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    What exactly is this?
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    posted a message on ~ Team Prestige ~ Professional Build Team ~ Recruiting ~
    Change Log - 25 May, 2013

    Our Website, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook are now open, feel free to check them out and let us know what you think

    Website: http://teamprestigemc.com/index.php
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeamPrestigeMC
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamPrestigeMC
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/MCTeamPrestige
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    posted a message on Inviting to my Realms**NO SKYPE**
    IGN- minecrafterwork
    Age- 22
    US or not in US- Canada
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    posted a message on ~ Team Prestige ~ Professional Build Team ~ Recruiting ~
    Change Log - 23 May, 2013:
    - Fixed a couple of errors in the post
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    posted a message on ~ Team Prestige ~ Professional Build Team ~ Recruiting ~
    Quote from kags77

    hi i need a new spectacular spawn built for a server i am staff on it will have 1000+ slots on so if you think you can fit it in contact me on skype, my name is Kags77


    Thank you for your interest, right now we currently have higher priorities, if I find spare time I will contact you


    - Head of Team Prestige
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    posted a message on ~ Team Prestige ~ Professional Build Team ~ Recruiting ~
    Change Log - 22 May, 2013:
    - Added in Server Specs, Schedule, and Contact Us
    - Applications are now open, feel free to send them in
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    posted a message on ~ Team Prestige ~ Professional Build Team ~ Recruiting ~

    Team Prestige, is an elite team of Minecrafters who specialize in various fields of building such as Structural, Terrafroming, Redstone and Organic. Team Prestige consists of amazing builders, who fit in to a great community that constantly strive to produce the best builds in Minecraft for the community.

    Applications: Open

    On our schedule, we will list special community events, these will range from building a map to playing the survival games as a community event, these are just fun events organized for the community and as a member of Team Prestige you are not required to attend these events and it won't be held against you

    -- Weekly Schedule --
    During Community Build Team we usually work on the map of that time, for example we may be building a survival games map for the Hive, we would work on that during Community Build Time

    Sunday: 6 PM GMT - Community Build Time
    Monday: No Event
    Tuesday: 4 PM GMT - Community Build Time
    Wednesday: No Event
    Thursday: 6 PM GMT - Community Build Time
    Friday: No Event
    Saturday: 6 PM GMT - Community Build Time

    -- Special Schedule --
    Here you can find our limited events, these events do not occur weekly

    No Current Special Event

    One of our goals is to provide an enjoyable experience to all server members, that is why we run on first grade dedicated hardware which allow for excessive use of World Edit and Voxel Sniper, our hardware specs are as follows and the server is located on the East Coast of the USA with great ping worldwide

    Technology: Sandy Bridge
    CPU: Intel Core i5-2400
    Frequency: 3.1GHz / 3.4GHz Turbo Boost
    RAM: 16GB DDR3
    HDD: 2x 2TB SATA2
    Bandwidth: 100 Mbps

    -- Projects list coming soon --

    -- Head Positions --
    Owner: minecrafterwork
    Rest of list coming soon

    -- Build Team Positions --
    Rest of list coming soon

    - Be part of an Amazing team of builders, who will produce quality work

    - Access to the whitelisted forum on our website, in addition to a special tag on our website corresponding to your rank

    - We will occasionally make Adventure Maps, Parkour Maps, Survival Games Maps, Trouble in Mineville maps, etc, for various servers such as The Hive and Minecraft Survival Games. All members who work on these maps will receive proper credit for them, all projects will be built on the Team Prestige server and will be credited as Team Prestige and will be submitted on an official Team Prestige account

    - Access to the Team Prestige private whitelisted server, which will include the following worlds

    -> If your application, which you can find below, is accepted you will be taken to the Guest World where you will need to prove your skill
    -> Fun world, the world for out of project Builds
    -> Project World, projects such as maps that are made by Team Prestige will have their own world
    -> Redstone World, a Redstone fun world where you can build contraptions and have fun with redstone

