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    Alright, so we have 1. Skeletons that are the most annoying thing in the entire world. 2. Baby zombies that can murder you if you are not careful, and now 3. Zombies that home in on you no matter where you are. There is a difference from being challenging, and downright plain annoying. At first this seemed like a cool idea, gave an added challenge, but when there were 25 zombies in one horde, that was when i had other thoughts about it. Not saying get rid of it, just make it a little less like l4d, because that's what its starting to feel like, and i agree, nighttime SHOULD be dangerous, but there should be other ways to do that, and this is not it.
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    Alright, I'm gonna lay the cards on the table, I don't like classic, however, I support 4is4 for making a petition all the way all because he wanted to help someone. Like i said, i DON'T like classic, but the fact that mojang basically removed classic without giving a second thought to those who want to play classic, just makes me furious, cause I know they are better than that. Classic is what made me discover the game, its what got me hooked. All of you who are bashing 4is4 and others who support him, are being 2 year olds. Just because you don't play it, doesn't mean others don't. Just because they don't share your opinions, doesn't mean they are worthless. Some people want to play classic, some don't. I'm someone who wants people to keep their opinions if they choose to. However, when people start fighting over the opinions, that's when I step in. Those of you, bashing 4is4, just because he wants mojang to bring back classic, chill out, it isn't the end of the world if mojang brings it back. If he wants to start a petition to bring back classic, let him. Your not in charge of him, he is in charge of himself.
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    This would be EXTREMELY amazing since 1.There is no clear story in minecraft 2.Not many bosses in the game 3. It's just awesome. However, its probably going to take mojang another half a year or whole year before this gets done. Especially since they are now working on the redstone update right now.
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    Quote from Davemancheese

    when I try to open minecraft.jar, I get an error message saying: A Java Exception Has Occured

    You open the jar file with winrar. Here's the download link.
    Note: I can't remember where I got my winrar from so use this at your own risk.
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    Guys, have you read the thread at all? He said the server is CLOSED. Do you know what CLOSED means at all?
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    This actually is looking good. Looking forward for a download link. Keep up the good work!
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    Discovered a problem. After downloading it said "MMM appears malicous". I know this isn't true, but could be confusing.
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    I need the 1.4.5 version of modloader but i can't find it in the old versions.
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