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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Harvest - Farm-style Survival Map
    I'm not dead and I'm late even in posting this. I started working on this so much I got sick of playing minecraft it became more of a job than fun so I just kind of slunk off and dropped everything. Lucky for you guys LoDs is an awesome person and kept stuff going.

    Quote from Kinjiro_kosugi

    Hi there,
    First off I love this map and the idea of a Minecraft Harvest Moon Style game play. Being a fan of Harvest Moon since BTN I can appreciate what you have done with an older version I haven't played before, so things will be a bit more challenging for me.
    Keep up the good work!

    Also I did some recording of this map in hopes of keeping it alive so it wont get overlooked as just some map.

    Here is my first episode. Hope you enjoy it.

    Added to the Lets Play on 1st Post
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Harvest - Farm-style Survival Map

    Welcome to Harvest, a Farm-style survival map. This is version 1.5

    This is my first map and I welcome any and all constructive criticism and comments. I plan on updating and fixing things as needed.

    I’ve played a number of similar maps and enjoyed different aspects of many of them, but found myself wanting something more structured and with a goal in mind. I designed a map that I wanted to play, first and foremost, and hopefully you will enjoy playing it as well.

    It’s a map built in homage to the Harvest Moon SNES game, complete with my own renditions of the classic farmhouse and town. The NPCs are set up to sell almost anything you could want or need, you’ll need to be able to afford it though and to do that you’ll have to start farming.

    It is a slow start and many thing are very expensive but it makes the payoff that much sweeter in the end, just like the Harvest Moon games on console.

    Up Coming
    LordofDragonss, who has been helping me for quite a while now, is going to be joining me to expand the map. Going to leave this one the way it is. We're going to add a second town and farm (HM: GBC2) that will be visible from the top of the mountain. The goods that the villagers sell are going to be spread out among the new merchants in the new town to allow for less cluttered rendering Some towns will carry the same items for ease of purchase and the prices will remain relatively the same if not identical across the board. Yes you will have access to a second farm. After releasing and working the bugs out of that one a 3rd town (HM: GBC3) will be added, the island town that you will need to take a boat to (provided) At that point Vendor items will again be redistributed. Any Comments or Opinions you want to add on this will be widely appreciated.

    Sidenote: Its midterms week just before spring break so ima be relatively MIA.


    - The fires went out in the last update. I lit them again and just re-uploaded 1.6. No rename since it was -so- minor and had no real bearings on the game play.

    - Added a full set of Diamond Tools among the secret chests as well as a Mooshroom hidden somewhere in your farm area(14 in total)
    - Of those 14 secret chests 12 contain a red rose. This red rose can be placed inside your Power Berry Garden behind the barns.
    - Added Netherack to the Carpenter
    - Added the purchase of Lapis Lazuli from the player by the Mayor.
    - Added a Hardcore Download Option

    -Add Cocoa beans to the Sprite vendor
    -Added Cake to the Sprite Vendor
    -Made the Hawkers cage into a Booth
    - Lowered the of Bottle o' Enchanting (4 for 9)
    -The Priest in the church now sells 9 Enchants

    Protection III, Unbreaking II, Feather Falling II, Blast Protection I, Projectile Protection II, Sharpness II, Infinity I, Looting II, Fortune II

    1.4.5 (minor update)
    - The Fisheman trades were backwards, he was buying what buying what he was supposed to be selling and vice versa
    - Changed the hawkers cage to a stall

    - Built a small 4x7 cobblestone fence behind the barn reminiscent of the Power Berry garden
    - Lava pool beneath Livestock Store removed
    - Tool shop refortified against vendor escape
    - Beanstalk area built and linked
    - New vendor added, the hawker.
    - Gamerule mobGriefing set to false - should keep creepers from damaging anything if they blow up
    - Fixed a terraforming error along the south border of the farm
    - *Windows added to shops and houses
    - *The Begger has a stall now that is easy to access and keeps him safe from zombies
    - *Added another secret for a total of 10 (7farm, 2town, 1mountain)
    - *The Mayor now lives in his house and will exchange emeralds for gold you bring him
    - *Added Lilypads to the fishing hole on the mountain pass, you need to remove them or fish around them
    - *Priest added who currently does/sells nothing
    - *Removed the 2 gates in front of the farm vendors, replaced it with just a fence.