    -- Application Requirements --

    - Skype is Required, while a mic is not required
    - Previous Work is Required, no proof will make your application rejected

    -- Application Policy --

    - You must be 15 years of age or older to apply
    - You must fill out the application to the best of your ability
    - If you are declined 3 times, you are not allowed to apply again until one month has passed since your last application
    - If you want to apply via PM, your message title must be [your IGN]'s Application for Team Prestige

    -- Application Process --

    1. Allow up to 24 hours for your application to be processed
    2. If you pass step one, we will add you on skype and setup an interview time, this will be a text chat interview and will help us determine if you fit on the team, grammar and spelling will be judged during this interview
    3. If you pass step two, you will be whitelisted on the server to create a Test Project in the guest world, this will again help us assess your ability [You have 3 chances to get approved or you will be removed from the whitelist]
    4. If your build is up to par, you will be promoted to builder and welcomed onto the team

    -- Application --

    Interested in trying out for Team Prestige, then fill in the application below in the comments section or via PM, any other method will not be accepted

    -- About You --

    What is your first name?
    What is your IGN?
    What is your timezone or country of residence?
    What is your skype username?
    Do you have TeamSpeak 3?

    -- Experience --

    Images or Videos:

    -- In Depth Answers --

    Why should we choose you to be part of Team Prestige?
    What makes you better than other applicants for Team Prestige?
    Why would you make a good addition to the team and community?

    If you would like to contact us, use the following methods, applications are only accepted via the comments or PM

    1. Comments section of this thread
    2. Private Message on the forums
    3. Skype: minecrafterwork [Include a reason or I won't accept your friend request]
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    posted a message on [Looking For] Youtube Intro + Outro [Paying 15 USD]
    Quote from NoXthin

    I think it's best to describe what you want. that way it'll be easier for us to do it for you.

    ok I am looking for, an intro and outro, each lasting for 15-20 seconds, with Music, the music will need to fit in, as in it must tune and not cut, for both the Intro and Outro will be the same so you only really need to make one video, my channel will be called LightningTask so anything around the theme will fit in and in addition it is not only Minecraft so it will need to work for different games. A dark theme would be best with the LightningTask in red.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask me
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    posted a message on [Looking For] Youtube Intro + Outro [Paying 15 USD]
    Quote from NoXthin

    What Kind of Outro are we talking about? the same with Captain Sparkles, an animated one, ETC?


    It will be similar but a bit simpler, in addition the channel will be covering games other than Minecraft so the intro and outro will need to be themed like that
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    posted a message on [Looking For] Youtube Intro + Outro [Paying 15 USD]
    Hello MCForums Community,

    I am looking for a Youtube intro and outro, I am willing to pay up to 15 USD for both of the objects depending on how good they turn out to be, I will be able to release more detail if you are interested, if you are please contact me using the following methods:

    - Message Me on the Forums
    - Reply to this post


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    posted a message on TimeBomb Minigame - A Unique Server Concept - Sponsorship
    Quote from SamBinch

    Thanks for the heads up :D

    Quote from Zach_Adminium

    Anytime. I feel bad for all the people who have made a post about sponsoring him. This is his second project in two weeks. He can't ever make up his mind or stick with something. Then he complains when you don't do something and rages and sends threats saying "If you company can't give me what I need to run my server, I'll get a new sponsor!" And all that crap. And now after he reads this he'll deny it all and come up with some fake story like he did above when I couldn't give him things (and I gave MUCH more) so yea. Have fun with him CloudBoo. I wish you major luck.


    This is my final response to you on this thread as I don't want to start a rage war, if you look at my threads this was a project I was going to start long ago but the plugin was broken, and now that it is updated I am restarting it. As for you, I sent you a message about what I needed and you said, quoted from the message

    Quote from Zach_Adminium »

    I'll set that up shortly.

