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Play.HardcoreMinecraft.Net Presents..
Our BRAND New Hub Network!

Be sure to Visit our Website for your free rank + Perks! See You Online!

Servers Featuring :

Semi Vanilla Anarchy Server (Raiding + PVP)

Economy Survival (No Grief or PVP)

Hardcore Clan PVP (Raiding + Economy)

Non OP Prison (Coming Next Month)

MAPS WILL NEVER BE RESET. Fresh Maps As Of 5/26/2019 (Server Launch)

Contact Staff With Any Questions Via Our Support Section Online Or Ingame

Server Rules - No Hacking, No Spamming, No Advertising, No Exploits , No Glitching , Do Not Threaten any players in real life security or property. Do not threaten Server or Server Staff Security or Property. Each Server Has Its Own Rules Too besides these, Follow Them or Be Banned.

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