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    posted a message on Your most favorite and least favorite biome?

    I would say my least favourite biome to build a house in would be a Jungle. Way too many trees, unless I was wanting to make a tree house of some sort. I also, for obvious reasons don't like building in Deserts. But I do like to have them close by for sand for glass.

    For favourite Biomes to build in, its a 50/50 between Plains and Extreme Hills. But recently, I have been going for Extreme Hills a lot because I have been loving building houses into the side of a massive mountain.

    I also really love finding Mushroom Islands (which hardly ever happens for me... I have such bad luck). No mobs spawn there so I find it a nice place to live and stress-free because of the no mob thing.

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    Haven't had the chance to play as much as I would like to recently, so when I finally got some spare time to play eariler today I decided to start a brand new modded world. I couldn't think of what kind of house I wanted, so I just ended up building into the side of a little mountain in a Grove Biome from the Biomes o Plenty mod. Here is how it's turning out so far:

    Decided to go all out and decorate for Halloween. I really like how it's coming along so far. I'm pretty much done with the front of the house. Gotta start working on hollowing out the inside now and making rooms. I'm trying to play strictly survival with no creative, so that might take a while. (Although I kinda had to go into creative for the cobwebs, but we will pretend like that doesn't count...).

    Might come back and post some pictures of the inside once I have done some work on it.

    Missymomo :D

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    I finally stopped living in the stone age of 1.7.10, and decided to try out 1.12 for the first time the other day.

    Turns out I really enjoy it, and I don't know why I didn't try it out sooner. I am of course playing modded because I don't think I could ever play Vanilla anymore. I have started building a house into the side of a mountain in an Extreme Hills biome. It's taking me a while to build, but I'm liking how it is turning out so far.

    Might come back here and post some pictures when I have made a bit more progress. :D

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    posted a message on First time and/or most annoying / distracting mob encounters have you had?

    Easy- Skeletons. I have always had trouble with them. I'm terrible at fighting them, and they really get on my nerves.

    There was this one time, a while ago where I was mining near a massive pit of lava, and Skeleton came up to me and shot me straight into the lava pit... I learned my lesson that day... I am really bad at remembering to carry water buckets when I go mining, so that unfortunate event gave me a good slap in the face...

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    posted a message on Scared of caves, help?

    I was like this too when I first started playing Minecraft, and to be honest I still am pretty jumpy and scared when it comes to caves.

    I am one of those people, that prefers to play on Peaceful because it's a lot less stressful, and I'm not worrying about Creepers jump scaring me from behind me, and I end up falling into a pit of lava while in a cave. The way I tried to start getting over my fears of Mobs in caves, was to first go out every night while playing on Easy, and just kill everything... Even my least favourite Mob which is the Enderman (they freak me out). After doing that for a little bit, I started going into caves. I started by just strip mining, and if I ran into a cave while doing so, I would cover it up and go another way because I was too scared.

    Something that really helps, is lighting every little corner up in the cave. I think everyone is saying this, but it does help and you are less likely to get mobs spawning and scaring you while you are mining. If all starts to go really downhill, just block yourself in somewhere and wait a little while, until you have regenerated and calmed down. That's what I do.

    I still can be a little jumpy when I go mining in caves, especially Mineshafts, but if you keep doing it, it gets less scary and I am a whole lot less jumpy now.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    On my current modded Survival World, I was going on a bit of an Adventure today to find a Village (Had no luck in finding one in the end), but I stumbled upon something kinda cool. I have never seen anything like this in any of my worlds, and wanted to share it.

    I was in a Desert, and I found this Skeleton Spawner exactly like this... Just a hole in the ground. It was slightly covered over by sand when I first found it, but I could tell it was a Spawner on my mini map.

    Just thought this was a pretty cool way to find a Mob Spawner, and it's certainly something that I have never seen while I have been playing Minecraft.

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    posted a message on Missy Hollow 2.0!! Chapter Twenty Three- So much Research!

    Hi Hi!

    Welcome to another Chapter!

    Chapter Twenty Three- So much Research!

