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    Hi, first of all this mod is my favorite fabric mod so far, it looks really good with the new nether!

    I have a suggestion though, a new mob.

    Here is my mob idea for the basalt deltas:

    The nether hermit crab (it needs a proper name i know)

    It's a passive crustacean that lives in the nether.

    It should spawn in large numbers in the basalt deltas, but could rarely spawn in the nether wastelands.

    The nether hermit crab should flee from any mob it sees, and piglins should hunt them.

    Maybe it's claws could be a food that is better than golden carrots, because they're very easy to get now.

    It should be breedable with gold nuggets or bars.

    If it reaches 0 health, it's shell could break, dropping the shell, and some gold nuggets and the crab gains a speed buff. It could search for any item that is wearable in the head slot, and wear it, or just start riding a magma cube because why not.

    The shell could be placed down as a decoration, or used as bait for the crab.

    Idk about stats, after it's shell breaks it should have 5 health.

    One last thing: when the crab still has the shell on it, it should take double damage from pickaxes.

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