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    posted a message on ♛ DBMHosting.com ♛ | ✯ €5.00 Euro (6$) / GB ✯ | ❇ High End Hosting ❇ | ♫ Free 5 slot Teamspeak ♫ | ✉ paysafecard ✉


    DBM Hosting was built out of a love for gaming, and the desire to modify and improve the experience for all involved.

    We aim to raise the bar on server hosting, and customer service offered. Any question you have no matter what day or time, you can be assured your question will be answered in a timely manner.

    We understand how important it is to you and everyone who plays on your server that the server works exactly how it should, and the experience is not ruined by lag and choppiness.

    DBMHosting is a legally registered, third party verified company which has been running since June 2014. Several high playerbase networks already rely on DBMHosting for sheer performance and quality hosting.

    Free Trials:

    To get yourself a free trial simply click [HERE] and you will be taken to the order page! Trials do go through automatic activation so you will have instant access!


    • Paypal
    • paysafecard
    • Mollie
    • iDeal
    • Bitcoin
    • Credit Card

    Our servers offer:

    • Servers in Europe
    • Free 5 slot teamspeak server!
    • TCAdmin Control Panel
    • Mod / Custom jar support
    • Buycraft / Enjin / MinecraftMarket trial
    • Powerfull DDoS Protection
    • FTP
    • Dedicated Port (€3.50 One-Time Activation)

    More information:

    Server Status: View Status
    Website: https://dbmhosting.com
    Sales: [email protected]
    Support: [email protected]
    Skype: brandon2695 [Click to add]

    - Metrotyranno | DBMHosting.com Owner

    Quote from ViperHCF»

    We rely to DMB to host our teamspeak for our 350 player network minecraft server. This host raises the bar beyond our expectations, and is always on call whenever we need them.

    You will NOT regret going with this company.

    Quote from Camcam281»
    Awesome host!

    I was set up quickly, and the friendly staff (I communicate with Brandon) is the best customer service I have ever dealt with. They help you while also being nice, and fun to work with.

    I would recommend this host to anyone who wants a cheap and reliable host for your server.

    My Rating: 10/10

    REALY Awesome HOST Amazing Support Staff Willing To Help You With Anything Not Like Some Other Hosts

    Servers UP 24/7/365 And of course DDoS Protection Is Great

    LiveChat 5/5

    Tickets 5/5

    Server 5/5

    Prices 4.9/5

    Quote from Major_Bludd»
    If you are looking for a Minecraft host....These guys, Are top notch. Within hours they did what most companies refused to. Handed me an IP to a server that was fine tuned to my request and said If you like it, you can pay us. I love these guys. Most hosts are slow on support and still cant fix minor issues. They guy Brandon, if you have a pleasure to work with him, Is super friendly, knowledgable, and quick. I would never suggest a different host. Their prices are on par with everyone too. You cannot go wrong with these guys here, Again....


    Quote from BensDaMan»
    Impressive, got a 1GB server for my UK mate and i to mess around on, performs great, we've made some nice builds on there!

    Quote from DigitalRegen»
    Amazing voice servers! The server setup was instant, and the staff was very helpful. The server ran perfectly with no lag, it never froze, and performance was fantastic! I highly recommend them. 5/5

    Quote from jdtown»
    DBMHosting amazing service! Quick, and always reliable! If i had to choose anyone to host my servers, it would be dbmhosting! I can always count on quality service and hosting with dbm!

    I would recommend dbm to anyone that needs cheap high quality servers as they have amazing representatives as well on the go to help you at any time!

    Choose DBMHosting!

    Quote from DeathHavenMC»

    DBMHosting is an amazing service! Great Customer Support, Great Prices, and a user friendly control panel. 5/5 definately. If you need a hosting service, use DBMHosting.

    As I mentioned DBMHosting is the best host you could ever have

    They setted me up bungeecord along with my order for FREE

    They give you solutions for plugins you cant seem to find and basically they help you A LOT!

    The staff is nice (Not many I think 2) they help you with anything even with plugin YES I KNOW AWESOME

    They have really good prices and their dedi servers are quite good too

    Best host in the world

    Quote from Terronce»

    Spoke to a customer rep from DBM hosting and they demo'd a server setup for Sky Factory 2 with multi-island support (which is was what I was after) within 30 mins. Friendly, super helpful - 10/10! Instantly signed up :). Thanks DBM!