    It has been a little bit since I have bothered to make any progress with Thaumcraft. The main reason for this is because I am a very easily distracted person, so I kind of went off and started collecting Butterflies and making animal enclosuress and completely forgot about Thaumcraft. I didn't mean too I promise... So I thought I would try and get back into it. It's probably not going to be very long before I am distracted again and go off and do something else, but it's worth a try.

    First thing I thought I would do, was go and charge my wand from the two Aura Nodes I have had waypoints set to for a while now.

    Once I returned home, I kind of went on a crazy Research spree, and did a whole heap of it on all sorts of stuff.

    The main things I really wanted to Research and actually get crafted were the Greatwood Wand Core, Research Expertise and the Goggles of Revealing. I will probably actually get into making all these things in the next couple of Chapters.

    Swiftly moving on from Thaumcraft, because after all the Researching, I got really bored and wanted to do something else. I believe in my last Chapter, I mentioned that I needed piggies in my Farm in order to make pet food for my very needy Cat Puss in Boots. So I have managed to con two little Piggies into my Farm with some lovely home-grown carrots. Now my Farm looks a little crazy and crowded. Good thing I expanded it.

    Also! I found something epic in a Chest at a Village when I went exploring a little while ago now, but I kinda of completely forgot about it till now. I found a Skeleton Skull! Something that I don't come across very often. As soon as I had it put safely away in my Backpack, I returned home. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this Skeleton Skull...

    I made a Skeleton Backpack! As you can see, it looks pretty awesome in my little Backpack collection. I am just now realizing, that I might have wasted that Skull, using it on a Backpack... But it's fine. I will just have to either find another one at a Village, or learn how to obtain them from actual Skeletons!

    TEXTURE PACK CHANGE! Just letting you know, that from this point onwards, I am using a different Texture Pack. I switched to Good Morning Craft again, because it's one of my favourites.

    Anyway, going back to the whole thing of, I should be living in Noah's Ark... I have gone and tamed myself another four-legged friend...

    I got myself a Horse! I have been wanting one for a while now. But I thought I would have to travel miles away from my house to find one. Turns out that was not the case at all! I found this lovely Horse roaming a different Magical Forest not too far from me! She was really easy to tame, so I popped my Saddle on her and some diamond Horse Armor and we were ready to ride home. Unfortunately it was going dark by the time I was heading back, but we managed to get home in one piece.

    Thought I would name this Horse Belle! I really like that name, and after seeing the amazing Beauty and the Beast movie that came out this year, I kind of just couldn't resist. Belle is currently been housed with Celestia and Luna, who you all haven't seen for a while, but they are doing well. I bring them out for a ride (or a fly in Celestia's case) every so often. Belle won't be in here forever though. I have an idea of what I want my Horse Stables to look like, I just need to get building. It might take me a while, because I plan on making these Stables quite big... I want lots and lots of Horsies >:3.

    Was this Chapter kinda boring? I feel as if not much really happened. Oh well, not every Chapter is going to be really exciting. Thanks for stopping by!

    Missymomo <3

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    posted a message on Missy Hollow 2.0!! Chapter Twenty Three- So much Research!


    Long time, no talk! I want to say I have a decent excuse for not posting, but the truth is I just haven't been all that interested in playing Minecraft for the past week or so. Don't know what it was, but I just went off the game completely for a bit. But, no need to fear! This Journal is still going, and I am back into the swing of things :D So welcome to a new Chapter!

    Chapter Twenty Two- I may as well live in Noah's Ark!

    Well, I may as well be living on Noah's Ark! Why you ask?? Because I seem to be accumulating quite the Zoo here. I have Animals and special Enclosures for them left, right and center. The Animal taming is nowhere near done though... Because I have gone and tamed a new furry friend, who I just couldn't resist while out adventuring one day...

    I mean, who could resist a cute little Ginger Kitty? I introduce to you, Puss in Boots!!! He's from Mo Creatures. I was going to try and stay away from taming Cats from this Mod, because they are quite the pain the butt to look after. But when I ran into this little fella, I couldn't say no. Luckily, he is another animal that you can carry on your head/shoulders. So getting home wasn't too hard... It was just a really long journey, because I found him really far away from my house.

