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    posted a message on How can I get rid of the acid rain in the Twilight Forest mod?

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Twilight Forest Version: 3.11.1021

    I recently researched the Twilight Forest mode a bit (I'm trying to build an adventure map there), and saw that most biomes there's some kind of weird acid rain.
    Sometimes it gives me effects of hunger and stuff like that, sometimes it just gives an effect that gives a feeling like you're getting hurt but it's not really happening, and sometimes it's a terrible blizzard that I can't see anything through.

    I will say in advance: I checked online and realized that this is the progression system of the Twilight Forest mod, and that these biomes are closed until I defeat the boss that is in them.
    The problem is, when I try to do that, nothing happens.

    I tried to kill Alpha Yeti in the snowy area (at the first time, I did it in creative mod) and nothing happened.

    I tried to defeat another alpha yeti in survival mod. Nothing has happened yet.

    I tried to defeat the other two left in the biome (in survival mod) and still the storm continued.

    Finally, I went to the Snow Queen at the top of the tower and defeated her (in survival mod). Still, nothing happened and the blizzard continued.

    At one point, I thought maybe I was doing it wrong, so I tried to kill the Snow Queen first and then all the alpha yetis. It didn't help either.

    The same thing happened when I tried to defeat all the bosses on all the other biomes

    (I always made sure to be in survival mod so that the killing of would be considered as progress that might stop the strange rain. It didn't help).

    I'm totally freaking out right now! Can anyone help me please? Maybe there's a way to turn it off with a command or something?

    (I don't really care about the progress, because like I said, I try to build my own map there)

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    posted a message on A faster way to replace blocks in minecraft?

    Hey guys.

    I've been looking for a long time for something (mod or plugin) that will help me replace blocks more easily.

    When I say "replace" I mean (for example) that when I want to replace a particular block with another block, instead of breaking the block and then putting the another one I want, I will just click on a specific block that is in front of me and in my hand there will be a different type of block, and the block I click on will change to the type of block that in my hand

    (If someone still didn't understand what I was talking about after this privatized explanation, here's a video that could explain it: )

    I realized that there were some Minecraft plugins that did the same thing, but everything I found matched only versions 1.8 and below, and I need something like this for Creative Mode in version 1.12.2

    Can anoyone help me please????

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