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    Sent a skype request
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    First off you use a weebly.com domain, also your website is offline
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    posted a message on I want a server rilly bad! but i dont have the money to host one
    You also want to look at organizing your thread, it would look much more professional if you have headings, sub headings and proper spacing in between to make it look nice and readable
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    posted a message on The MC Games Network - The next generation in Minecraft Minigames - Be Part of the next unique project - Recruiting - Limited St
    The MC Games Network
    Recruitment Thread

    The MC Games Netowrk, is the next major Minecraft Minigames server, where will offer tons of minigames for people to enjoy as well as our own custom plugins to allow users to to do things like never before, such as our own Custom HUD and a Points bar which will reward you based on your wins, kills, and more.

    In addition we will offer many unique minigames over a dedicated server managed by BungeeCord to allow for minimal lag for our players

    Skyblock / KitPVP / Survival Games / Spleef / Mob Arena / Bow Warfare / TimeBomb / The Walls / TF2 / Crown Conquest / Super Craft Bros / Paintball and more

    Technology: Ivy Bridge
    CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
    RAM: 32 GB DDR3
    Hard disk: 2x 120GB SSD
    Bandwidth: 100 Mbps

    minecrafterwork - Server Owner
    Rmarmorstein - Server Manager and Web Master
    codename_b - Occasional Plugin Development

    All Staff will need to:
    - Work well with others
    - Very well at reading and writing English, this includes grammar

    Graphics Artist - People applying for this position will be creating graphics for the server whether it be logos, signatures, website background, youtube background, etc. [0/2]

    Writer - This person will be responsible for writing posts for the server, whether it be for our forums, or for an advertisement, this person will have to have a Google Docs account to share work with Head Administrators [0/2]

    Web Developer - This person will be responsible for doing any website related work, this will include having knowledge of JSONAPI and the BungeeCord API to create live server modules [0/3]

    Structural Builder - This person will be responsible for building for the server whether it be Spawn or anything else that will be needed [0/4]

    Terraformer - This person will need to be able to create terrain for the server using plugins like Voxel Sniper [0/1]

    Plugin Developer - Though I am experienced in this, I don't have the time so I will need people knowledgeable with the Bukkit API, BungeeCord API, and TabAPI for Plugin development [0/3]

    NEW: Multicraft Setup - We are looking for one person to setup Multicraft and all it's prerequisites on a CentOS 5 System

    You only get to apply once, so make sure you give us your best application and make sure you follow the proper application format below, messing up the applications will remove your chances of joining the team

    Your application will be read, do not message me asking me to read it or post comments asking me to read it

    You will get a response in 12-24 Hours max

    Only copy the first two sections for all applicants and the section you are applying for, not the full application

    General Info [All Positions fill out]
    Skype [mic not required]:
    Age [minimum 15]:
    In Game Name:
    Previous Bans, if so provide justification:

    Server Related [All Positions fill out]
    Why do you want to join the staff team?
    Why should we pick you and not others?
    What will you bring to our community?
    What experience do you have in the field you are applying for?
    How long have you played Minecraft?
    How long can you dedicate a day?

    Graphics Artist applicants fill out
    Link to previous work [Stuff you are most proud of]:
    What software do you use:
    Will you be able to make banners, logos, etc.:
    Do you have experience with youtube and twitch tv backgrounds:

    Writer applicants fill out
    Link to previous work:
    Gmail for Google Docs:

    Web Developer applicants fill out
    Previous work:
    Do you have experience with forum software [Xenforo]:
    Experience with BungeeCord API and JSONAPI:

    Structural Builder and terraformer applicants fill out
    Previous Work:
    Work well with other builders/terraformers:
    Experience with WorldEdit:
    [Terraformers only] Experience with Voxel Sniper:

    Plugin Developer applicants fill out
    Previous work:
    Software for coding:
    Experience with BungeeCord API, TabAPI, BukkitAPI:
    Github [Required for Group Projects]:

    Multicraft Setup:
    Do you have experience with Putty or any similar software?
    Have you setup Multicraft before on CentOS 5?

    1. Application Process [Usually within 12 - 24 Hours]
    2. Interview on Skype, this will be a text chat where we can determine if we want you on the team or not
    3. Test project [You will need to complete this by the deadline provided to enter the team]
    4. Welcome to the Team

    Upon applying, you automatically agree that:

    - You will not argue if you are accepted or not
    - You will respect the server and it's rules
    - You will respect that young people may play on the server and will keep the chat based on that
    - You will enforce the rules and help out all players that need it even if you are not a Moderator
    - You agree players are the main priority and not playing games, so you will answer people even if it will cause you to lose a match you are playing
    - You will respect all other staff members and obey higher ranked staff members
    - Demotion may occur if you do not provide what is required by a deadline, deadlines are really relaxed so if something takes one week we set the deadline at two weeks.
    - Any Administrator may demote you without prior notice and without the need to provide a reason
    - In the case you are demoted, you are not to retaliate against the server in any way
    - You are to not distribute anything you make for the server
    - You are to not copy from anyone else when making something for the server
    - You will inform Administrators if you are to be going on a long leave
    - You will take this as seriously as you would take a job [Effort, Dedication and Professionalism are key]
    - You understand that this list may be updated at any time without prior notice

    Website: www.mcgamesnetwork.com - Will be redesigned completely when positions are filled
    e-mail me directly - [email protected]
    Skype - minecrafterwork - Be sure to say you are sending the friend request to talk about the server

    I prefer all applications to be made on this thread or via PM
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    posted a message on DarkAge (Looking for sponsorship on a huge project)
    You won't get far with 368 MB, not more than a couple of plugins and players
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    posted a message on Yams-free 24/7 server hosting
    To run it 24/7, your computer needs to be on 24/7 also running a server on a home network will probably go against your ISP's TOS
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    posted a message on How does server hosting work?

    If you buy a host or dedicated server, how does it all work? Also, what is a dedicated IP?

    If you don't know how to setup a dedicated server you shouldn't try starting a company as you need knowledge of tons of stuff like Linux
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    posted a message on request for host
    Quote from mremodrulez

    Nevertheless it still helps get better deals and attracts more hosts...

    What I meant is it just doesn't really fit in here, since it has questions like "Why can't you pay for the server?" and that is not really applicable since the OP says he can pay
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    posted a message on "Vanilla" Servers False Advertising
    I agree, Vanilla could be considered vanilla even with plugins like HawkEye, and other admin plugins but when they add plugins like setting a home using a command, teleporting to spawn then that no longer makes the server pure vanilla
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