    If you were wondering how I tempted little Puss in Boots to be mine forever, I had to craft a Medallion for him to wear, and then cook some fish and throw it at him so he can eat it. That is another slight downside to these Cats. They love the darn fish, and I really...truly...with a passion hate fishing (in Minecraft and in real life).

    Here are all the things I had to craft in order to keep this Ginger Feline happy. Pet Food (which is made using fish and porkchop..FISSH WHYYY?), a Litter Box and a Kitty Bed. The food and the Litter Box need to be checked on regularly, so it's kinda like having a real life Cat. I didn't want to make Puss in Boots wait around too long for his home to be built, so I got straight to work with it, once I returned from carrying him 50 million miles home.

    Going to be honest, I'm a little Jealous of Puss in Boot's new home. It's super cute and cosy and even has it's own garden, because I'm a crazy animal person, so even in a game I like to spoil them. I really hope Puss in Boots is going to like this... It took me a stupid and embarassing amount of time to build and make look pretty...

    As you can see, I think this little Kitty is very happy with his new home. Notice that he wanted to be in every shot I took of the inside of the house? He's such a little model. Also extremely spoiled... Who gives their Minecraft Cat a whole couch to themselves? Apparently I do...

    Moving on, let's give some attention to the wonderful Hippocamp creatures that exist in my world. I felt as if Hydra has been by himself for a little two long. So I went on a little mission to find him a friend. So I am happy to introduce Caspian! I found him, not to far away from where I live which was extremely convenient. He was also really easy to tame. His name came to me randomly, while I was trying to think of a name for him and I was thinking of that Prince Caspian book/movie by C.S Lewis. Honestly, I really like it!

    Moving away from all things four-legged and furry, I have been doing some work on getting my current armour enchanted. Then I can finally start working on crafting and enchanting the armour I shall be using when I fight the Ender Dragon. Got some pretty awesome enchantments here! I have managed to obtain Magic Resistance? Should probably research what that's about, and Fire Protection IV on my Chestplate. For Boots, I got Protection and Unbreaking III and Feather Falling IV! Although, Feather Falling is kinda useless for me, since I have my wonderful Cloud Pet, which not only gives you the ability to fly, but also you don;t take any fall damage at all. I could fall from one of those super tall trees in the Twlight Forest and no damage would come to me... It's pretty amazing.

    And then of course, I have to go and find this enchanted book in a loot chest under a Thaumcraft Greatwood Tree! What do you know, Feather Falling IV! And Luck of the Sea II? Again, might need to research what that does.

    Bouncing back to animals real quick, I decided to extend my Cow and Sheep Farm! It was getting a little cramped, and I was feeling a little bad so I gave them some extra room. The other reason I did this, is because I'm considering adding Pigs to this farm since I now need Porkchop for Puss in Boots and any other Kitties I may tame.The things I do for my Animals....

    Tried to make this Chapter long to make up for me ditching you all for almost a week! Thanks for stopping by!

    Missymomo <3

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    posted a message on Missy Hollow 2.0!! Chapter Twenty Three- So much Research!


    Today's Chapter is kinda short, but that's only because I haven't been able to play as much as I would like to recently. I still hope it's enjoyable!

    Chapter Twenty One- Exploring my first Hollow Hill!

    Today, I am kind of in the mood to go back to the Twilight Forest. Not to do any crazy boss fights or anything like that. I'm going to wait until after I have fought the Ender Dragon before I go and fight anything huge in the Twilight Forest. I'm just the mood for a bit of adventuring around the place. Hopefully finding some cool stuff to bring back home along the way!

    But, before we go I would just like to introduce you to the newest Bunny member in Missy Hollow! It had been a while since I had tamed any Bunnies to add to my little Bunny Enclosure, so I went on a bit of a mission to find a new fluffy bun to tame. Ended up coming across this little cutie after quite some time. I decided to name her Lilo from Lilo and Stitch because I'm a big child. I thought it suited her too!

