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    Hey guys! I am an architect designer on minecraft. I make mostly modern houses. I would love to see PC texture packs like flows HD, and maybe even shaders. The Xbox one is highly capable of running shaders. And the textures would be amazing as well. Even mods would be cool (:

    Whoever wants these things should join me on a mission to try to get 4j to add these. We should all tweet them, and try to get them to notice. Remember, 4j looks at the customers/community first. If we try hard enough, we can get anything we want, as long as it is possible. Who is with me?

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    Hey guys. Can anyone please give me a link to a shaders texture Pack

    or atleast tell me the name of a shaders texture with the following things:

    A texture format, not a mod. I can download it on iOS with jail breaking

    Wavy plants, grass, leaves

    combine it with a texture Pack. I would want to use it with Flows HD

    no lag

    has good shadows, water, and sunshine shades. I don't expect pc level graphics, but I want something near it.

    works with 0.10.4 or future updates


    thank You!!
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    SwordCraft Server

    This is basically a survival server. Gather resources during the day. Survive the night!
    Please read the wall of rules when you spawn. They are required to be read. It is your choice if you want to read, but you will be responsible for the rules you break. One broken rule = Ban or Kick. Please do not break or place blocks at spawn or else you will be kicked or banned. To join, please write Sword in the subject of your message.

    Have Fun! PSN: cooldudeswagga12


    Rules: Welcome to SwordCraft! This is a survival server. We also have Parkour and Shops. No griefing or else you will be banned or kicked from the server. Please be kind to others. If you have any questions, contact me. No voice chat, I will provide you with a chat. Please build a house as soon as possible. You have 20 minutes to build. Then you are free and you don't have to worry about anything. Do not guarantee your progress to be saved, but most of the time it will be. I will notify you when it will not be saved. This is not a strict server, do not worry. You can stay in spawn and do whatever you like as long as you have a house. DO NOT BREAK OR PLACE BLOCKS IN PARKOUR, SHOP, OR SPAWN! If you do, I will be notified immediately by the moderators, they will either do these things: Not letting you break or place blocks, kick you or permanently ban you, or kill you and take all your items.
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