    Quote from tatanpoker09»

    VERY good Host! I've gone through several so far and they are rather expensive for what they offer, this host has a really good combination of resources over price. On another note customer support is just the best, I had some issues recurring billing, but they were there for everything until everything was sorted, setup and running. I can't emphasize how much this host is just the best. 10/10.

    Quote from Switch0r»

    Bought a server today for 6 months and its looking great so far :)

    Friendly and fast service.

    Quote from CodingBeastaa»

    Wonderful, wonderful host! Glad to be hosting my server here, great support, and great helpful people.

    Big kudos to you, dbmhosting.

    Quote from WCarlsson»

    Fantastic server host! 10/10

    I have been using this host over a year now and i love it<3. The prices are cheap AF just saying ;)!

    Very good support everyone is friendly! DBMhosting can help you with almost everything i would say and that is my opinion.

    Quote from Alapon»

    Me and my girlfriend decided we wanted to rent a server, so we posted on the forums for a host, dbm quickly popped up and we liked the ofeer, the very next day, the second we started with our payment, we got guided through how to access everything! We had a few beginner questions on the server, we got informed very well, this is my first experience with hosting, and i can say it's a very good one! well done!

    Quote from Cobaltsparkz»

    Absolutely fantastic hosting company, 10/10 easily. I talked to Brandon when I was looking at a new hosting company to host my Modded Minecraft server, and he reassured me along the entire way for any queries I had about anything. Great customer service, cheap prices and phenomenal all-round hosting. Cannot rate them high enough.

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    posted a message on Cheap Hosting

    How long do you want to host for? $1 hosts die withing a few weeks of popping up and are likely not a registered business.

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    posted a message on Looking for a server host

    So you are new at this, and want free stuff. Why does nearly everyone here think hosts will just give every random person free money.

    They don't, Hosts only give a sponsorship if there is profit in them.

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    posted a message on need host for big server 1240= more players help website is already up

    How big is your budget and would you prefer dedicated servers (Cheaper but harder to manage) or shared hosting (easier to manage but more expensive due to support and licenses).

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    posted a message on what is the best server hosting website
    50% first-time off! Use promo code: get50off (expires 31/12/2015)


    We would be a perfect company for you. Our prices start at 5 euro / GB. We have servers in the EU and CA so that should not be a problem. I also invite you to try out one of our trial servers. Get your trial here. (0.5GB)

    Our European servers feature an E5-1660v3 CPU with 4x32GB DDR4 ECC 2133MHz RAM and 2X 480GB SSD's running in raid 1.
    Our Canadian servers feature an E3-1245v2 CPU with 32GB RAM and 2x2TB HDD running in raid 1.

    DBMHosting is a legally registered, third party verified company which has been running since June 2014. Several high playerbase networks already rely on DBMHosting for sheer performance and quality hosting.

    Order a gameserver now: Click Me

    We offer:

    • PayPal & paysafecard & iDeal & Mollie & Bitcoin & Credit Card
    • Hosted in France or Canada
    • TCAdmin Control Panel
    • Java 7 & 8 Support (Select which version to use)
    • Mumble / Teamspeak servers available
    • Free 1 day trial
    • 1Gbit uplink
    • Mod / Custom jar support
    • 360 Gbit/s DDoS Protection
    • One-Click plugin installations with BukGet
    • FTP Access
    • Dedicated IP available

    More information:

    Server Status: View Status

    Website: http://www.dbmhosting.com

    Sales: [email protected]

    Support: [email protected]

    Skype: brandon2695

    - Brandon van der Loo | DBMHosting.com Founder

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    posted a message on Are there any new minecraft server hosting services out there?
    Quote from KZN_Hosting»

    If you're after Minecraft Hosting, I would recommend looking toward established providers, such as those vetted by the Minecraft Forum team. :)

    That would be useful if they care to add new hosts to it, they are refusing all new applicants ...

    The list hasn't been updated in over a year.
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    posted a message on Requesting a server hosting! Free! No Trial! [NO TRIANGLE.GS]

    Safe to assume everyone on this forum agrees:

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    posted a message on Want a Server

    256 MB Is not going to run 25 players, 4 tops with the vanilla minecraft jar.

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    posted a message on Need a 100% FREE Server Host!
    Quote from GlassPlaysMC»

    I did start a server with prohost.gs, but there is a MAJOR flaw. Every time you start the server again, it resets the world. That renders the server almost useless.

    That's why you need to pay if you want something of quality and usefulness.
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    posted a message on Looking for cheap hosting, preferably $10 for 4gb RAM

    $2.50 / GB Is not going to get you a good service, they are likely overselling and / or using very old hardware.

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