    OK, now I just need to prepare for my adventure into the Twilight Forest. My Backpack is currently full of all sorts of stuff, because I went on a little bit of a mining trip just before. Going to empty everything out and just take the esstenials. Side Note- Do you guys want to see when I go mining? I never really post any mining trips in here, because I don't feel like they are that interesting. But if you wanna see them, I can start taking screenshots!

    I jumped into my Twilight Forest Portal, and the first thing I decided I wanted to do was go and loot the chests inside those massive trees. There are so many of them everywhere, that it's hard to resist. The only cool things I really found were two new Saplings! I have no idea what either of these trees do, but I shall do some research and find out! I wanna research a little before I just go planting them in my World... I don't want anything bad to happen :o And you know that I grabbed those Fireflies. I have an obsession with those things and I put them everywhere.

    While I was exploring around, looting more massive trees and taking all the Fireflies, I came across another Boss Arena! This one is for the Naga I believe. I have never fought any of the Bosses in the Twilight Forest, but I have watched people fight them on Youtube. In my opinion, the Naga looks the easiest to fight out of all of them. So maybe this guy will be the first Boss I fight in here!

    Ohhhhh! I have just stumbled across a Hollow Hill! These Hills have massive Caves inside them with sooo many different ores to mine, a ton of dangerous and scary Mobs and also awesome loot! I have never been into one, and I kinda really want to go into this one. I'm a little nervous though... Hold on, let me just eat and make sure I have enough arrows, food and life left in my Sword....

    And were in! It's really dark and scary in here. I have used up almost all my torches trying to light this place up a bit. There are Mobs and Spawners everywhereeeeee. Also, there are CREEPER spawners in here! I didn't manage to get a screenshot of one, but that's kinda crazy! I hate Creepers enough already, I don't need Creeper Spawners thank you very much.

    I decided it would be a good idea to run and around and destory any Spawners I could find before I tried to loot any chests. That way, I hopefully won't get interrupted too much. There are SO many ores in here, but honestly I don't really feel like mining. I can always come back and collect some at a later date though. For now, I'm just focused on what is inside these chests.

    JACKPOT!!! I have found some Transformation Powder!! Heard this stuff is pretty darn cool. I think you can transform Cows into those really pretty Deer that live here, and Sheep into the colorful Sheep! I am 100% going to have to use this on some of my animals.

    Made it out of that Hollow Hill alive (somehow). Not going to lie, I didn't think I was going to last long, and end up dying a couple of times. But that didn't happen! Here's all the awesome loot I have got out of this adventure! I think the Transformation Powder is my favourite thing that I found. Also found some Naga Scales, which I believe you can use to make really cool looking armour! I only have 4 though. I want to make the Chestplate, so I'm going to have to come back here soon and try and collect 4 more. This isn't really everything that I got out of this adventure, there is also all the stuff that I got from killing Mobs, but let's be honest that is not very exciting!

    Going to head home now, and put all this awesome stuff away. Overall, I am really happy with how that adventure went, but until next time Twilight Forest!

    Once I was back in the safety of my own home, I randomly decided I wanted to add a new Backpack to my collection. I thought this Squid one was way to cute to say no to, so that's what I ended up crafting. Will most likely be using this one after I get bored of the Wolf one!

    K, maybe it wasn't such a short Chapter...Thanks for stopping by!

    Missymomo <3

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    posted a message on Missy Hollow 2.0!! Chapter Twenty Three- So much Research!

    Planning for your Dragon fight already?! Holy crap, you're getting far! I spend far too much time building and farming, so I still haven't gotten that far on mine. XD

    I really wish you luck on that fight! I'd suggest another mod, but I think you've got flight figured out already. XD

    I have already got farming and stuff out of the way, so I thought why not try fighting the Ender Dragon? XD It is still a while away yet though, and thank you!
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    posted a message on Missy Hollow 2.0!! Chapter Twenty Three- So much Research!

    Hey Hey!!