    You never replied back saying you set it up, in addition one of my requirements was Multicraft and you use CraftSRV
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    posted a message on TimeBomb Minigame - A Unique Server Concept - Sponsorship
    Quote from Cloudboo

    Where are you located?

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    posted a message on TimeBomb Minigame - A Unique Server Concept - Sponsorship
    Quote from Zach_Adminium

    I suggest not sponsoring him. I made the mistake and noticed that after a week he did NOTHING on his server. He's just a scam artists.

    Have a good day.


    The problem with your sponsorship was you did not provide mysql/dedicated IP/FTP in addition you did not use Multicraft

    Quote from HubTec_Craig


    I am just wondering if you have this already set up, based on the post by Adminium I'm not sure if you are looking for somewhere to develop your world on, or somewhere to launch it. Do you have an estimated amount of time that it would take to release?


    Craig @ HubTec.net


    After getting the servers, they should go public within five days

    Quote from FWright

    Do you have any kind of hosting experience? Your idea sounds good but how do you plan on promoting the server? Who is going to build the maps players play on? You want default ports, are you also wanting 2 custom domain names; will you be paying for the custom domains, or will that be part of the sponsor? Do you know anyone else who would be interested in playing on this kind of server?



    I have been running Bukkit servers for around a year now, the server will be promoted through MinecraftForums, PlanetMinecraft, Minestatus, etc. as for Maps, I have a build team who are already working on the maps for the server so when I get the server I do not need to delay the opening for building, as for a custom domain, I will be supplying that as I own a domain
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    posted a message on TimeBomb Minigame - A Unique Server Concept - Sponsorship

    TimeBomb is a unique server idea, that provides a whole new aspect of Minecraft fun, TimeBomb is a dedicated server game meaning the server must be running only TimeBomb to function, TimeBomb provides two different gamemodes which are Classic and Infection which will be explained later on as well as special blocks for the arena for example when you stand on Red Wool you get a two block high jump for a couple of seconds, blue wool gives you speed, and green gives you instant high jump. If more than 5 people are on the server when the game starts, one will start with a Gold Block, which will give them speed and a two block high jump, the other players can steal it from you by hitting you and the bomber can give you the bomb, the bomber is explained later, and the person with the gold at the end gets two points to spend in the shop.

    Classic Gamemode - A player spawns with a timebomb, and his goal is to give other players by touching them the bomb before the timer [xp bar counting down] runs out, when the time runs out the person with the bomb dies and loses points

    Infection Gamemode - A player spawns with the timebomb, and his goal is to give all the players the bomb before the time, xp bar, runs out when he gives another player the bomb he doesn't lose it so both players will now have the bomb and they have to pass the bomb on to everyone, infect everyone. Players have to try and not get infected.

    /tb help - Shows help and lists commands

    /tbshop - Shows the game shop

    /tbscore - Shows your score

    Donations will be promoted using the buycraft plugin, and donation will earn the player extra perks such as double points, more shop items and more perks coming soon

    Two, 2 GB Servers with default ports

    Professionally hosted

    Multicraft Control Panel

    FTP and Custom JAR support

    MySQL database

    Host must have website

    Message in MOTD

    Message on signs at spawn

    Message every 10 minutes on server

    Message on our forums posts

    75 percent of donations

    Timebomb is a unique server concept, that is special and is not like the thousands of survival, creative, hunger games server out there, and I believe that Timebomb has potential for many players to join since it's unique

    If you are interested in sponsoring us, send me a message on the forums or reply to this post
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    posted a message on EconomyNationMC - Unique Sponsorship Request
    Quote from j4d3rz96


    Please provide links to all of the websites you have mentioned that you will advertise on, your YouTube, Twitter and Website, if these are currently online. Would you settle to use TCADMIN combined with McMyAdmin, as we do not use Multicraft?

    Jadon Mayhew
    Director of Sales and Marketing


    The links are not up, but they will be up soon, TCADMIN and McMyAdmin combined would work
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