTT, often called pre-0.0.0) was the first ever Minecraft version that we know of. It had 2 blocks, grass and cobblestone, and also cave generation. It was made 10.5.2009.

    Rd-132211 is a version available in the launcher, provided to Mojang by Ez, the ex-wife of Notch and the first player to play Minecraft other than Notch. It was made 13.5.2009.

    Rd-132328 is a version made 13.5.2009. It added the human mob to Minecraft. It is in the launcher.

    Rd-20090515 is a version made on 15.5.2009. Not much is known of it, but it possibly added better terrain generation. It is not in the launcher, trying to play it plays another Rd.

    Rd-160052 was made on 16.5.2009, and added dirt, stone and wooden planks. It is in the launcher.

    Rd-161348 added saplings. It was released on 16.5.2009, 13 hours after Rd-160052. It is playable in the launcher.

    Unconfirmed versions mentioned in the irc logs, 15.5.2009:

    Mc-161607 made it work in a "applet"

    is currently totally unknown.

    Mc-161616 changed the mouse code.


    Mc-161648 possibly added the version number (0.0.1a)

    0.0.2a for sure added the version number.

    0.0.3a added caves.

    If these versions existed, it would mean that the last Rds were development versions.

    The existance of 0.0.5a, 0.0.6a, 0.0.7a and 0.0.8a is completely unknown.

    This post will be continued soon with 0.0.9a, that was the first version released for testing.

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    posted a message on What actually happened with the brown spider! (+ vote your spider)

    After long researching and finding old posts, I can tell you that brown spiders existed in the game. If you have never heard of the "brown spiders", they were a texture notch used for spiders when he first made them. Yep, the really were brown. And they were included in the version "0.26 SURVIVAL TEST".

    How? Well, the spider texture is dated on 24th of October, 2009, at around 1 am GMT. The version that first added spiders, 0.26 (st), was released right after midnight, 00:13 GMT. That means that notch finished the spider texture after the release of this version. Spiders truly were different coloured in this version, that also added moss stone, bookshelves, rain, tnt and iron blocks! Why didn't they stay brown? Many players complained about spiders being too light coloured, as most spiders you see are black. After this, Notch decided to make spiders have red eyes, too. The next update already added the spider we all know, the black one.

    Well, now there are three spiders! Which one would you choose to be your 8-legged warrior? The original brown spider, the legendary black spider, or the newcomer: the texture update spider?

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    posted a message on What is the #1 thing you love to build every map?

    In every world ever I make and save, I hide a moss stone tower or a wooden house resembling the indev house with vines all over it. Why? As a sign that someone has been there. I do it usually 5000 to 50000 blocks away from spawn, and on servers I often do many of these structures. I've also made a few AFK machines like this!

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    It's harder for Mojang members to get ideas through nowadays. When Notch developed the game completely alone (From Classic to late Alpha) he often added many features within a few days of time, for example in late may when he added lava and water, and then a bit over a week added trees, sand, gravel and ores. This has happened also in January 2010, when he added new water physics and fire during the same 7 days.

    Why doesn't this happen now? Well, first of all because there are more features, biomes, blocks, plants, infinite worlds...the bugs are often fixed before the release. Back during early classic, there were only a few bugs that notch had to fix, and he often released versions with bugs. An example of this is 0.0.20a, that literally had a broken protocol, while 0.0.20a_01 and _02 fixed that half an hour later.

    It wouldn't happen nowadays, as since Infdev (Infinite worlds) there have been countless amounts of bugs in almost every version. Nostalgia example: Infdev from Match 25th 2010, that crashed the game within 5 minutes. Mojang just wouldn't let those kind of bugs get into releases, probably not even into snapshots.

    Minecraft has become slower, but that doesn't mean it's going to die. It will not die, maybe young children will not like it so much soon, but one of the most known games ever will NOT die. The only way it could "die" would be if Mojang would be stopped, and that's not gonna happen in 20 years.

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    The thing I hate about modern Minecraft the most is the amount of "toxicity" on many servers. The amount of players doesn't matter to me that much, if the game had only 500k to 5 million players, it would be pretty much the same except that microsoft would already have ended its support Large servers would not exist.

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