    *Specifically helped by LordofDragonss

    ::Vendor Count::
    Farm: 3 Vendors
    Town: 11 Vendors
    Mountain: 3 Vendors

    - Fixed a few pricing errors (cows were 36 emeralds too cheap and the return on cobblestone was twice what it should have been)
    - Added cactus and flowerpots to the flower/seed shop
    - Restructured the treehouse just slightly to make the carpenters trapped in better
    - There are now 9 secrets in total. 7 Are on your farm (somewhere) 1 is on the mountain pass and 1 is in town (no digging required in town)

    - Added Monster spawners (4) in the mine

    - Added a few more hidden secrets around
    - Added the Sprite's Cave
    - Added Carrots and Potatoes
    - Added a second 'Shipping' vendor. One specifically for animal products and one specifically for produce
    - Modified some item costs and values
    - Secured outdoor vendors to keep them safe from zombies

    Suggested Rules

    The difficulty may be placed on any setting based on your preference.

    Please do not use cheats or creative mode as most building blocks and materials can be bought using the in-game currency exchange.

    Outside of your farm please keep within the fenced and walled off areas for maximum enjoyment of the map.

    Inside your farm please do not destroy the fence with logs under it or your barns and tool shed. You may expand your house as you see fit. Terraform and dig. Mining is not a necessity and most can be found in the mountain pass cave. That does not mean you cannot! Please do if you want!

    For your own benefit do not kill NPC shop owners.

    Ultimately you are the one playing the game so enjoy it however is best for you.

    First post updated with New Pictures

    Fence Related Questions

    What is the Farm?

    Map layout?


    Lets Play

    A Lets Play by Scrixx and his Girlfriend
    Episode 1: Getting started!

    A Lets Play by Kinjiro_kosugi
    Harvest: Episode 1 Getting Aquainted

    Suggested Texture Pack

    SMP Revival [Link]
    This is the texture pack in the images, the one the map was built with.

    Sphax PureDBcraft [Link]
    Another wonderful texture pack that works well and has a nice clean look to it.

    Suggested Mods

    If you’re going to use any of the mods down here you will need to download and install Forge Modloader. [Link]

    FarmCraftory 2.0 [Link]
    This mod adds 25 more seeds and crops to minecraft based off of the Rune Factory Harvest Moon spin-off. While the NPCs won’t buy or sell these seeds and produce it may add to your farming experience past wheat and pumpkins.

    Xie’s Mods [Link]
    This is another set of mods that adds many many new seeds and plants in game.

    Pam’s Mods [Link]
    This is another set of mods that add many new seeds and plants in game. More mods listed on this page allow you to smelt Rotten meat into leather and other similar conversion types.


    First: Download the desired file below.

    Second: Now that you have the file, .rar or .zip format. Unzip it with your favorite unzipper. WinRar, Winzip, Unarchiver...etc

    [Win] Third: Go to Start button. Search Run and hit enter. A pop-up should come up. In the pop-up type %appdata% Find and Enter the "Roaming" file. Once inside that file, Find and Enter /.minecraft

    [Mac] Third: Open a Finder window, go to Library and find your Application Support folder. Inside there you should be able to find your minecraft folder.

    Fourth: In the minecraft folder, find /saves and drag and drop the Harvest folder here.

    Fifth: You're good to go. Play on your new world. Have Fun!

    Known Issues
    Minecraft Comes Alive, a wonderful mod, conflicts with this map by overwriting the map's preset vendors.

