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    posted a message on New server 24/7 no lag 8 slots.
    I'll join if its going to have ppl on often, i hate crafting solo
    ign: mkjohnson
    age: 19
    skype: yes
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    posted a message on [Mods] Finding minecraft.jar file [18/10/10]
    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! everybody just kept telling me what folder minecraft.jar was in but it wasnt actually there! i didnt realize it was a hidden file. you are the only person who has been able to help me i am in love wiht you let me have your babies!!!
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    posted a message on Clan get!
    Hello friends!
    I am mkjohnson, I have recieved minecraft for christmas after nerdgasming over it for about a month.
    though i havent played long i did extensive research so am somewhat learned in the ways of the craft.
    I would love to have a clan to give me a purpose, I am 19, I will get on minecraft everyday if possible, am willing to use whatever chat medium the clan chooses, am willing to follow orders and would love to have brethren to work alongside. I am not picky but will say that I would not like to join a clan if it is a free for all of stealage and fighting. my game name is mkjohnson (obviously) and i will probably be on this sight until i find my home.

    tldr; clan me please? I'll be good i swear.

    craftily - mkjohnson
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