About Me
Hello, minemom_01 here. You're probably wondering about my name right off the bat, right? Well, if you're thinking what I think you're thinking then, yes. I am a mom and I play Minecraft. Pretty, cool, huh? My kids seems to think that. I have two boys and we all three play Minecraft together. Sometimes on Xbox360, sometimes online. I wish I could get paid to sit around and play Minecraft but unfortunately I have to work and I don't get to play as often as I would like. But yes, again, I am a mom and I play Minecraft with my kids.

About me, well it's simple, really. I'm just a mom. I have three kids, two boys and one girl so I stay busy. Work, home, Minecraft, sleep, work, eat, Minecraft.

Hobbies: video games, crocheting, Netflix
Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Matrix
Favorite TV Shows: SpongeBob, My Little Pony, Walking Dead
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Foods: Chocolate!!!
Interests Minecraft Netflix Crocheting Taking long naps

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