    Holy moly... I'm now 20 Chapters into this Journal!! That is little crazy to me, because I wasn't expecting to keep this Journal going this long... I'm really terrible at it. But I guess my love for this one is keeping me going a lot longer! Anywayyyy, welcome!!!

    Chapter Twenty- Preparation for the ENDER DRAGON and Inventory Pets!

    Yes, you read the title of this Chapter correctly. Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with your eyesight. But there might be something seriously wrong with me for doing this.... Yes, I have decided that I am going to woman up and fight the Ender Dragon! This will be my first time EVER doing this, which is why I'm kinda scared, kinda peeing a little bit.. Not sure if this is going to be a good idea. I'm not going to do any practice rounds in new Worlds or anything like that. Just going to straight up go in there for the first time, and try and beat the Dragon.

    Now, the actual fight is still a while away yet. I still have a bit of prepping do... and not just gathering supplies... I mean mentally as well.

    I have kind of put everything else on hold to prepare for this Ender Dragon fight. I have made a Chest in my upstairs room that is called The END Chest! And it's where I am storing everything I shall be taking with me for battle. Here is what I have so far:

    • A diamond Sword which will get enchanted closer to the time.
    • A bow which will get enchanted closer to the time.
    • 2 Ender Pearls to use for teleporting if I end up not spawning on the center Island. (Is two enough??!!)
    • 21 Ender Eyes for finding the End and activating the Portal. I am working on gathering more though, just to be safe. (All of those are legit. I did not spawn any in, I promise!).
    • 2 Golden Apples. I know I will need more, but for now that's what I have.
    • 2 Potions of Swiftness- I don't know if I will end up using them, but they are there again as a 'just in case' thing.
    • 2 Potions of Instant Health II- I will 100% be needing these. Thinking maybe I should make more.
    • 2 Potions of Strength- Purely because they are amazing Potions and I tested fighting an Enderman with one and it was a 2 hit kill. Come in handy if I make any angry any off while fighting the Dragon.
    • 2 Potions of Harming with Instant Damage II- Again might be useful for the Endermen, not sure if I will use them though.

    Things I need to add:

    • A brand new set of enchanted diamond armour. That will take a while, but that is the plan. If any of you have recommendations for what kind of enchantments I should be going for on my armour, that would be a great help. :D
    • Ender Chests- Probably will come in handy. That's the other reason I am still working on collecting more Ender Eyes.
    • I will be taking my Cloud Pet- Not sure if this is counted as cheating? I was planning on using it to fly up to the Pillars to make it easier to destroy the crystals.. But if it sounds too cheaty, I won't bother.
    • Quiver Pet- I have yet to craft it, but it gives you infinite arrows, which I think might come in handy. Will only bring it though if I don't end up with a Infinity enchantment on my new bow.

    If there is anything else at all you guys think I should bring, or if you have any tips for the nervous noob who has never done this, it would all be really appreciated!

    Aside from running around like a mad chicken with it's head cut off, I have been crafting some new Inventory Pets! Mainly because I am too lazy to actually go on an adventure to find them...

    The first Pet I wanted to craft was the Magma Cube Pet! Thought this would be great for Nether Trips. It gives you constant Fire Resistance and I can walk on Lava?! I need to find out if this is true, hold on let me jump into my Nether Portal real quick...

    IT WORKS! I promise I am not pressing space bar to hold myself up. This is sooo cool! Been in the Nether seems a lot less scary now... The Magma Cube Pet feeds on Nether Quartz, which is pretty handy because I already keep a crap ton of that in my Feed Bag for my Cloud Pet.

    The other Pet I wanted to craft was the Wolf Pet! It lets you Summon a Wolf! And since I have really been wanting a pet Wolf, I thought this would be the perfect tool to get one quickly.

    Yay!!! I finally have a Wolf. I have been wanting a little furry companion to follow me around my house for a while now. I couldn't for the life of me decide what to call him, so i just called him Boo...