    Custom villager trades made possible by McEdit filter CreateShop made by SethBling [ | Filters]

    Vendor Table located on gDocs for your convenience [Link]

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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Harvest - Farm-style Survival Map
    Some pics of construction. Sorry it's taken so long.

    Farm houses, Farm, Unfinished mountain pass, Docks (to 3rd town-it will not be out in v.2)

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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Harvest - Farm-style Survival Map
    This economy thing is HARD! It looks like Easy > Hard town may win out, which honestly makes building and balancing the economy easier, I'm sure really caught up in making the cost of things both worth it and fair without being too cheap. Choosing what items are in which of the three towns.. next release is only going to be town 1 and 2 so some stuff won't be in the game yet. I might have to sleep on this to get it right. I thought id get a lot more done today with classes canceled.
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    posted a message on Dragon Dance, Cartoon RPG (Updated 3/10)
    Just be quiet. It's their texturepack. If you don't like it don't use it. Plenty of people have said they like it,stop cluttering their thread with it.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Harvest - Farm-style Survival Map
    I guess me being the hoarder at heart I didn't think people would be willing to give away all that iron, then again I guess it's not too limited in supply...regardless it will be fixed. Target release date is Saturday. Hopefully.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Harvest - Farm-style Survival Map
    Alright, spoke with LoDs and we're goign to build the Sheep barn and the Hothouse in the GBC2 game and Irondoor/Lock them. Obviously you can make a lever or pressure plate and get in them beforehand. But I figure if you guys are going to cheat, you'll do it anyway.

    That's the heads up for now. Yeah, balancing the prices is the most difficult part. Taking out all the current hidden items to be re-distributed as well. There will be .. I'm thinking 10 in each town/farm area so each PowerBerry Garden will have 10 Power Berries (Ferns) you can gather and plant.

    Also as we've swapped over to 1.5 now i'm building exclusively in LoDs' texture pack (which looks hideous in any other txt pack) So that will be included in the downloads now.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Harvest - Farm-style Survival Map
    I'm at work! Stable internet connection! I'll see if I can't get anything done while Im here at work. The cable guys should be over at my place today/night so hopefully it'll all be running well come tomorrow. Luckily one of the bigger parts of the updates was being worked on by LoDs so you guys should really thank him. I should also update/put more in the OP...but ima work on the map for now instead - I think OP looks cluttered...

    The first map, and what will be the easiest farm was based off Harvest Moon for the SNES the very first game. This town here will be based off the Harvest Moon GBC2. I have to balance mimicking the game with it looking decent in game + giving you room to creatively expand your house etc. I think I'm going to make the space between the house and the barn larger for just that reason. There are 2 buildings in HM GBC2, the sheep barn and the hothouse (Green house) that you have to get the carpenters to build for them to show up on your farm. I think maybe I should just build them in advance for you so they're there.

    Still watching the poll it looks like everyone is leaning towards choose your own starting farm. With the other heavy majority towards start at farm one and advance. Granted if option two wins out the people who chose option one have ....well the option to just select the starter farm and work up :)

    Here's a few pictures of what I got semi-done today, its just building the structures they aren't actually placed on the map yet, wanted to make sure I was sectioning off enough room first.

    Those are the animal pastures from the game.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Harvest - Farm-style Survival Map
    You'll have to talk to LoDs about that, I build in present patch. Currently adding on the new train station to the village that will take you to the second village and the second town. Got a few buildings built, but nothing put in them yet.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Harvest - Farm-style Survival Map
    Changes to Developer Copy: Doubled the cost of seed items from the sprite (10 mushrooms to 20 for example); Decreased return from Logs and Cobblestone from 10 emeralds to 5 emeralds; Removed the pet wolf and replaced it with a chest containing a wolf spawn egg and 3 bones. Added Trees around the paths and around the outside of the town. Moved the Diamond Sword to the bottom of the mine. Added mycelium as the bottom layer of the mine (for now?)
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