    Thought I would show you all some pictures of what I have been going through to try and obtain Ender Pearls to make Ender Eyes... I basically get attacked by hoards of Mobs everytime I attack one Enderman. Look at that army of Creepers!! That is pretty scary, thank goodness I have my Cloud Pet to get away from them. Also, that pain in the butt Orge, coming in and destroying things, making this task just a tad more difficult than it already is. But he was also kind of helpful, because he was killing off all the other pesky mobs for me while I was trying to fight the Enderman.

    Last thing I wanted to say, is that I have moved my Nether Portal. I was getting tired of having to run over to it everytime I needed to go to the Nether. So I have moved it down to where I keep my Nether Wart Farm. Decorated the area with some spooky skeletons and spiders from Decocraft. Also, moving the Portal didn't change where I spawn when I get into the Nether! So I still have that Nether Fortress right next to me, which I was really quite happy about. I am now working on building a Base in the Nether. Then I have plans to build some kind of bridge from my Base over to the Nether Fortress.... I'm really bad at bridge building, so we shall see how that turns out...

    So it's out there now... I will be attempting to fight the Ender Dragon in the near future. Like I mentioned in the Chapter, any tips you have that I might find useful for staying alive in there would be really helpful and appreciated! Thanks for stopping by!

    Missymomo <3

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    posted a message on Missy Hollow 2.0!! Chapter Twenty Three- So much Research!
    Quote from Elite_Digger»

    Nice update...I love the Twilight Forest. Not sure if you know how to make giant Oaks, but take one of those rainbow saplings and replant it in the overworld. Immediately after planting, put two glass cubes right next to it. Any blocks will work, but for some reason glass seems to work the best. Throw some bonemeal on there and !Poof! you should get a giant rainbow Oak tree. This is the same technique for regular giant oaks, but it works well for the rainbow oaks too. I had one world/house that I probably had like 30 of those things surrounding it...looked amazing.

    Keep up the fun adventure!

    Ohhh, cool thank you for the tip!
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    posted a message on Missy Hollow 2.0!! Chapter Twenty Three- So much Research!

    Hello There!

    Posting another Chapter today, because I did something exciting. I know I said that this Chapter wasn't going to be very exciting, but now it kind of is. Sooo welcome!

    Chapter Nineteen- A twilight Forest Adventure and More Backpacks!

    I'm in the mood for an adventure. But not an adventure here in the Overworld or in the Nether. No, I'm talking about somewhere brand new. Somewhere quite magical. Let's go to the Twilight Forest! I have been wanting to go for a while now, but I had other things I wanted to get out of the way first. But today, feels like a good day to go. I was going to work on Thaumcraft, but that can wait. But, before we head off, I need to make the actual Portal and I am also in the mood for a new Backpack....

    I present to you the Wolf Backpack! Another favourite of mine from this mod. This, from now on is going to be the Backpack I carry around with me everywhere. It's so damn cute. Makes me want to find and tame an actual Wolf. That is on my list of Pets that I would like to get... Hopefully soon!

    One more thing, while we are on the topic of Backpacks. I have made a little extension onto my house, because I thought I should probably have somewhere to store all these Backpacks... So here it is! This room is connected to my little Potion area, and it is where my Backpack collection shall be stored. It took me a while to figure out what kind of way I wanted to use to display the Backpacks, but ended up sticking with using upside down stairs as shelves. I used the stairs from Carpenters Blocks so that I could make them different colours of the Rainbow using wool! Thought it looked pretty and who doesn't love rainbows?

    You may notice that I have two new Backpacks sitting on those shelves that you have not seen before. The Mushroom one I crafted randomly, just because I wanted something to be sitting on one of the shelves. But I do really like that Backpack!

    I also went ahead and teleported back to my new Village to finally get the Villager Backpack! I made a Standard Backpack and grabbed 10 of my Emeralds to trade. Luckily, the Villager that was doing this trade was still alive and hadn't been slaughtered by Zombies. This Backpack looks great as part of my collection and I do plan on using it soon!

    OK, now it's time for the fun part of this Chapter, let's go to the Twilight Forest!

    First thing is first, gotta actually make the Portal. I am making it right next to my house. Just so it's easy to get too, and honestly I don't know where else I want to put it. I have made an infinite water source and surrounded it with Vanilla flowers. Added the diamond and bammm! The Twilight Forest Portal is made! I'm excited, alright before we just go jumping in, do I have everything? Food, weapons/tools, water bucket, Cloud Pet/Feed Bag, Potions in case of emergencies... Yep should be good to go. OK, jumping in!

    PFFTTTT, look where I ended up spawning!!! My Portal is sitting on a tiny floating island in the middle of the ocean! This is the first time I have had a spawn like this in the Twilight Forest. It's OK though, because there is land not far from me, so it's not like it's miles away from anywhere. I have plans to maybe expand this island a little bit, and possibly build a cute little Base for when I come here? We shall see. I have set a waypoint so I don't lose the Portal, now lets go!

    Firstly, let's take a look at the area near my Portal. Ohhhh, so pretty!! And, I have spawned not far from one of the Towers that a Boss is in! If I am not mistaken, I believe that is the Lich King's house! That would make an interesting Chapter if I decide to fight him... I have never done it before, so we will see.

    Travelled a little further North and found one of my all time favourite Biomes in the Twilight Forest, it's a Mushroom Forest!! Ahh, just thinking about it now, my house back in the Overworld would have looked super cute in this Biome.

    I have found the Enchanted Forest Biome with the gorgeous Rainbow Treeeeees!!!! Holy it's so darn beautiful! I think this is probably my second or third ever time finding this Biome. Amazing. Must set a waypoint to this place! I also managed to find the area where the Quest Ram lives!! Will have to come back to him at a later date too.

    Decided, that since I have this awesome Cloud Pet that allows me to easily fly everywhere, I would go and check out the tops of those extremely tall trees because they usually have Dungeons with Spider Spawners and Loot inside them! I managed to locate two, by listening out for the Spider sounds while standing on top of the trees. This is the Loot that I got from the two Dungeons. I think the most exciting thing out of all of it for me, are the Canopy Tree saplings!!! 100% going to be planting those in near my home when I go back. Also, Fireflies!!! I really love those things!

    After exploring those tall trees, I flew back down a little closer to the ground, and spotted a Maze!! Decided, why not go into it and see what kind of loot it contains.

    Those bloody scary little Spiders are a pain in the butt. So glad I have my Cloud Pet to get away from them. Also, the angry Wolves. They don't scare me, I just really hate killing them D:

    After the Maze and the Dungeons in the trees, here is what I have got in my Inventory! I'm going to shove it all in my Backpack to keep it safe. Pretty lucky to find a Golden Apple in one of the chests in the Maze. Also kinda excited that I found so much Pumpkin Pie. I have been meaning to make some, but never got around to it. Now I don't need to!

    I think that is enough excitment and exploration for one day. Going to head home with all my loot and go around, placing those Fireflies everywhere because they are so pretty and give off great light. I think the next time I come into the Twilight Forest, I will turn that little floating island that my Portal is on, into a proper little home that I can camp in when I'm here. Would be useful for when I want to do Boss Fights!

    Exciting enough? I thought so! The Twilight Forest Mod has to be one of my favourites! Thanks for stopping by!

    Missymomo <3

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    posted a message on Missy Hollow 2.0!! Chapter Twenty Three- So much Research!

    Looking good! I swear you have such a nice base. Do you have any tips for building?

    Another mod suggestion! Growable Ore Reeds! Sure, the growing blocks themselves are really expensive for 8 (unless you use a custom recipe for it, like I do), but you can grow literally any ore with it. I'd also suggest Aether 2!

    *also your new icon is super cute!*

    Thank you!!! I have been writing down all of the suggestions people give me for mods, so I will add those two to the list!

    I really don't think my building is anything special, but thanks! I don't really know what tips to give, I never thought anyone would ask me for them! XD
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    posted a message on Any "older" folks play Minecraft?

    I am 21. Turning 22 this year, and I play Minecraft almost everyday and I love it. I have been playing since 2015 and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. :D

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